re: @bloodlettered

brooke assumes it is normal to feel dejected after the events that had befallen lakewood. &&. she wants to believe that this only a step, that her nights won’t be haunted with the faces &&. voices of her DEAD friends. she can feel the paranoia every so often now, c r e e p i n g up on her, sliding around her ankles, crawling up her legs &&. spine. it watches, waits, makes her stay awake && stare into the endless darkness of her bedroom at night. however, there are pauses, moments of quiet where she can find solace. they’re spaced between the one’s still here, still breathing. one who was lingering in the school hallway a little too longer after the passing bell just like she. her eyes spot the familiar head of dark hair and shorter stature, &&. she heads toward the other, lips parting in a faint greeting.

   “  audrey- hey. ”