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Lakewood Church

It hurts me when I see so many people bashing Lakewood Church and the Osteens. I used to regularly attend this church (I live too far away now) and I loved it! I was there when John Osteen was alive and preaching, and actually watched Joel Osteen’s first time preaching in front of a congregation. This family has such a love for spreading the word of God! Just because the church is so large does not mean that the Osteens take money from the church. All offerings go to specific things (missions, renovations to the church, etc.) and the Osteens have made their money off of items outside of the church, such as book deals. This church started in a barn with a handful of people there every Sunday. It grew to be this large because the Osteens are loving, God-fearing people who give everything to God and the church.

I was saved in this church. I was baptized in this church. I found leadership through this church. My family was welcome with open arms in this church. My sister was welcome in this church. This church helped me build a relationship with God and Jesus Christ. 

Why must you try to verbally tear something down that has saved so many people? 


Rachel’s Story.

Rachel Joy Scott was born on August 5, 1981, in Denver, the third of five children of Darrell Scott and Beth Nimmo. Her older sisters are Bethanee and Dana and her two younger brothers are Craig and Mike. Her father had formerly pastored a church in Lakewood, Colorado. Rachel’s parents divorced in 1989, but maintained a cordial relationship to one another. The following year, Beth and the children moved to Littleton, Colorado, where she remarried in 1995. Darrell worked as a sales manager for a large food company in Denver. Darrell and Beth had joint custody of the children. As a child, Rachel attended Dutch Creek Elementary School, and subsequently Ken Caryl Middle School. Coincidentally, Dylan Klebold and her were members of Columbine’s theater production club. Dylan ran audio for a talent show a month and half before where Rachel performed a mime act to the song “Watch the Lamb.” Rachel’s younger brother, Craig, was in the school library during the shooting where 10 students were killed and two friends, Isaiah Shoels and Matthew Kechter, next to Craig. Craig helped pick up an injured girl and rally students to safety. Two days later he appeared on the Today Show with Isaiah’s father in an interview in which Couric stated it was “one of her most memorable and even spiritual experiences she had ever had.” Rachel’s parents also appeared on a show with Maria Shriver immediately after sharing on their personal choice of forgiveness and the principal of it.

At the time of her death, the 17-year old Columbine High School junior was an aspiring writer and actress with summer plans to visit Botswana on a trip to help build homes. Two weeks prior to the shooting, she had a lead role as an alternative character with sharp wit and kind heart. The play was titled “Smoke in the Room” in which Dylan ran the spotlight for. Described as a devout Christian by her mother, she was active at youth group and a leader in a Bible study group called NaCl (periodic table symbol for “salt”). According to friends, she often wore a variety of hats and clothes showing a colorful personality. She left behind six diaries along with journals with friends of shared experiences and encouraging notes. Many writings were addressed to God. On the cover of one journal with her the day of the shooting that in which a bullet was lodged into, she wrote “I write not for the sake of glory. Not for the sake of fame. Not of the sake of success. But for the sake of my soul…” In other writings there was a theme of “reaching the unreached” through acts of kindness and compassion. One month before her death, she wrote a school essay on her codes of ethics and life which included her theories of compassion and kindness that unknowing would later reach the hearts of many people.

Rachel was shot while eating lunch with her friend, Richard Castaldo, on the lawn outside of the school’s library. She was killed by Eric Harris with multiple gunshot wounds to her head, chest, arm, and leg. According to Richard’s first account after awakening from a coma, Richard told his parents the last account of Rachel’s life as being mocked of her faith which he later denied. After the killings, her car was turned into a flower-shrouded memorial in the adjacent Clement Park after being moved from the school’s parking lot by grieving students. A long chain link fence was installed for mourners to attach teddy bears, letters and other gifts.

Rachel Scott’s funeral on April 24, 1999 was attended by more than 2,000 people and was televised throughout the nation. It was the most watched event on CNN up to that point, surpassing even the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales. Roger Rosenblatt of Time magazine wrote in his commentary that her funeral was “… ineradicable because of the photograph of your bright and witty face, now sadly familiar to the country, and because of the loving and admiring testimonies of your family.”

Today Rachel is known nationwide thanks to Rachel’s Challenge. Rachel’s Challenge is a non-profit, non-religious, non-political organization sharing her story. It is led by her father Darrell Scott and his wife Sandy. The organization’s mission statement is to “motivate, educate and bring positive change to many young people”. It is dedicated in Rachel’s honor.

“I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion, then it will start a chain reaction of the same. People will never know how far a little kindness can go.” - Rachel Joy Scott

tftwf-andnothingbutthefunk  asked:

Recently I went to Lakewood church and it was great.I really felt God moving.I've always seen both sides of the argument,but do you think it's bad that they have a million dollar church and home when some Houstonians don't even have a place to sleep?

I’m going to use some very rough estimates in the post, but it’s to make a point. 

