lala dare


Lala: Don’t you dare make threats like that, Remy Holmes! Those are my friends. They flew all the way here to see me! They care about me. I have so few people who care about me. I trust them.

Remy: There isn’t a damn person in this world you can trust or should trust, Lala. Not me, not your Sunlit Tides friends, not Allison, not no one. At the end, everyone is out for themselves. Even the people who love you will sh*t all over you if you let them. Stop thinking everyone cares for you.

Lala angry: No, Remy. You shut up saying things like that. You don’t even believe them anymore. You trust me and I trust you. You care about me. Allie cares about me.

Remy: Allie stole your secret recipes. The recipes you don’t share with not a gotdamn body because they’re so precious to you. She went in, dug through yo shit, and was basically, F*ck Lala and her personal things. That’s how much she cares.

Lala frowns: I mean…it’s fine. She probably needed them. That’s not a trust issue.

Remy: And me? You trust me? When I set you up with Steven Brandt, right? Set you up so he could later on tie you down, gag you and do all kinds of nasty things to you. Yeah, I’m real trustworthy, Lala. I’m not saying don’t love me or Allie or your dopey friends. I know now you can’t control this love sh*t because I love you so much I can’t think straight. But stop being so trusting.