Daydream: 5

I’m sorry girls, but is there really any need to plaster yourself in makeup, do your hair and unbutton your shirt almost completely just to take 300 photos of yourself all with the same expression? And then get about 50 likes on what are mediocre and albeit, fake, representations of you just because you have skin showing and a duck face? the vanity is overwhelming. And really annoying. I’d appreciate not seeing that on my Facebook every five minutes. I don’t care if you find yourself attractive- great, good attitude, but really, have an ounce of self respect. Put clothes on and smile properly.

Daydream: 7

Oh my goodness I think my detox is working! Woke up this morning with mostly unflared skin and I feel fabulous. I know I’ve only been on it properly for about a day and a half but Afkgdkl. Also, probably the best thing about this morning was being waved at by a big beardy guy driving a steamroller on my way to work. (side note: squeezing the juice out of a pineapple into green tea makes it taste worse)

Daydream: 2

I saw The Host today. I was very dubious about how faithful it would be to what is one of my favourite books, but actually I was impressed with how close they kept things. granted, there were some things that weren’t brilliant, but overall I’m glad they actually focused on the story of survival and didn’t exploit the whole lovey, angsty thing that seems to be a general theme with movies these days.

Daydream: 9

Summary of today:
I may be fired within the next week

I got a haircut and now it’s shorter than I’ve had it in years and my head doesn’t feel so heavy anymore, although I do have an extra huge fringe again.

Blubby makes me feel a little less lonely

Cat/cow yoga poses feel so good when you’re stressed and upset