Tsuki no Uta Translation

ツキノウタ (TSUKI NO UTA) / The Song of Moon

Singer                          : SIX GRAVITY & PROCELLARUM

Composition & lyrics: Tsukino Mikoto

Arrangement             : Takizawa Akira (John)


I tried my best on the lyrics in kanji & romaji but please note that it may not be 100% correct as this is a listen-to-the-song-and-figure-it-out lyrics. Also I changed some english translation to more understandable way cuz imo some of the subbed are quite incorrect somehow…? But some still stays the same as the subbed one.

Hope you enjoys singing it along with romaji below!

Kanji & Romaji:

(グラビ)1.2.3.始めよ 僕らだけのステージさ

4.5.SIX GRAVITY 一年中で今日だけの

[VIV] One, two, three HAJIME yo     Bokura dake no STAGE sa

         Four, five, SIX GRAVITY          Ichi nen chuu de kyou dake no

(プロセラ)1.2.3.君と 奏であった最高のLOVEを

4.5 ROCK! Procellarum 未来に向かってParty tonight

[Procella] Ichi, ni, san kimi to          kanade atta saikou no LOVE wo

    Shi, gou ROCK! Procellarum      mirai ni mukatte Party tonight

(駆)きらめき飛びかける 星に願い乗せて

(恋)とけない魔法みたいな 恋しさ愛でながら

(新)ひらりと舞い降りた 新たな希望探して

(葵)この青い空高く 無限に登って行こうぜ 今

[Kakeru] Kirameki tobi KAKERU       Hoshi ni negai nosete

[Koi] Toke nai mahou mitai na           KOIshisa me de nagara

[Arata] Hirari to mai orita                   ARATA na kibou sagashite

[Aoi] Kono AOI sora takaku              Mugen ni nobotte ikouze ima

(プロセラ)開いた時のドアを ひとりひとり超えて見せようと

(グラビ)小さな手の中にある 出会い別れ ここに集うんだ

[Procella] Hiraita toki no DOA wo      Hitori hitori koete miseyou to

[VIV] Chiisana te no naka ni aru       Deai wakare   koko ni tsudounda

(涙)止まない雨はないさ 涙を拭いてくれた

(郁)いくつもの宝物 戦って勝ち取るんだ

(陽)女神の楽園に 太陽は照りつける

(夜)この長い夜を超えて 未来を迎えに行こうか

[Rui] Yamanai ame wa nai sa               NAMIDA (Rui) wo fuite kureta

[Iku] IKUtsu mono takara mono            Tatakatte kachi torunda

[You] Megami no rakuen ni                   TaiYOU wa teri tsukeru

[Yoru] Kono nagai YORU wo koete       Mirai wo mukae ni ikou ka

(春)遙かな夢 (海)記憶沈めた海

(グラビ)流れ消えてゆく (プロセラ)時代にのまれ

[Haru] HARUkana yume        [Kai] Kioku shizumeta UMI (Kai)

[VIV] Nagare kiete yuku         [Procella] Jidai ni no mare

(始)目の前の暗闇の中 (隼)手探りで切り開く光

(春海)一人じゃない 皆がついていんだ


[Hajime] Me no mae no kurayami no naka

[Shun] Tesaguri de kiri hiraku hikari

[Haru & Kai] Hitori janai     Minna ga tsuiteinda

[Hajime & Shun] Fumi dase tsuki he to

走り出せ僕らと風になれ どこまでも終わらないで

ときめいたハートに降りそそぐ 君の愛で満ちていたい

Hashiri dase bokura to kaze ni nare        Doko made mo owaranaide

Tokimeita HAATO ni furi sosogu              Kimi no ai de michiteitai

踊り出せ僕らと風の舞 宙に一つに重なって

嵐巻を起こくシンフォニア   君の夢を叶えたいから

いざ ツキノウタ

Odori dase bokura to kaze no mai           Chuu ni hitotsu ni kasanatte

Arashi maki wo kikoku SYMPHONIA        Kimi no yume wo kanaetai kara

Iza     Tsuki no Uta



(VIV) 1, 2, 3 let’s start this stage (performance) that featuring only us

4, 5, SIX GRAVITY, just this 1 day out of the whole year

(Procella) 1, 2, 3 harmonizing the best kind of LOVE with you

4, 5, ROCK! Procellarum, let’s face the future with a party tonight

(Kakeru) Wishing upon a sparkling and soaring star

(Koi) Like a magic spell that can’t be broken with yearning love

(Arata) Searching for a new hope that descended nimbly

(Aoi) Let’s climb high up in this blue sky endlessly right now

(Procella) When the door is opened, let’s show what’s beyond it one by one

(Gravi) There are encounters & farewells gathered here in this small hand

(Rui) There is no such thing as never ending rain, but it wiped away my tears

(Iku) There’s lots of things to fight for and win it

(You) The sun shines upon the paradise of the goddesses’

(Yoru) Shall we go beyond this long night and greet the future?

