lakers snapbacks

Chapter 5 prt 2


” Ahh fuck ” I groaned as Marcus and I bumped shoulders on accident . Holding my shoulder , Jaylin ran over to me full speed .

“ you okay ? ” she asked frantically as I laid out on the grass .

“ Yes mamas I’m okay , if I scared you I didn’t mean to ” I apologized . Ole baby ass look like she was ready to let them tears spring out of her eyes .

“ good ” she sighed a sigh of relief .

Chuckling ,” help me up ” I said holding my hand out . Trying as hard as she could to lift me up , she couldn’t .

“ weak ” I cackled .

“ don’t laugh at me ” she pouted crossing her arms .

“ stop being a lil baby .. I’ll make your ass get out here and play ” I shot grabbing her ass .

“ whatever prick , be careful ” she said before waking off . Watching her all the way until she made it back to the bleachers , Brandon ran dead into me .

“ I said be careful ” she screamed at the top of her lungs . I swear one of these days ima give this girl a heart attack .

“ Shawty must really care for you dude ” Brandon said nudging my shoulder .

“ Yea , she got to ” I mumbled to myself more than anything .

“ Brown and Whitehall , 20 fucking push ups . Give em to me .” Coach yelled . He was on that bull shit today forreal .

Dropping to the ground , I got in the correct position so I wouldn’t pull a muscle and started on my painful push ups . My arms were already sore from weight lifting and this wasn’t making it no better .

” Fuck coach my arms hurt ” I yelled irritably .

“ you cursing now brown ? Give me 20 more . ” he demanded dropping his foot directly in the middle of my back .

Quickly doing my extra twenty push ups , I made sure to knock his foot off my back disrespectfully . Mugging his side profile , I stood in my position .

Wiping the sweat beads from my forehead , I looked out into the stands so see jaylin already watching me while sipping on her mocha frappe .

Smiling at her , we have been here since 2 and it should now be around 4:30. I could have made it to practice earlier but somebody didn’t want to wake up .

When I woke up , she was just getting to sleep . Sucks for her cause we have 3 1/2 more hours out here to go .

Good thing she dressed appropriate . A white v-neck , some navy blue socks and yellow nike slippers with Short basketball shorts & when I say short I mean short but I’m not complaining cause she’s with me .

Licking over my lips , she pulled my ‘La lakers ’ SnapBack further down on her head . That girl was Mitch matched down and she didn’t care .

Waving to me , I waved back letting out a low chuckle at how crazy she is . Blowing me a kiss , I pretended to catch it and place it on my lips .

Readjusting my spandex shorts that lay beneath my football tights , I hissed in pain as my dick twisted too hard . Moving it to my comfortability I was ready to play again .

Watching Michael walk down the field , he was headed in jaylins direction . Balling up my fist , I couldn’t grab a hold of her attention to get her to move down .

“ Brown pay attention ” coach yelled at me . Tearing my gaze away from her , we replayed the first play .

“ down hut set 242 ” I yelled passing the ball to Johnson . Passing it back , I took off down the field . Running into Marcus , I shook Trevis taking it all the way to touch down mark .

Throwing the ball down , my eyes averted back to jay . Michael was now in front of her all up in her face .

For his sake he better not even Try to flirt with her because if she tell me he did , I will break his fucking face in .

Jogging back over to where coach was , he stood with his hands on his hips ” what’s going on ? You basically took off Marcus shoulder ”

“ I don’t give a fuck ” I shrugged . I’m pissed , Im upset matter fact I’m fucking angry that jaylin got this nigga in her ear telling her shit while I’m out here on the field .

“ bench ” he pointed to the bench that sat on the right .

“ No fuck that , I’m leaving for the day . ” I spat . Briskly walking to pick up my bag , I threw it over my shoulders.

He knew better than to tell me what I was going to do . I run this fucking team , no fuck that I Am the team . What I say goes , you don’t like it then you can get the fuck . Bye , no one will miss you .

Without me they suck besides maybe 5 other people , but other than that , this team ain’t shit .

