My basketball season is over....

My poor Lakers were unfortunately swept today by the Spurs. It’s okay. 

It was a bad season. Too many injured players, that’s what really killed us. The only thing I’m disappointed in was that we weren’t able to win one for the late great Jerry Buss but it’s okay cause I know we’ll win one next year for Jerry & for Kobe, if it’s really gonna be his last season (something, I’m so not looking forward too).

We need to make some changes for next season, starting with our coaching staff. D'antoni didn’t do what he was expected to do. We need Phil Jackson back. Jim Buss, needs to get off his high horse & just hire Phil Jackson back. Listen to the fans, we want Phil is not joke. We really want him back.

We also need to strengthen our bench. We have a good bench but we need a stronger one. 

Anyways, I just want to thank the Lakers for another season. It wasn’t the best but it will do. I look forward to next year, when I once again wave my purple & gold flag with honor :) 


RIP LAkers

‘Once upon a time the LAKERS were the top dawgs of the NBA’

Crazy to think how what once was one of the greatest sports organization has now crumbled, in a matter of 5 years. I said it when Mike Brown was fired that the LAKERS were falling apart-as a whole. Dwight has & never will play with the passion a champion thrives off of. But lets look past all that hoopla.
Today the LAKERS acquired Jeremy Lin from Houston which makes absolutely no sense, given that the Rockets are trying to sign Bosh and/or Carmelo. LA basically helped them out while diminishing the chances of signing a big time free agent.

The LAKERS are a mess, from top to bottom. The LAKERS are a blind organization right now with no sense of direction. Kobe is likely done after his 2 year contract is up. No chance he resigns if they continue to head in the direction LA is headed. Hell, I am even willing to bet he goes to a winning team before he retires just so he does not retire a loser. Many analysts may look at him to blame for agreeing to a huge contract-but Kobe deserves every penny. The obstacles he has had to overcome throughout his career definitely make him worthy of being the highest paid player in the league. After Shaq left he proved his loyalty to the team by putting the entire organization on his back. Kobe has spent just about half of his lifetime playing for the organization who believed in him. Though it saddens me as a fan to see the ship sailing adrift-we do not even have a head coach to provide stability. People are quick to mock the LAKERS faithful as being delusional fans-but the years of us being a dominant franchise are long gone. At this point, I think it might be time for the Buss family to sell the team. But again, I am no analyst & this is just my point of view. However I will never forget the 5 championships I witnessed the LAKERS win over the course of ten years.