(Haru) The far away dream          (Kai) The memories that sunk into the sea

(VIV) Drifting and disappearing    (Procella) As they are swallowed by the time

(Hajime) In the darkness before your eyes

(Shun) Feels the light as it opens up

(Haru & Kai) You’re not alone because everyone’s here with you

(Hajime & Shun) Step forward towards the moon

Start running and become the wind with us that never ends anywhere

I want to pours this fluttered heart with full of your love

Start dancing the dance of the wind with us and overlap into one in the air

This symphony that stirs up the storm, it’s because we want to make your dream comes true

Here comes, the song of the moon


”涙” can be read as ‘rui’ (name) or ‘namida’ (tears)

”海” can be read as ‘kai’ (name) or ‘umi’ (sea/ocean)

I can’t find Shun’s name in the lyrics somehow but perhaps, as mentioned by my friend, his “Shun” might be in the latter part of the lyrics so, lets wait for the full version next year!

anonymous asked:

Do you think there could be more species apart from the ones we know already or recently found out about? Especially considering the breeding taking place in the Garden, and maybe Uta's case?

Sure it is possible!

I mean, at first we thought that there are only two natural species involved. Ghoul and human. Then Kaneki came along as an artificial half-ghoul, but we thought he was a special case. He was not. 

Then we had Eto as the only natural half-ghoul. Granted, it was hinted at, but in the end it was little but a rumor. And now there are already four species involved.

In Re, the Quinx were yet again something new. Granted, they were not really a new species, but certainly an intersting case. But nothing could top the reveal about half-humans. We never thought it would happen, but here we are now.

So yeah, it wouldn’t surprise me if there are going to pop up new ones. I am up for it to say the least. And of course there are also undercategories, like the Kakujas, Chimeras, Detachments, people who can’t use their kagune at all and ROS. And the Clowns are a whole under issue as well. We can only speculate, but Roma’s kagune  actually came from her stomach and Nico’s… ah, I will stop. But I think you catch my drift, it is certainly possible. At this point I would be surprised if we have already seen it all. I don’t think we do.

How? I don’t know. Maybe there are other organizations like V who breed their own new species. Maybe V does it too. When Arima was talking about Furuta and Hairu, he left out Rize. What about her? I mean, she is closer to a ghoul than anyone there, but still. Somehow, after all has been revealed, that is still fishy. Rize might be the key here. If not her, we will get a glimpse at the Garden through Kanou, Tsuneyoshi or Furuta. Maybe even Shao, who knows. And then we might get our answer. Or maybe we will see it even in-moment about what is going on there. 

Uta might be an intersting case as well. I mean, in my last post, I talked about, or more like hinting at, him being a half-human as well. But… now I doubt it a little. Uta is probably in his late 20s or even in his early 30s. And he doesn’t show any health deficits. His hair has a shiny black colour, although it could be dyed of course, and his eyes seem to function just fine. But no, for now I don’t think Uta is going to die soon. Due to natural circumstances, I mean. That could cast away the possibility that he is a half human after all. But if not, what is he then? See, isn’t speculating just wonderful? But yeah, this begs the question if he is a special case as well, or if he is different from the other children but not really considered “special” (i.e successful) at all. Only time will tell. But that he has his eyes activated most of the time is certainly an intersting hint to take.

I think the answer the second question might be that the CCG and V do not only have the Washuu’s wishes in mind. I mean, after WW2  people were very eager to discover new scientific breakthroughs and that is probably the time where the Washuu finally had a possibility to get their wish (even though it wasn’t fullfilled yet). But, you know, sticking only to one field (let’s call it humanizing) would only limit their knowledge. So I can very much see them expanding the experimenting as much as possible in every way, in every aspect. And then, or that’s at least my impression, V is a power-grasping organization. Them trying to create powerful soldiers in order to secure their interests, no matter what they actually are, is beneficial for them to maintain their status quo. 

That’s all I can think of to be honest. But I thank you both nontheless. If anyone wants to add something, feel free to do so. 

PS: As you know, I am famous for crack theories, so I will put it here. 

This panel was from the first chapters of the manga. It was daylight when Uta entered Anteiku and saw Touka toying with Kaneki. And he was wearing sunglasses. In his early years, I remember that he did approach Yomo at day. But now, at least what I can reconstruct from my memories, Uta doesn’t come in daylight often if at all.