Angrily stumping my away up the bleachers , Michael walked in front me holding his hand out for me to dap . Mugging his hand , I pushed him out of the way and headed starlight for jaylin .

“ What the fuck was that ” I gritted lowly , forehead to forehead . Some of the players was sitting a few rows down and I didn’t want them to hear me .

“ Umm nothing ” she mumbled .

“ You call that nothing ? You got a whole nigga in your face while you’re with me ” I spat scratching at her thigh .

“ I was just talking to a friend ” she whimpered moving my hand away from her thigh .

“ And exactly what the fuck did your friend want ? ” I asked with my hands planted on each side of her .

“ None of your business ” she said quickly covering her mouth because of the bullshit she just let spill out .

“ you are my business , bring your ass the fuck on ” I whispered harshly , yanking her up by her forearm .

pulling her arm away from me ,” Give me your gym bag baby ” she muttered . Sighing , I handed over my bag for her to carry .

I swear she always making an evil nigga like me go soft and want to apologize when she go to doing shit for a nigga and calling me baby .” I’m sorry ” I mumbled in her ear . Wrapping my hand around her waist , she lead the way to the car .

Kissing the left side of her jaw I massaged the spot where I scratched her at . With my 6’11 frame towering over her 4’9 frame I literally had to break my back to rub it .

Lifting my body back up , my back cracked a numerous of times causing me to let out a pleasurable groan .

“ it’s okay Chris ” she finally said making me cringe . I wish this nigga just tell her about his disorder so she could stop calling me his name .

Opening the door for her , she climbed in the passenger seat . Slamming the door , I hopped on the drivers side .

Reaching to the back she grabbed me a water out of the ice chest . Opening it up , she put the bottle to my lips . Chugging most of the water down , she caped it and placed it in the cup holder .

“ why are you so mean to me ? ” she asked . No question is you so good to me ?

“ It’s natural . It’s just me ” I didn’t know how to explain it . I can’t explain myself if she doesn’t know I exist .

“ question for you , why you so good to me ? ” I wanted to know honestly why she was good to me .

“ Because I like you , a lot ” she mumbled . Taking a hold of her hand , I kissed it gently .

“ I like you too ” I lied . I don’t like this girl . I fucking love her ass. I know what most ass holes would say “ how you love somebody this early ?”

Simple , when you feel like you’re being appreciated and not taken for granted or you actually have some one who cares for you and have no shame with admitting that , you begin to give yourself to them & that’s what I’m doing . Giving myself to her .

I’m saying that I love her but I don’t know if she’s actually worth having my love until I take her on a mission with me . The day she shows me she’s my ride or die , then I’ll know for sure the love I have for her is real.

” yo ” I spoke into the phone .

“ We got a situation down at your warehouse ” Jodii said . Rolling my eyes , it’s always something .

“ something like what ” I gritted .

“ we have Duce , you know that nigga that you been looking for ” I could picture him smirking . Hanging up the phone , I made a sharp u-turn .

“ where are we going ? ” Jaylin suddenly asked .

“ Just sit back and ride ” I guess today would be the day I’ll see if I really love her .

What no one know is that I’m one of the biggest drug lords out . I keep my shit on the low , you never know who’s after you . Chris was absolutely against this but it wasn’t his decision , it was mine .


“ wake up baby ” I said shaking her body . Swatting my hands away , she rubbed her eyes trying to gets them to adjust .

“ where are we ? ” she questioned . Opening my glove compartment , I grabbed two 9mm .

“ take this ” I said handing her one . Her eyes widened as I sat the gun in her lap . After a few seconds she tucked the gun in the waist band of her shorts .

“ what is this for ? ” I continued to answer her questions with statements and demands .

“ when we get out this car , hold my hand and stay behind me . If you feel unsafe or threatened at any given time give my hand a squeeze . Do you understand me ?” This shit was serious .

“ I understand ” she nodded her head . Grabbing my hand before I could even reach out for hers , we began to walk go the gate .

Punching in my special code that was by the way her name , the gate opened up . As we got closer to the door the hold she had on my hand became tighter .

