lakewood high

Saw this. 1986 Lakewood High School. Someone wrote : Demri moved around to different high schools in the 80’s. I was friends with her when she briefly attended Lakewood High School in Arlington, WA. She and I were both members of the newspaper and yearbook staff. She loved the music of the Doors and talked often of wishing Jim were alive or that she could have met him - she expressed on multiple occasions how she would have loved to have had sex with Jim. She enjoyed photography. She was working at the Everett Mall in Everett, WA in 1988 where and when she introduced me and a friend to Layne. I can’t remember how she told us they met, since I remember being a little taken aback by this tall, lanky, long haired rocker guy with tiny beautiful Demri. I remember her looking at him in complete adoration as she introduced us to him and told us he was going to be a huge rock star someday. She constantly smiled and had something to laugh about.

There is a picture of her in the 1986? Lakewood Jr/Sr High yearbook that I took, of her peeking out from behind a camera, but I think it is not labeled with her name. She once told me her mom took her to Woodstock when she just a baby. She definitely had a flair for the theatrical, so we weren’t sure if that story was true.