Ok, so, remember at the UtaPri 5th Stage, SuzuKen said he loves heights and that he was excited because he was going to “fly” in Bloody Shadows

He was excited because he knew what Shimono was going to do in his song and he wanted to spin in the air too, but the staff told him he couldn’t because he was wearing a cape. 

Poor little SuzuKen also said he was hoping to have an accurate song next time so he could spin in the air or at least to fly with the wires, and the guys started laughing because Masato songs are mostly ballads.

So… I guess UtaPri 6th stage is going to be mostly duets with HEAVENS and the group songs, right…? Well…


(credits for subs: @arellethram you can get them here )

anonymous asked:

I'd just like to say thank you for creating the absolutely wonderful comic which is UtA and Nenwain as a relationship. It's really nice seeing queer people who aren't just gay or bi represented and I love how all of their sexualities are presented. Thank you so much!

Oh man, thank you very much nonnie! I appreciate your message and your readership!