“ Breezy’s here ” one of my workers announced . Walking into the lounge room , money was scattered all over the floor . Smiling to myself , that was the type of shit I like to see .

“ you good ? ” I asked jaylin .

“ yes ” she spoke quietly . Quickly pecking her lips , we walked to the back where my sound proof room was .

busting through the doors my eyes immediately fell on Duce who had his ” sidekick ” standing next to him . Jaylin began squeezing my hand as right as she could .

“ what’s wrong with you ” I whispered . With her eyes fixed on the guy next to Duce she muttered something in audio-able

” The guy next to him is my Ex little brother ” she whispered . She looked as if she seen a ghost .

Clenching my jaw , I tried not to think of her having anyone before me . Mugging this little sidekick nigga , I though about offing his shit as well .

” Nice to see you again Duce ” I smiled evilly . My nerves were getting bad at the fact my girl was holding on to me for dear life , scared for her own as if this nigga was gonna do her something.

” Fuck you breezy ” he spat , spitting out blood in the process .

I just love when My guards Bok & Rue follow the procedure . If I’m looking for someone and you find them , you beat they ass to a bloody pulp . Don’t kill them , just get me ready for me .

“ I wouldn’t be talking reckless if I were you ” I chuckled as the spikes on the chair went straight through his wrist .

“ I talk how the fuck I want talk play boy ” he said spitting his blood in my face . My smile was replaced by a permanent frown .

” that’s so disrespectful , you know that ?” I questioned circling around his body. Using my under shirt to wipe my face , I contemplated on making him suffer some more or not .

Looking at jaylin , watch me in anticipation , I decided to put her to the test .” come here baby ” I smirked reaching out my hand for her to grab .

Slowly walking over to me , she grabbed a hold of my hand ” yes ” she muttered softly .

“ where’s your gun ? ” I asked . Pulling it out of her waistband , she held it up for me to see .

“ you see that guy right there ” I pointed to Duce .

Nodding her head , she took a look at his friend . Now you suppose to be his friend but you ain’t even trying to help him . It’s not like he’s tied up or anything , he’s just standing their .

“ yes ” she mumbled .

“ kill him ” I ordered taking the safety off the gun . With shaky arms she shook her head no as fast as she could .

“ Jaylin don’t do it ” the little side kick finally spoke up .

“ who the fuck are you lil nigga ? ” I questioned walking closer to him .

“ bitch my name Carlos & jaylin I swear to god if you pull that trigger he’s gonna come after you ” he warned with a pointed finger .

Bending it back ,” that’s a threat to her young blood ? “

“ it ain’t no fucking threat it’s a promise ” he spat .

“ Jaylin shoot him ” I yelled .

“ you better not jaylin ” Carlos warned .

“ Fucking do as I say ” I barked . Aiming the tool to his head she pulled the trigger . Closing my eyes
All of his blood and brains splattered across my face .

Dropping Carlos to the floor , I walked up to jay . Wiping the tears with my two thumbs , I hugged her body tightly .

“ stop crying baby ” I whispered in her ear . Holding on to my shirt , she cried into my chest . At least I know she’ll ride for a nigga . Ain’t no regular female gonna shoot somebody cause I said so , they gon snitch on my ass .

“ Clean this shit up ” I spat . Walking jay out of the sound proof room , I carried her upstairs to my spare room .

Sitting her on the bed , I walked into the closet. Scanning over the woman’s wardrobe that I kept for when we did auctions , I pulled a random nike shirt from the hanger and some white jeans .

“ here ” I said handing jaylin the clothes . Sobbing uncontrollably , she took the clothes out of my hand and began to strip .

Dropping her shorts to the ground , she stepped into the jeans and pulled them up . Ripping off her shirt , I had a perfect view of her breast that lay beneath her lace bra .

“ why did you make me do that ? ” she asked after a great moment of silence .

“ I wanted to see if you would ride for me ” and also see if you’re worth giving my love to , but I didn’t say that part . She probably would have thought I was crazy .

Chuckling ” so you had me to kill someone to show you that I’ll ride for you ?” She questioned with her hands on her hips .

“ I needed my clarification ” I shrugged .

