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1. Why are you proud that you are a Witness?

I’m proud that I’m doing what is right in Jehovah’s eyes and happy that I have close friends who teaches me more about Jehovah and its kingdom.

2. What made you make the truth your own?

by personal bible study.

3. What’s your favorite topic for your personal study?

all about Jehovah and paradise

4. How often do you go out and preach?

still unable to preach because my father doesn’t allow me  but I really want to.

5. If  there will be one thing that  you treat as a hurdle for your spiritual advancement, what is it?

I think I fear that papa would disagree about my decision of becoming a JW.

6. How do you react when you’ve heard people stating that our beliefs is false and shows “evidences”?

I just smile and I just respect what they believe.

7. If there’s one thing that you always pray for, what is it?

That our whole family will accept the truth esp. papa and mama and will forever live in paradise.

8. What’s the topic of the best convention you ever attended and why?

Safeguard your heart because it encourages you not to always follow what your heart says. It also inspire me to put your heart in the safest haven: doing what always pleases Jehovah. This convention also taught me how to find true love, love that is patient and never jealous. (1 Cor 13:4-7)

9. Have you ever dreamed that you’ll be a missionary?

Yes and yes esp. to those area who can’t receive the good news. 

10. Who’s the most encouraging person you have right now to continue to stick to the truth?

Ate Judith Facundo (:

11. If you weren’t a Witness, who would you be right now?

I just can’t imagine my life if I’m not a witness right now.

Questions for you:

1. How are you doing right now?

2. What made you realize that this really is the truth?

3. How do you spend your free time?

4. What is your favorite book in the bible?

5. Place/s you really wanted to visit. 

6. What and who makes you happy right now?

7. Personal goals for paradise.

8. What qualities of Jehovah you really really love and why?

9. Did you already visit Bethel? 

10. What qualities you want your future husband/wife should have?

11. Are you into arts also? :D

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Rule 1: You must post the rules

Rule 2: Answer the 11 questions and make 11 new ones

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  1. Favorite ice cream flavor? Phish food by Ben and Jerry’s- yum!
  2. What’s your opinion on socks? I love socks, they keep my feet all lovely and warm and cosy :)
  3. Who or what was your childhood hero? I don’t think I had a childhood hero :/
  4. Are you able to budget yourself? Yes, I think so
  5. What is your favorite work and why? I don’t actually do this as a job but I would love to be a jewellery maker!
  6. Just taking a moment to be serious. How did you come to know the truth? What caused you to make the truth your own? My mam studied when I was about 3 so obviously when she started going to the meetings I went along with her. I made the truth my own because I knew it was the right thing to do and I also love Jehovah
  7. What is your preferred browser? Why? Google Chrome- its the only one on my compter hehe :)
  8. When you first started working, what was the first thing you bought when you got your very first paycheck? I can’t actually remember, though it would have probably been clothes!
  9. Where would you live ideally? I like where I live now, I have my friends and family around me
  10. I’m from Southern California. We tend to think of snow as something fun. It’s like when your friend gets a new puppy. You get to play with it for as long as you want until you’re tired and then go inside and look at it and take pictures with it and of it and then go home and talk about how fun that was. What do you think of snow? Is it something fun and exciting or a burdensome chore? It’s nice to look at but I hate it when I have to go out on the ministry in it, its horrible to drive in and its cold :( It just makes everything awkward
  11. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Hopefully still pioneering! Maybe married but idk :/ Actually… I hope the new system is here by then!

Questions for you:

  1. what are your spiritual goals?
  2. what is your favourite scripture?
  3. favourite song out of the songbook?
  4. what are you looking forward to doing in the paradise?
  5. which of the publications that the faithful and discreet slave have published is your favourite?
  6. do you have a job?
  7. what is your favourite season?
  8. do you have any siblings?
  9. how many of your family members are in the truth?
  10. what is your favourite animal?
  11. favourite colour?

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