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so...we've seen Shiro and Keith pining together, Lance and Shiro pining together, can we see Lance and Allura hanging out and pining over the Boys??

she changed the subject so quickly because literally like 3 minutes earlier, keith texted her about how he was so glad he kept the marmora suit for…. ahem…. reasons
Superflash being adorable
  • Barry: Here, stand back. I'll kick the door in.
  • Kara: *scoffs* *shoves Barry out the way* No! You stand back. I'll kick the door in.
  • Barry: Well, I didn't mean it like a gender thing. I just wanted to kick the door in-
  • Kara: Barry!
  • Barry: Alright. Together. 1, 2, 3!
  • Superflash: *kicks the door in*