So maybe his eyes are sensitive to sunlight. And yeah, I don’t think that he tatooed his eyes, despite him being a tatoo enthusiast. Uta is famous for telling twisted truths or half-truths, so that’s definitely not everything to this story. But maybe this sensitiveness does relate to some condition of the sort. I can’t tell. But anyway, I felt the need to say it.

anonymous asked:

Describe Utapri characters in 5 words or less :D

Haruka: Adorable heroine with golden heart

Otoya: Very affectionate sunshine puppy

Masato: Soul of an emotional samurai

Natsuki: Playful puppy with shadow guardian

Tokiya: Adorkable sweetheart finding himself

Ren: Team bro knows what’s right Self-proclaimed genius of love

syo: Small posture, big heart

Cecil: magical cat-man trying to fit

Reiji Two-sided senpai watching over kouhai

Ai: Angelic robot trying to understand

Ranmaru: Hungry rocker with rough past

Camus: Two-faced sweet tooth baron

Ringo: Fabulous teacher of A class

Ryuuya: teacher who hates his job  Manly, grumpy and supportive teacher

Shining: Headmaster with an original lifestyle

Some awkward and annoying things I’ve experienced as a shop assistant:

- Customers who come into your personal zone, like really up close and go ‘can I ask you something?’ and when you take a step back, THEY COME BACK INTO YOUR PERSONAL ZONE

- Customers who go take a look around and leave the store, not buying anything, but saying ‘thank you!’ like, you’re welcome? You’re very friendly, but for what exactly are you thanking me?

- I work in a shop with like household items and sometimes I get old ladies asking me if I sell a certain thing they’re looking for and I know for sure  that we don’t sell it and then they go: Really? Do you even know what I mean?

- Customers who ignore my polite ‘good morning :)’ and just straight up go ‘tealights?’   have you even fucking looked around because they’re like 2 millimeters away from your face also GOOD FUCKING MORNING

- Customers who come in and say ‘I want a new trash can’ and they just go stand at the counter waiting till you get one for them but like, lady first of all, I am not your bitch, second of all, lets go look at all the 20 fucking trash cans we have and pick one that fits your personality

- Customers who come in 1 minute before closing, enough said. if it’s one minute after my shift I’m practically not working anymore, I have a life besides my work, don’t expect me to be nice to you.

- ‘Haha could’ve walked away with this item as you had to walk all the way here from the back of the store, ha ha ha ha’  ha ha ha go ahead and walk away with it, bitch we have cameras, I will haunt you, Sharon.

anonymous asked:

I had a dream that mixed Under the Aegis with my own story it was pretty neat. They all had magical powers, like Shiloh was a necromancer. Though they all died halfway through and the dream had to carry on with a whole new set of wielders :// Daud from Dishonored was there for some reason and the main villain was Sauron. Also at some point Gawain tried yelling 'trustfall' and dramatically falling in Nen's arms but Nen took a step back to let him fall because he's a brat

That’s one HECK of a dream, nonnie, but just know that I graphically imagined the last part and now I can’t stop laughing.

The Impossible UtaPri Song Challenge/Tag
  1. Favorite opening?
  2. Favorite “Maji Love” ?
  3. Favorite STARISH song?
  4. Favorite QUARTET NIGHT song? 
  5. Favorite Shuffle Unit? 
  6. Favorite Gekidan Shining?
  7. Favorite Theatre Shining? 
  8. Day Dream or Night Dream? 
  9. Favorite Cross Unit? 
  10. Tsukiakari no Dearest or Rise Again? 
  11. Favorite senpai-kouhai song? 
  12. Favorite solo song series (all of the character’s solo songs as a whole)? 
  13. Favorite Otoya solo song?
  14. Favorite Tokiya solo song?
  15. Favorite Masato solo song? 
  16. Favorite Ren solo song?
  17. Favorite Natsuki solo song?
  18. Favorite Syo solo song?
  19. Favorite Reiji solo song?
  20. Favorite Ranmaru solo song?
  21. Favorite Ai solo song?
  22. Favorite Camus solo song?
  23. Trio or 7 person HEAVENS (Heaven’s Gate and the group in general)? 
  24. Most hyped Legend Star duet?

Extra: Least Favorite of all the Questions

I honestly have no idea why I’m doing this, especially hours before Legend Star airs. XDDDDDD It’s just something I’ve thought about before, so I decided to write it all down. I don’t really have anyone in particular in mind haha, and also might be missing some songs? I wonder if anyone will actually do this. Could post my answers if someone wants me to lololol

So there’s confusion about how Anime Network works so a quick FAQ as I understand it: 

  • Both Free & Premium viewers will be able to watch the first ep of S4 tomorrow.
  •  AFTER that there’s a week delay if you don’t pay. So you won’t be able to see next weeks ep until a week after it airs if you’re free, like how Crunchyroll does it.
  •  Pay versions get every episode as it airs. 
  •  Stuff MAY pop over to Hulu but tbh I’m never quite sure how that system works. I’ve got a paid Hulu account so I’ll be able to report back next week to see if it shows up.

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