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Please imagine an AU in which rather than meeting Mana, Red somehow ends up in Martel and meets Lala and Guzol, who are the first people to not care about his arm

Oh, that would be lovely! Imagine Lala singing for both of them, and Red eventually trying to learn (because let’s be honest wtf else is he going to do, seriously, what did those two do with their time) and being super awful and off-key at first but gradually getting better over time. And he helps Guzol when he’s too sick to do something, and helps get food for the two of them and them teaching Red all the ways around Mater and Guzol teaches Red to repair things (like Lala lmao) and e v e r y t h i n g

And then Kanda comes and Red tries to protect them but then Guzol dies and Lala gets sliced apart for the Innocence inside her, because she wanted to stay with Red

And then Red is all alone again

So as i passed my first hundred and a lot of people liked my work so I decided to do my first follow forever.

First of all shoutout to galaxies-in-eyes because without her i would probably never post anything anywhere lol 

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i have passed a certain number of followers recently so i’m doing this follow forever ^~^ i’m still surprised i reached this number

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i maybe don’t reblog from you as much as i did because i changed my blogging style recently but you are all awesome ^^