[Documentary] Ping Pong master

Directed by María Zanetti

A documentary about Oscar Master, an 83 years old man that teaches ping pong in a club in Buenos Aires. He plays every day at 5pm and sometimes till midnight. He loves to win and specially when he plays against Chinese, because he knows they are one of the best in this sport and it represents kind of a challenge for him.

La Città Nel Cielo - City in The Sky

By  Giacomo Cimini

“Italy, at the end of the 21st century. Quinto, a gentle, naive man on his quest to find the fabled ‘City in the Sky’ arrives at a dilapidated family-owned hotel run by transsexual Dora and her drug addled son. Locked in one of the rooms is Ai, a malfunctioning android prostitute, waiting to be deactivated. By error at check-in, Quinto meets Ai.”

[ Crowdfunding ] Support Lakino

Within three years, Lakino has become an important part of the film festival scene in Berlin. Beyond the base of a loyal audience there is a steady increase in the number of visitors interested in Latin American film every year. Therefore, Lakino wants to offer the Latin American Film Festival you deserve: a Feature Film Festival.

To do so we need your help!! We need funding to pay the screening rights of the films that will be shown in Lakino 2013. Since we don’t receive any funds we’ve decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign to ask support to all of you!! #Support Lakino

Here the all the info about the campaign:

[Documentary] Everything is incredible

Directed by Tyler Bastian, Trevor Hill & Tim Skousen

„Everything is incredible“ is a very touching documentary film about a Honduran man called Agustin, who despite having „polio“ wants to build an helicopter by himself. He has spend the last fifty years building this „dream“ with waste materials, an there is still a long way to go…

If you want to help Agustin click here

[Short Film] La oveja negra

Directed by Hernán Salcedo

A story about Stefano, a young man that grew up in a circus family being the only one who didn‘t have any special talent. In the funeral of his father, he will remember the reason why he was considered the „black sheep“ and escaped from home, which led him to find his real vocation as a cashier man.