My basketball season is over....

My poor Lakers were unfortunately swept today by the Spurs. It’s okay. 

It was a bad season. Too many injured players, that’s what really killed us. The only thing I’m disappointed in was that we weren’t able to win one for the late great Jerry Buss but it’s okay cause I know we’ll win one next year for Jerry & for Kobe, if it’s really gonna be his last season (something, I’m so not looking forward too).

We need to make some changes for next season, starting with our coaching staff. D'antoni didn’t do what he was expected to do. We need Phil Jackson back. Jim Buss, needs to get off his high horse & just hire Phil Jackson back. Listen to the fans, we want Phil is not joke. We really want him back.

We also need to strengthen our bench. We have a good bench but we need a stronger one. 

Anyways, I just want to thank the Lakers for another season. It wasn’t the best but it will do. I look forward to next year, when I once again wave my purple & gold flag with honor :)