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okay it has taken me literally two years but I changed my icon to Isak because SEASON 4 IS OUT AND WE POPPIN BOTTLES (also ik Isak isn’t the main and I probs should have changed it during season 3 but guys he is my son)

I can’t get over this moment, his only purpose here is to cheer her up! She’s not herself that day, she’s a little down and with no ulterior motive he compliments her and cheers her up.

Her expression of gratitude and happiness as she silently thanks him probably makes Sasuke’s day, even if he can’t hear her words. She thanks him for making her feel like she belongs among them, making her feel that she matches them in something. When she feels out of place and left behind there he is giving her a push.

He smiles as she snaps back to her normal self, and again no ulterior motive, he’s just glad to see her being her normal self, to see her smile.

And it’s curious to note that this chapter is called “Sakura’s Depression” something that only Sasuke seems to notice while Naruto is still oblivious.