Scoffing, she picked up her previous outfit and threw it away . ” well now you know ”

“ who was that Carlos guy & why was he taking to you like that ?” My whole demeanor began to change .

Trembling , her eyes started to water again .” That’s my ex little brother . He’s gonna tell mark where I am . Chris I tried to get away from him forever just to have peace and I don’t know how much longer that’s going to last ” she cried into her hands .

Prying her hands away from her face, I looked her deep in her eyes .” Listen to me . As long as you got me , you’re safe okay ? I put this on my life I won’t let anyone hurt you okay ?”

“ you promise  ?” She muttered running her fingers through my curls .

“ I promise ”


“ You think this a game ? Get the fuck in the house ” I growled shoving her towards the door .

“ August stop pushing me ” she whined trying to push me back .

“ nah you want hit me , it’s my turn . Get the fuck in the house ” I yelled . Slightly jumping at the bass of my voice , she was shaking putting the key in the door .

Walking in , I kicked the door closed with my foot . Taking my jacket & shoes off at the same time I was in nothing but jeans and a shirt .

“ get the fuck up the stairs ” I spat . Shaking with fear , she kept her feet plastered on the ground not attempting to budge .

“ ima have to shove you again ? You like when I put my hands on you huh ? Iight ima show you ” I gritted nodding my head walking over to where she was .

“ August don’t push me ” she mumbled trying not to cry .

Shoving her , making her body jerk forward ” nah , you can’t follow simple directions I said get the fuck up the stairs deshay ”

Getting her dumb ass up the stairs , I pushed her into her room and onto her bed .

“ you got 5 minutes to get undressed . When I come back up here you better be in nothing but ya bra and underwear . Think it’s a game , ima make it harder on your ass ” I spat walking out the room .

Jogging down the steps , I went into my ” cars secret stash ” and grabbed my metal handcuffs & my 100 box gold magnum condoms out of my glove compartment .

“ Ima need about 6 of these ” I mumbled out loud .

Looking down at my watch , 5 minutes was up . Her ass better be undressed . Walking up the steps , I opened her room door .

“ some one finally listens ” I smirked . Nothing in her face changed , the fear was permanently on her face .

Watching her watch me , I pulled off my shirt and my jeans leaving me in nothing but my boxers .

Grabbing my handcuffs from the dresser , Lexxii looked up at me with wide eyes .

“ gimme your wrist ” I mumbled . Without hesitating she gave me her wrist . Hooking both cuffs to her wrist , I cuffed them to the bed . Only way she was getting out of the bitches was if she had the key .

“ August what are you doing ? ” she asked , voice trembling with not knowing what I was about to do .

“ ima about to take all my anger out on this pussy ”

Getting on top of her , I kissed her lips roughly which she immediately joined in on . Tugging on her bottom lip, I kissed from her cheek bone down to her neck .

Every part of her neck , that I knew was her spot due to the low moans she let slip out her mouth I bit hard .

“ Shit August ” she hissed . At this point I didn’t care . I was just so angry with her . For not letting me explain , for hitting me over and over and over and over .

“ take this shit off ” I gritted ripping her bra off .Taking her left boob into my mouth , I used my hand to pull on her right nipple .

“ Mmm” she breathed out .

Slapping her right boob,” shut up ”

After showing her left the right amount of attention , I switched to the right and treated it like I did the other .

Sitting up , I observed the redness all around her nipples and upper part . Scooting down , I pulled her thong off from between her legs .

I admired her pussy as if it was a god . So pretty and pink . Shit was wet as fuck too .

“ Better not hear one thing come from your mouth ” I spat lowering my face to her love box .

I let my finger gaze her pulsing clit , while I devoured the shit out of her opening . Using my tongue to spread her lips , I dug my face deeper into her ocean .

“ Fuck baby ” she moaned out . Pulling away I sent a hard slap to her pussy causing her to scream .

Smacking it again” I said I didn’t wanna hear a thing ”

Going back , to what I was previously doing I sped up my pace while plunging my fingers inside her pussy as if it was a screw and my hands were the screw driver .

