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i I'm in love with the lala land fic idea but if I'm crying from sadness after it's over I'll never forgive you because Lord knows I wind be able to resist reading anything you write

mayb it will not be sad……… : )

Music Shuffle Tag

I was tagged by @neutralsupply to place the first ten songs that appear after I shuffle my music. I used my phone and I’m sure it’s gonna be a crapton of K-pop.

  • The Circle of Life from the Lion King OST (XD)
  • Always in My Head by Coldplay
  • October Song by Amy Windehouse
  • Love of B by IU
  • Liberian Girl by Michael Jackson
  • What If by Coldplay
  • My Love by Eddy Kim
  • Mia and Sebastian’s Theme from the LaLa Land OST
  • Laughing Out by Standing Egg
  • Deciphering Me by Brooke Fraser

I have a lot of old music I know. As I am always a day late and a dollar short I tag anyone who wants to do this :) 

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You’ve saved my life more times than I can count on my hands. I want to return the favor.” -Invel / Whoever YOu want to do

*throws hands up* I GUESS… I’m going to go off into lala what’s canon land to pander to myself. In which younger!Invel and timeskipCS!Meredy cross paths over seeking Zeref cults/clues.

“You have saved my life more times than I can count on my hands. I wish to return the favor.”

“I told you, those were accidental! You just happened to… be there… Maybe if you stopped visiting dark guilds, I wouldn’t have to save your life so much, huh?” the teenager retorted, rolling her eyes with exasperation, not sure what to do with this earnest and serious statement delivered by a very good look Ice Mage. 

Not that him being good-looking changed things or anything; she just happened to notice it. And the fact that he was an Ice Mage… well, there were tons of them out there, it was common, especially up North, and she was familiar with it due to Ul, that was all.

Hit with a sudden wave of shyness, she curled a bit of bubblegum hair between her fingers, trying to curb her impulsive and inquisitive nature. Meredy knew she had a bad habit of blurting out whatever struck her fancy without a lot of filtering or thought; Ultear assured her it was a social skill most learned with time. Well, time hadn’t worked, and she put her foot in her mouth more often than not.

“Besides,” she added, rushing to fill the silence dangling off her last sassy reply, “That would require my life to be in danger, right? So you could save it and make things fair. Like, multiple times. And I really don’t think that’s going to happen… not that I’m bragging! I’m not bragging! Jellal and Ultear watch out for me a lot, so I’m safe, I promise, plus I’m not slouch at protecting myself either! I was one of the Seven Kin – OOPS!”

If he heard or recognized her slip, he gave no indication of it, simply cocking his head with a slight smile, rusty and bemused.

Reaching out, he pushed something into her palm before disappearing – again! – leaving her to ponder the odd jewelry left in his wake.

It wasn’t until years later they met again – this time on opposite sides of the battle field.

Facebook Fucks Me till I Bleed

Nothing feels more empowering

than throwing off the social chains, 

Facebooked and bound, 

You are not free. 

Constantly waiting, 

For someone to respond, 

To confirm your existence. 

The unresponsive taunt you

with their silence, their indifference—

Did we die? Did we know?

The absent, those you miss,  

They don’t miss you.

They hiss.

They hiss with their absence.

Blocked, unfriended, forgotten, exiled,

We are not allowed in their sight.

No forgiveness. No amends. No second chances.

Cast into the lake of fire. Burn, baby, Burn!

Hell is always open for the likes of you.

The chattering, meanwhile, deafens us,



Blood boiling. All hiss in silence.

Hey-hello-Hi? You there?

Is anyone there?

Invitations?  For us? Really for us?

Or are we meat? Just meat in a room?

Ah, I see. I get it.

Not us. Not really.

Just a face in a crowd.

To fill empty spaces.

We need to let them go.

Doubt blackmails us to stay.

What If? What If?

What if we are wanted?

What if we are forgiven?

What if rats grow wings and fly

to the ivory gates of heaven?

No. Stop It. No one is coming.

No one needs to come.

For fuck’s sake. YOU ARE ENOUGH. 

Your number and mail are the only 

Floodgates of social calling, 

You need, 

You want. 

Just be alone. Truly alone. 

Remember the songs,

Remember how to dance alone.

Fly paper planes to friends.

Crimson-haired, spectacle-wearing, Spanish-speaking, China-loving

All those people. Love them. Love them in silence.