I believe that’s the largest church in America. Just thinking about the size of a building that could hold some 43 thousand people every Sunday. I’m sure that the building itself costs way more than a million dollars. I’d guess that that they bought it for 7.5 million. 

So that’s $3 per person per Sunday for just 1 year, and after that first year, their building is completely paid off, and they can use it for practically free for as long as they want. That’s not extravagant. 

Think about the income of 43,000 people. If the average income is around 50k, and we assume that the church is broken up into households of 4, then the income of the people attending the church is over 500 million every year.

With over 500,000,000 dollars in people’s hands every year just from their church attendance, why are we complaining about the cost of the church building? There are more than enough Christians in Houston to fix homelessness.

And it’s that way in almost every city in America. 

Better question would be, what are you doing to fix homelessness in your city?

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Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry visit Lakewood Church #houston / #joel osteen 

This is my bible, I am what is says I am, I have what it says I have, I can do what it says I can do. Today I will be taught the Word of God. I boldly confess: my mind is alert; my heart is receptive; I will never be the same. I am about to receive the incorruptible, indestructible, ever-living seed of the Word of God. I will never be the same; never never never; I will never be the same, in Jesus’ name.
—  Joel Osteen
If I invite 245 people to a church event and only 1 shows

then it’s what was meant to happen and instead of being sad about it, I should be thankful, because each person had his days mapped out by the Father, and for that one person, this is where God wanted Him to be.

Hope I get to go to the Lakewood Young Adult Hope & Life Conference this weekend!!

Just watched “Oprah’s Next Chapter” on Joel Osteen (my cute little boo boo)! I absolutely LOVED IT! He portrayed the church in the most honest way he could! There ARE so many FREE programs and classes provided at the church that literally changed my life a few years ago! His books are amazing. His messages are up-lifting! Media portrays him so negatively sometimes but I have been attending for years and he is like a role model, my REASON I started believing in GOD again. Joel is not there to try to take over your religion, I am Catholic so I was pretty iffy at first. Joel is just trying to show you the POSITIVE messages stemming from the bible and he totally owns up to that in his interview. Lakewood church is one reason I could not move away from Houston. I feel like he is my family member down the street! Him and his brother signed a certificate I earned in one of their NEW BEGINNINGS classes. It will always remind me of how I was SAVED from the darkest place in my life in 2007/2008. And once again, EVERY single aspect of the church is FREE to the public. The media and people who have never been, like to say otherwise. Oh, and like I said… he is just the CUTEST!

Prayer for today

Don’t Give it Up!

“A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”
(Proverbs 17:22, ESV)

TODAY’S WORD from Joel and Victoria
Throughout life, there will always be something that will try to take our joy. If it’s not a grumpy sales person, it’s a family member aggravating you, traffic is backed up, your flight got delayed, or your spouse is taking too long! Don’t go the next 20 years allowing the same people and same circumstances to frustrate you. Change your approach. What’s upsetting you now doesn’t have to upset you anymore. You can choose to keep your cool and stay calm and steady. Remember, a relaxed attitude is going to lengthen your life. The next time you’re tempted to be upset, ask yourself, “Is this really worth me giving up my joy?”

If you’ll make this decision to not give away your joy, to live each day happy, God promises you’ll be strong, you’ll have better relationships and you’ll accomplish more. He says a joyful heart is good medicine! Hold on to your joy and move forward into the abundant life God has in store!

Father, today I will hold on to joy! I choose to live each day with peace and happiness. I choose to rely on Your strength and Your Word which guides my every step. I love You and thank You for loving and directing me in Jesus’ name. Amen.


The City Harmonic - Holy (Wedding Day) (by integritymusic)

I love this band.. and this song is amazing.  The power and passion of this song at 3:30, I play this song probably every day since a friend introduced it to me a few days ago and I am just so in awe of it.  

“This is the story of the Son of God, hanging on a cross for me.”

  • 16,000 seats
  • Bookstore
  • Full scale TV studio
  • Two 25-foot tall waterfalls
  • $95,000,000 to transform the Houston Compaq Center into Lakewood Church

People rave about how Joel Osteen teaches hope, destiny, & purpose.  Some Christians balk at his watered down message, while others praise his new outlook on the gospels.  Someone said, “Every Sunday it’s like another tool in your toolbox (of our life).”  

I’m wondering, if they sold all that stuff, totally liquidated it, and put that money into the poor areas of their community, gave it to food banks, homeless shelters, or just their neighbors.  Buy a kid some food for a month or two that might otherwise go hungry.  Do something with all that money.  It’s like freakin’ Disneyland in that church.

Excess.  Greed.  Nothing that Jesus taught.  It really sickens me these days.  There’s no way I believe that God blesses someone who is meant to live a life of charity & service as a pastor to the point of excess, but will ignore those diligent in their faith, prayer, offerings, and relationship with God.  If that’s how it works, it makes god a real asshole.