Caption: “Milwaukee Road / Soo Line Lakewood branch (C&E North Line) switcher alongside the Lakeshore Athletic Club at Fullerton. Despite ‘No Parking’ signage advising that Tuesdays and Thursdays were ‘train days’, this was a common occurrence. The crew had the number for a local tow truck company and they were only too happy to come out and whisk the car away. Then the train resumed making its way to Peerless Confection a few blocks away to deliver a tank car of corn syrup.”


May 6, 1986

Photos by John Smatlak

Taken from;

“Lakewood Haven

pr!tty & .tree hunt (10 hunt box)

hair fatpacks and furniture pieces

*HINTS* Dock, Coffee, Jeep, Icecream,Office,Beach,SurfShack,Groceries !

Hunt gifts:

1. pr!tty -Brook {All Color Huds} - no headband

2. pr!tty - Mayberry [All Color Huds]

3. pr!tty - Light Bright {Kitty Headband}

4. pr!tty - Avery [All Color Huds] and Flowers Headband

5. pr!tty - Yeemi [All Color Huds] and Double Choker (Black \ Floral)

6. tree {boho hall bench + mirror set}

7. pr!tty - Gigi - [All Color Huds]

tree {spring time} {full set box}

8. pr!tty - Navi - [All Color Huds] and Enchanted Headband Branch Wrap Lights

9.tree {blanket curio} {lights}

10. pr!tty - Minka [All Color Huds]

.tree {full set}

the hunt will end on the 8th…”

Its all free, since its the last day for those of you like me who just want the gifts. Just use area search and you’ll find the items easier. But honestly this sim is extremely pretty, would make a great backdrop for photos.

ON THE TOPIC OF CANON AUS. ( scream, glee, etc. especially set in high school/college. )

the general gist of alex’s story is that she’s a new student at the main schools ( lakewood, mckinley, etc ) & is there for a new start. in all cases, her mother will have recently passed away due to some kind of long standing illness, leading to large hospital bills that have left her family strapped for cash. in response to this, alex & her father pull up sticks & move to the poorest part of the school’s town, typically into a trailer, & alex is introduced to the new school midway through the academic year.

grief counselling is combined with anger management, due to alex’s notoriety for going into random, unexpected rages. there’s a history of expulsion & police trouble in her past, & the school agrees to take her on with extreme watchfulness & suspicion. any kind of blow up can & will lead to trouble for both herself & for her father, so she tries to keep her head down & her mouth shut.

unfortunately for alex, of course, she stands out like a sore thumb. & is likely treated with suspicion ( especially in scream verse, when/if the murders begin ) because, let’s be real, an angry kid with a history of being on the receiving end of bullying, homophobic & otherwise, would probably have enough motive to want to teach others a “lesson.” so i suppose you could consider alex a red herring of sorts, unless she befriends others. or even then.

glee wise, she typically turns up during season two & is therefore likely subjecedt to the scorn of characters like quinn & santana, puck & karofsky. personally, i’m completely up for playing out situations of bullying & such & also MORE than happy to tag any & all occurrences with whatever tags my followers wish to be used.

i understand that the topics of bullying, misgendering, homophobia, etc are deeply troubling to many people, because i spent most of my childhood & teen years on the receiving end. & the last thing i want to do is upset others.

so please, don’t feel bad or hesitate if you feel you need to unfollow/block me. your safety & comfort is far more important than seeing my character on your dash.