Love them in fragmented love. Love them always. 

Sip your drink, 

Look at the sky, 

Contemplate jazz, 

Read and write without 

Fear of judgement. 

Forget the liking, the inviting, the messages, the noise…


Breathe and let go. 

Let go. 

And live. 

For you. 

Let Big Brother’s Big Book bore itself To Death.

Lala  land more like Po land cause that shits gay ad I do not like it cause the cant sing Very well and mate I’m just over the hype like let it go the love you feel towards the film? – DROP IT

Reaching into my thoughts I pull out the hated memory of seeing lala land because it ruined my faith in cinematography to cast people for singing roles. I love advanced higher and I know this essay is really shit right now I really need to get this grade because I want to go to the cconsevitour you feel me

Lala land goes against my morals also because of how it shows examples of cheating because mate she has a fucking boyfriend and she makes a date with this guy when she is still with her boyfriend and she stands up the date with this new guy cause she has a boyfriend and half way through her date with her actual boyfriend she goes with the dancing man. I wrote in my diary how outraged I was after seeing the film because I had to document my utter rage, long story short I tore up the page because I was fuming

What else do I not like about it? They have so much money but they have loads of money, they have so many costume changes like obviously they have money. There are so many changes. HE DRIVES a convertible.

Every single time someone is shot in New York they have no money like what’s the deal I am concerned. I cannot not see my genitalia, my little buddy.

I should talk to my dick more actually, oh hi penis

Hold me while I pee small bowl. Kerry has departed and so has my inspiration for the cause because not gonna lie I did enjoy lala land despite its bad qualities it made me feel good and that’s all the matters to a young emo boy living in the suburbs you feel me sqa marker like seriously not gonna lie either I really want a fucking A give me it you low life piece of amazing literature like the essay you are reading right now so shut the fuck up and don’t go to the cinema

Turning point baby Kerry is spitting on the attack, she doesn’t really care about poussey anymore which me as the writer I am happy about. I should use periods more, periods only stop sentences. Lesbian teasing in orange in the new black is so annoying because it is like oh here are some sexy lesbians oh wait they are dead now or in shu or whatever it’s called like nicky was an example. Lexa wasn’t the best like gay character I just want a consistent gay character, you can tell she hasn’t seen sense 8. That’s something I could talk about

I don’t like ben aaffleck.

Sense  8 is great, there Is no doubt about that but man there are somethings I am not happy about. I feel as if they are just ticking off all of the stereotypes in today’s society in the sense that they have to have ever interesting character like what are the chances that they are from different countries, surely there must be like two in India or something it kind of annoys me but however, new  sentence. It does give me everything that I want in a tv show like there isn’t a character I would want added to the show because they have everyone I could ask for and more. I think im doing well so far, lewis is going home –wait sorry I am the writer lewis Gemmell I have not got a ghost writer

Cactus? Katniss? Obi wan? What is the difference, ben kanobi that what. It literally just goes back to the same position. I promised my mum and dad I wouldn’t get drunk I am a bad person I just need to start taking responsibility for my actions. I am a bad person. Responsibility is coming, are we doing this hand thing. Who is dominant? I like treating this essay as a mental release, they are being so loud. I do think I am kind of mental with this parasite thing also me and Lewis are opposites  on another level with me being a bottom an ben being a just o top not like ben is writing this he just promotes instinctfulness , Melissas belly is making funny noises. Melissa is such a twinky bottom, only a bottom as a boy don’t get her wrong.

Vegan cheese thats fucking disgusting oh my god how am I typing when im walking around like a zombie omg that’s hat school is like. Endurance is key top tip sqa. Ppinky then thumb, 12 inch instantly would just make you vomit, dick comes out mouth and it touches your delicate stomach and you projectile acid all over the sheets and dissolve his dick and bed sheets. Lewis wants – wait I – want to bottom properly. Douche for week not years. parks and rec inspiration mate the banter is flowing like nates cum in my mouth – said by Jeffree star 16/02/2016. How cool is numbers in essays. Braid my asshole hair into a nice messy bun/ wreath

Have you never heard of jeffree star? He’s hilarious. Slurp that shot babes, hump till you make that fucking calorie burn. Everybody clap your ass can you bring it to the top, slam into my sister room bum first. Dick of terror – oh wait caterpillar ride omg the caterpillar ride is like a 12 inch dick coming out his mouth like the caterpillar through the apple, sorry sqa I’m just on such a tangent. Holl boll screaming low blow puff poof

