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Prompt: Henry says his peace to Zelena while she's mute, incapable of magic and unable to talk back.

He can hear her crying from his room, even though he knows she thinks he’s asleep by now. He should be, but Henry’d laid awake thinking about Violet, about sharing music, and oddly, if showing someone from this time a piece of technology from the future would impact anything.

(He watches too many movies, maybe.)

The sound of her tears makes him sit up though, and he creeps out of his room, careful not to wake Roland. Not an eavesdropper by nature, Henry picks up just a few things while wondering if he should go inside.

“….Zelena can’t. She won’t. Regina, I won’t let her.”

“If she gets free, her magic is stronger. I can’t stop her.”

“But you’re good, and that’s what matters. You have me on your side, David and Snow. No one’s going to let her take the baby. We won’t let  her win.”

That’s all Henry needs to hear, and he slowly backs up, heading down one of the long hallways of the castle and down the stairs to the right. He knows he can’t do much; he definitely can’t go up against Zelena, and he has nothing to make her stop hurting his family. There’s one thing though, one thing she doesn’t know yet, and maybe he can use that to his advantage. Maybe he can take a page out of Regina’s book.

Stopping outside of a door that’s locked from the outside is his first problem. He doesn’t need to see her though. She just has to listen. “Zelena?” He speaks low, not wanting his voice to carry. If you’re awake, make a sound. Since, you know, my mom took your voice away.”

For a few long seconds there’s no noise, and he turns to go back to his room. There’s no point in saying anything if she’s asleep. As he begins to walk away, he hears it though, a sharp knocking against the door, three raps. Pausing, Henry turns back, staring at the door as if he can see through it. “Good. You need to know something.” She’d run away after her wedding to Robin in the Enchanted Forest, before seeing that Henry was the one to fix everything.

“You keep hurting people. I don’t understand why, and it doesn’t really matter. You killed my dad.” He manages to say those four words without stumbling, without breaking, and he uses them to make himself stronger. “You tried to take away my mom’s happiness, and you hurt Robin. Nothing can change any of that, but you’re going to stop now. You’re gonna leave my mom and Robin and the rest of my family alone, and I know why. Do you want to know how I know you’ll leave everyone alone?”

There’s silence, and then one knock.

“Because I’m the new Author. I write the stories. I’m not ever going to write you out of existence or hurt you. I’m not Isaac. But you might wake up and be nicer than you ever remember being. You might really like your life exactly the way it is and have coffee with my mom every morning and be my cool Aunt Zelena. Or you can be sad and miserable and stay locked away. So. You’re never going to hurt my family again.”

It’s a bold statement, and he doesn’t even have a pen, but she doesn’t know that. He doesn’t have to write a story to give her happiness. If she believes it could happen, then it will. And maybe this doesn’t matter, maybe she’ll never change. But at least he tried.

Walking away, he gets to the top of the stairs and nearly runs right into Robin, looking at him and wondering if he’ll tell Regina.

“Your mother and I went to check on you and Roland,” Robin says, leaning against the wall. “She’s woken the rest of your family to find you with a clear emphasis on finding ‘that girl he was dancing with.’ What should we tell her?” He has a slight grin though, clearly already devising a plan.

“Was it okay? What I said to her?” Henry has to ask.

An arm comes around him then, leading him back toward the rooms. “Brilliant. And thank you.”

“For what?”

“Going to fetch a midnight snack and bringing me back a cookie,” he says, bringing two out from inside his vest and handing one over, keeping the other for himself.

Henry grins, both of them going together to find Regina.

I was talking to this guy in my latin class for the first time yesterday because we were doing group work. Once we finished this random guy was like “Are you caught up in Arrow?”
After he like walked away I asked him about arrow and he was precious and kept making references to he original comics. And he brought up OLICITY by himself and was like “They should just get married already.” Poor little scrub is halfway through season two.
All I know is that we will soon have more conversations. He’s pretty swell.