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WATCH: Stephen Colbert Praises Joel Osteen as a "Texan Pope Francis", But Osteen Says He Has No Desire to Become a Denomination

WATCH: Stephen Colbert Praises Joel Osteen as a “Texan Pope Francis”, But Osteen Says He Has No Desire to Become a Denomination

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(PHOTO: “THE LATE SHOW WITH STEPHEN COLBERT” VIDEO SCREENCAP)Pastor Joel Osteen stops by “The Late Show” to talk with Stephen Colbert on February 2, 2016. “The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert praised Pastor Joel Osteen as a “Texan Pope Francis” for his message of inclusion during a recent appearance, though Osteen said he has no desire to become a denomination or have people follow him. (more…)

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#Repost @abc13houston Dr. Paul and Jennifer Osteen sat down with #MelanieLawson @abc13houston to talk about the upcoming @M3Missions Conference. Tune in @ 10pm tonight!  And, make plans to join us for the amazing M3 Mobilizing Medical Missions Conference February 19 - 20. Go to for more info! #M3Missions #Missions by lakewoodchurch for more info! #M3Missions #Missions by lakewoodchurch
Healed of Cancer! - Faith Nutrition
In 1981 Dodie was not feeling well and was taken to the hospital. The last thing she ever imagined was the diagnosis of metastatic cancer of the liver.

“Healed of Cancer! The Testimony of Dodie Osteen”

God send His Word, and I was healedWhen I was fighting cancer, I knew how important it was to know the Word and to act on it for health and healing. Had it not been for the Word of God — knowing that God’s Word works, that God would never lie and that He keeps His promises — I would not be alive today. God sent His Word, and I was healed.

But when our daughter, Lisa, was born with a condition similar to cerebral palsy and brain damage, my husband and I knew very little about healing. John was the pastor of a traditional church that didn’t teach about healing. Lack of knowledge could have destroyed us (See Hosea 4:6), but somehow we knew that God’s Word was true.

We started by reading in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John about the miraculous healings Jesus performed. Then we read Hebrews 13:8, where it says Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. We prayed and asked God to touch and heal our baby girl. Jesus did just that. He sent His Word and healed Lisa. She is a perfectly normal adult now — strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

My family has reaped the benefits of learning that God desires for everybody to be well. And HE sent His Word to make sure we would know it.
He is no respecter of persons. He’ll do the same for you.

Thank You, Lord, for sending Your Word to heal us. You never change — Your Word always brings healing. I’m glad my family and I are delivered from the destructions the enemy has planned for us.

I believe that You heal and deliver us daily. Osteen Ministries Lisa Osteen Comes Victoria Osteen ‪#‎healed‬ of cancer

Cosa pensa il famoso ‘pastore’ Joel Osteen di ‘papa’ Francesco

Cosa pensa il famoso ‘pastore’ Joel Osteen di ‘papa’ Francesco

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Joel Osteen è il ‘pastore’ della Lakewood Church, ‘che è una megachurch protestante situata a Houston, in Texas. Ha sede presso il Lakewood Church Central Campus. È la più grande chiesa degli Stati Uniti, con più di 45.000 fedeli. I 16.800 posti del Lakewood Church Central Campus sono utilizzati per 4 funzioni alla settimana in inglese e due in spagnolo’ (Wikipedia). Ecco cosa ha dichiarato…

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Morgan Freeman Visits Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church for Upcoming "The Story of God" NatGeo Series

Morgan Freeman Visits Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church for Upcoming “The Story of God” NatGeo Series

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Photo Credit: Houston KTRK. Hollywood megastar Morgan Freeman surprised worshipers who saw him at Lakewood Church this weekend. He stopped by for the Sunday service as a guest of Houston megachurch pastor Joel Osteen. (more…)

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