laketown is so pretty

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I had some spare time today, so I decided to skribble a bit and ended up cleaning up one of the sketches. Have a sleepy bowman and a king sharing his coat.


Some assorted pics from Friday’s photoshoot with the awesome trashelf as Thranduil, and myself as Bard!

The weather was perfect (if not a little hot for all those furs holy wow) and the harbour was beautiful, with really nice lighting and a pretty cool Laketown backdrop.

Jay I’m so glad I got to meet you!!  Otakon was so much fun and it was awesome to hang out with you and get so many amazing pictures! 



A new Laketown has been pretty exciting. The town itself already looked really good, so I wanted to add to it’s vibe. I made a nice cozy lake house, following the vibrant colours of the town.

I really love the corner we made, all of these houses look really nice and are certainly worth checking out.

Want to visit it? It is located near /warp marina on the Nerdcrafteria server