” August ” she panted as she came hard in my mouth and all on my fingers . That didn’t stop me from drilling my fingers inside her tight hole .

“ I can’t take it ” she yelped out trying To catch her breath .

Deciding to be lenient and go easy on her I slowly pulled my finger out of her pussy , hearing a Popping sound once they were all the way out .

Standing up , i pulled down my boxers revealing my rock hard dick . I contemplated on going raw or if I wanted to use a condom out of the 6 I took from downstairs .Shaking my head , I went with no condom .

I stroked my dick for a bit , while staring at her juicy wet pussy . She was wet as hell for a nigga .

“ August please ” she plead , feening for me to get inside her .

“ please what ” I grunted as pre cum shot out the head of my dick .

“ please fuck me ” she moaned watching me . Positioning myself between her legs ,I got into a comfortable position before allowing my head to reach her entrance .

Looking down in her eyes , they continued to read fear but also lust .

Putting my hands on each side of her hips , I lifted her body to where her lower half wasn’t touching the bed .

“ I’m finna beat the fuck out this pussy ” I growled ramming my dick deep into her shit causing her to cry out .

“ shut that fucking shit up ” I groaned .

“ August you too deep ” she whimpered .

Continuing to Ram in and out of her , I slapped her thigh as hard as I could .

“ fuck up ” I growled going faster .

“ Ahh fuck ” she cried loudly trying to control her breathing . Pulling out , I Laid her body flat on the mattress .

Positioning myself to where we were face to face , I plunged back into her and hammered her shit.

“ yes baby yes ” she moaned tilting her head back .

Gripping her neck tight , I pulled her face back up .

“ don’t you dare look away from me ” I grunted .

“ you hear me ?” I asked slapping her thigh .

“ Yes daddy ” she cried out in pure pleasure .

Uncuffing her hands , I flipped her over to where she was face down ass up .

“ hands behind your back deshay ” obeying my command , she put her hands behind her back . Cuffing them back up , I guided my dick back to her entrance .

“ Ooh fuck ” I groaned as her love box soaked my dick . I was about to murder her shit .

Pulling out , I pushed inside her as hard as I could .

“ damn it ” she cried out cumming all on my dick . I could feel her hot juices sliding down my thigh .

Smacking her ass ” shut the fuck up , you gon take this dick ”

She had her fun and now it’s time to have mine .

“ you wanna hit me huh ?” I said smacking her right ass cheek .

Reaching under her to grab her nipple , I squeezed it with a lot of force .,” Thought it was cool to send blow after blow to my face ”

“ I’m sorry daddy ” she moaned out .

“ I don’t wanna hear that shit now ” I yelled .

Pulling her hair I Yanked her head back , causing her neck to crack .

“ go harder ” she moaned . She was enjoying this shit . Doing as my woman asked I went harder , something she couldn’t take .

“ fuck August not that hard ” she yelled out . Slowing down , I pulled out of her . She was now on the top while I was on the bottom .

“ ride me ” I growled .

“ I can’t with my arms cuffed ” she mumbled .

“ you can and you will ” I gritted slamming her down on my dick , which made both of us moan out loud .

“ Shit ” we said at the same time as she moved her hips backwards and forward .

“ go harder ” I grunted

Kicking it up a notch , she bounced harder on my dick while her titties flopped in my face .

Clenching her walls around my dick made me weak .

“ Fuck don’t do that shit ” I moaned in her ear bringing her face closer to mine .

Scratching up her back , ” Fuck Alexis , I said don’t do that ”

I had nails too , I knew her shit would be on fire soon .

“ August baby , Ima cum ” she panted

“ You sorry for hitting daddy ?” I asked wrapping my hands around her waist to slam her down .

“ I’m so sorry ” she moaned .

“ you gonna let daddy explain hisself next time ” I grunted .

“ Yess ”

“ yes what ”

“ Yes baby ” she cried softly as she released for the third time .

Feeling my nut build up , I slammed her down faster . Right as I felt it on the tip , I pulled out and signaled for her to open her mouth .

“ Shit ” I grunted as I shoved my dick down her throat .

