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hi when is lakewood plaza turbo coming out just asking

I get this question multiple times every week! I usually just let them fester in my inbox because… as much as I want to, I can’t answer it! What does that mean? I don’t know! Maybe you’ll find out someday!

if you still want to have your voice heard go to, choose “Programming”/”Other Shows” and let CN know you want it!

But thank you for all your well wishes everyone! Don’t forget about Lakewood Plaza Turbo!

The man killed by police in Lakewood, Washington on Tuesday has been identified as 37-year-old Daniel Covarrubias, father of seven.

Daniel was mentally ill, and was suffering from hallucinations in the hours prior to his murder. In fact, it is believed he was walking home from the hospital when police spotted him. People who saw him walking had called the police, saying that he looked suspicious to them.

The officers who shot him claimed he “reached into his pocket,” but they have made no claim that he had any kind of weapon on him.

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July 17


Ally’s Twitter video!

Show time!

Some videos:

Intro & BO$$ | MMO Mashup Medley | Top Down | Individual Cover Medley | Body Rock

Great show again, girls! Thank you for always giving 110%!

(Laurinah pls)

It’s ok, Normani!


Social Media (OT5 af)

Seriously, look at these girls!

First, Dinah tweeted a Vine of her and Ally:

And then…

Dinah tweeted this after their show. The grind is real!

And Norminah strong too

In other Dinah shenanigans, she immediately regretted posting her belly on Snapchat LOL

Happy Eid from Camila!

Lauren posting a throwback picture:


Camila tweeted lyrics to 5SOS’s new song:

Premios Juventud

The girls were on a post event hangover! Check out their photos/OOTD shots from last night:

She retweeted this too:

She was also NOT over meeting one of her musical idols, Alejandro Sanz!

Worth It

Hey, punny!

Over at the UK, Worth It is #10 (-7) this week:

Reflection debuts at #18 on the Official UK Albums chart!

They talked to the MIrror UK about Sam Smith.

Today’s stats:


The girls have a show during the Great New York State Fair on September 4!


Project: The Lakewood Garden Mausoleum

Location: Lakewood, Minnesota, USA

Designer: HGA Architects


An Historical Landscape

Laid over 250 acres, the Lakewood Cemetery was founded in 1871. It was governed by the Lakewood Cemetery Association, a non-profit organization that ensured the vitality of the mausoleum with its master plan and space saving for future development.

The renovation planning started in the late 1990s, and cemetery trustees finally commissioned the work in 2003. The project included a new garden mausoleum for more than 10,000 graves and a full landscape makeover.