lala dare


Allison concerned: So is your friend going to be okay?

Lala: We’re not sure yet. He’s resting. 

Allison scowls: Remy is so conniving, getting the info out of the poor driver. It didn’t even occur to Nico to warn the driver not to disclose where you were. His mind isn’t as devious as his brother’s.

Lala upset: Now he knows where I am, and I don’t see him letting this go. He told Dennis he would, but eventually he’ll want to see the baby. 

Allison softly: And you, Lala. He’s very much in love with you. And you still love him. I don’t know why he cheated with Angelina…but maybe you can work it out.

Lala frowns. Allison didn’t know about Steven Brandt or even half of the horrible things Remy was capable of. Lala didn’t dare tell her.

Lala shakes her head: We can’t work it out. Not unless he changes. I know there’s a good person in him, but he refuses to change his ways. 

Allison: Hear me out, Lala. You’ve got to show Remy how painful it is to love someone who is behaving out of character. Outside of their true nature. Show him how much it hurts.

Lala confused: How can I do that?

Allison smiles: Listen. I’ll tell you exactly how. And it’ll open his eyes to see things how YOU see them.