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Birthdays 9.17

Beer Birthdays

  • John Ewald Siebel (1845)
  • Stan Hieronymus (1948)
  • Gayle Goschie (1955)

Five Favorite Birthdays

  • Warren Burger; U.S. Supreme Court chief justice (1907)
  • Ken Kesey; writer (1935)
  • Baz Luhrmann; Australian film director (1962)
  • Bryan Singer; film director (1965)
  • William Carlos Williams; poet (1883)

Famous Birthdays

  • Anne Bancroft; actor (1931)
  • George Blanda; Oakland Raiders QB, K (1927)
  • Orlando Cepeda; San Francisco Giants 1B (1937)
  • Kyle Chandler; actor (1965)
  • Jerry Colonna; comedian (1904)
  • Pat Crowley; actor (1929)
  • Phil Jackson; Chicago Bulls/L.A. Lakers coach (1945)
  • Hope Larsen; comic book artist (1982)
  • J.W. Marriott; hotel magnate (!900)
  • Jeff MacNelly; cartoonist (1947)
  • Roddy McDowall; actor (1928)
  • Frank O'Connor; Irish writer (1903)
  • Robert B. Parker; writer (1932)
  • Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson; actor (1951)
  • John Ritter; actor (1948)
  • Rita Rudner; comedian (1955)
  • Daniella Rush; porn actor (1976)
  • John Rutledge; U.S. Supreme Court chief justice (1939)
  • David H. Souter; U.S. Supreme Court justice (1939)
  • Thomas Stafford; astronaut (1930)
  • Mary Stewart; writer (1916)
  • Fee Waybill; rock singer (1950)
  • Hank Williams, Sr.; singer, songwriter (1923)

LOS ANGELES - 2001: Kobe Bryant #8 of the Los Angeles Lakers has a laugh with Lakers head coach Phil Jackson before a 2001 NBA game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2001 NBAE (Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)

On D’Angelo Russell, Nick Young & the “Man Code”

So Lakers rookie D’Angelo Russell & teammate Nick Young were in their hotel room on a team road trip when Young was boasting of all the women he slept with recently. This is the same Nick Young who is currently (or was at the time) engaged to rapper Iggy Azalea.

Apparently unbeknownst to Young, D’Angelo Russell was using his phone to record Young’s boasting. Whether by Russell or a hacker (accounts, not surprisingly, differ), the video got posted to the Internet and has been making the rounds.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, the Internet haters (and frustrated Lakers fans) have been blaming Russell for recording the conversation. Lakers head coach Byron Scott, who recently said Russell has acted like a 14-year old, is “disappointed”. Shaquille O’Neal and Stephen Jackson, as well as a couple of NFL players, commented with some variation of “snitches get stitches.” Media reports suggest that Russell’s Lakers teammates are giving him the cold shoulder, refusing to sit at his table at a team breakfast meeting and not talking to him in the locker room.

My take: Why in God’s name isn’t anybody upset with Nick Young? He’s the one who has apparently cheated multiple times on his (for-the-moment) fiancee. He’s the one who treated women like bags of meat. He’s the one who was proud - PROUD - of sneaking behind his fiancee’s back and bragging about it. Like many people who are exposed for their wrongdoing, Young is only upset because he got caught.

Was it a dumb thing for Russell to do? Probably so. I’d have a hard time trusting and/or working with someone who secretly taped personal conversations. But I darn well wouldn’t have any trust for someone who was being unfaithful to his wife/fiancee/girlfriend, much less someone who was bragging about being a lying, cheating dog.

And as for the so-called “Man Code” that Russell is accused of violating: What. A. Total. Crock. My Man Code says that a man doesn’t screw around on his wife/fiancee/girlfriend/date. If you want to be with someone else, guys, fine - but break up first. Have some degree of honor and decency - and, if nothing else, at least have some self-damn-respect.

LAST WORD: You won’t get called out for cheating if you ain’t cheating.

Head Coach Mike D'Antoni of the Los Angeles Lakers calls a play against the Golden State Warriors during the 2013 Global Games on October 15, 2013 at the MasterCard Center in Beijing, China.

(Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)