Back to lala land anyway, sorry about it. OK I want to type that emma stone is very ugly but I do not believe in what I think because she is beautiful but I am gay so I can just stfu, sorry sqa I’m really into abbreviations and tbh I’m liking my structure the flow is as potent as the banter. Cactus up anus? YOU SHOULD HAVE SAID SO? I fucking love numbers in w0rd5 LOL. Spike in every orifice, Cactus in every orifice. Are eyes hoes? Only if you don’t have them. I have work in 5 hours but I care more about advanced higher english than to be caring about my fucking money situation. New paragraph for the editors enjoy babes take a s

Bit h I cannot ad

Mate you have no idea how hard it is to see he keyboard I’m typing this from memory of I’m decided am going to get married even tho theres like no point I like buy dress

Poke me with that dick bc I love jesis- the blind woman

I can’t imagine being Minnie driver

I think I am kaput, I’’m just out of energy towards getting my point across aand I think I have made some really potent points, melissas ass in this game. Sorry I keep going on these tangents and its about lala land not fucking reptiles. Emily is being really good at running in overwatch. But anyway I’’m coming to an end, I do like lala land but I respect the aspect of disappointments within the film.

I am going to make a film about am man who talks to his aunt in scrabble just so you know sqa I am doing other things than my advanced higher but I am only going to start when I finish this masterpiece cause again I love advanced higher English.

I want lola to pierce my nipple and I do like lala land ok and fuck emma stones hate on her

Bye, kind regards


93453 c���pL

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Given that you're someone who enjoyed the movie lala land would you be offended if I told you that i didn't like it? I admired the creativity & the direction, but overall I just didn't connect to it and I left the theatre feeling quite awkward about it. Totally just an issue of my personal preference, but I genuinely feel guilty for not liking it. Is this something that I should only ever keep to myself ? Would u judge me for not liking it? I do want to watch it again to give it another chance

no of course everyone can have their own opinions. i actually sort of disliked it at first because i didn’t know it was a musical walking in and i was all alone and generally put off by the day. i enjoy the artistry of the movie more than anything but there were certain editing choices i abhorred. but i really love the soundtrack and the characters (although i think ryan didn’t act as well as emma). idk la la land is a mixed bag but i really enjoy the idea of it so i’m writing it the way i wish it was like. more humor and such. 

mbti: a summary
  • INTJ: smart weirdo loner
  • INTP: curious but lazy
  • ENTP: curious but lazy and obnoxious
  • ENTJ: werk werk werk werk werk werk werk
  • ENFP: human golden retriever
  • ENFJ: the protagonist in every book/movie/tv show
  • INFP: in lala land 24/7
  • INFJ: really wants to be a good person and usually is
  • ESTJ: bossy
  • ISFJ: too good, too pure
  • ESFJ: the perfect one that you try to hate but can't
  • ISTJ: "well, technically....."
  • ISFP: gives 0 fucks
  • ISTP: lowkey badass
  • ESTP: tries too hard to be a badass

With the controversy over President Trump’s immigration ban, I’ve noticed that a lot of people are arguing over whether undocumented immigrants have constitutional rights. Tomi Lahren tweeted the other day that the “hard left” lives in “a lala land where illegals have constitutional rights.” Glenn Beck has gone a little bit more extreme, saying that undocumented immigrants “do not have legal rights.” And the same point is all over Twitter.

It sounds like it makes sense. Why would the Constitution protect people who aren’t even part of the country or respecting its laws? That’d be wacky, like trusting the people to govern themselves or guaranteeing the right to say whatever you want! The problem, as you probably guessed from the sarcasm, is that undocumented immigrants do have constitutional rights. Lots of them! And this isn’t a controversial opinion, or something “the hard left” invented recently. The Supreme Court of the United States has made this point over and over again in cases like Yick Wo v. Hopkins, Wong Wing v. U.S., Plyer v. Doe and most recently in Zadvydas v. Davis. In Wong Wing, Justice Field even wrote this in his decision:

The term “person,” used in the Fifth Amendment, is broad enough to include any and every human being within the jurisdiction of the republic … This has been decided so often that the point does not require argument. [Emphasis mine]

That was in 1896. This argument was boring people 130 freaking years ago.

The Most Quoted B.S. Myth Inside The Right’s Media Bubble