“ Mmm ” she hummed sending vibrations shooting through out my dick , causing my nut to spill down her throat .

“ Ahh fuck ” I grumbled , waiting for my dick to finish releasing it’s juices .

Pulling out of Her mouth , I turned her around and took off the hand cuffs .

“ you learned your lesson Alexis ?” I asked .

“ yes ” she spoke quietly .

Lifting her wrist to my lips , I kissed each one two times each before pulling her close.

“ Wanna go out tonight? ” I asked in a raspy voice .

“ Umm sure but to where?” She asked curiously

“ Wherever you wanna go it don’t matter ” I mumbled into the crook of her neck.

“ Ok I’ll think of something let just take a nap for now” she yawned .

Kissing her forehead ” Aight ” I said drifting off to sleep.


Tossing and turning in my bed , I had a nightmare of mark beating on me . Wiping the tears that managed to fall from my eyes I grabbed the water that sat on my nightstand and downed it .

Using the napkin to wipe my mouth , I was wishing Chris was here to hold me . I felt like crying but I refused to let my tears drop . How could someone not in my life anymore still manage to hurt me ?

My nerves were at an all time high at the fact Carlos could possibly go back and tell mark about my where abouts . Praying that he didn’t , I rolled over to check my phone .

3 missed calls from Chris and a txt message from Mikey . Opening up Mikey’s txt first , I’ll just call Chris afterwards .

Scanning over the txt he was basically asking me out on a friendly date Saturday night . Smiling to myself I shot him a quick txt saying ’ sure why not ’ . I hope Chris doesn’t get upset .

For some strange reason I have a feeling Mikey is going to try and catch feelings but that’s not what I want .

I wouldn’t want to hurt him in the long run because I just know that I’m going to be stuck on Chris no matter how much I try not to .

See the way my emotions is set up , when I start feeling a guy I some how become attached and that person be the only one I have eyes for . .

My mind drifted off to how Chris could be really mean and threatening some times . It’s like he wants to be bothered when he wants to and when he doesn’t he’s so mean to me . I never under stood it .

Today he showed me a side of him I never thought existed . Surprisingly I wasn’t traumatized or in shock . I was comfortable . Comfortable with killing someone’s child . Sad , I know .

Placing the phone to my ear , it rang a few times before he picked up ” hello ” his deep voice blared through the phone .

“ were you sleeping baby ? ” I asked sitting up against the headboard .

“ Yea ” he groaned into the phone . Smiling his sleepy voice was turning me on .

“ you want me to ca-”

“ No , I been calling you since I dropped you off earlier . I needed to hear your voice ” he barked .

Jumping from his sudden outburst , I scratched at my arm anticipating his next choice of words .” What were you doing ?” He questioned .

“ I was sleeping ” I stated truthfully .

“ I should have staid so I could have slept with you ” he groaned out loud .

“ you should have , I needed you ” I mumbled squeezing my eyes shut so I wouldn’t cry .

“ needed me how ?” He asked frantically . I could hear him moving around , probably searching for shoes and a hoodie .

“ I just needed you to hold me ” I cried .

“ stop crying , I’m coming baby okay ? ” nodding my head as if he could see me , I hung up .

Getting out the bed , I trudged over to my bathroom . Staring at myself in the mirror , my eyes were blood shot red . Rinsing my face with cold water , I used the drying towel to pat all over .

Walking down stairs , all the lights were off . Hmm Lexi must be sleeping. Oh well , she about to wake up until Chris gets here .

“ Lexiii” I yelled opening her door to my surprise I revealed a naked august & Lexi under the sheets.

“ Give me a sec jay. I’m coming ” she said groggily

“ Oh my bad” I said looking at Lexi with sorry eyes as I backed out the room.

“ Let me find out they fucked. ” I said laughing a little. Her walk will confirm it.

Hearing the doorbell ring , I ran down the steps . Swinging the door open , Chris was standing there with his jaw clenched ” you been talking to that nigga ? ” he questioned .

Scrunching up my face ,” what nigga ” Slamming the door , he looked at me as if he wanted to kill me .

“ you gonna play dumb and lie to my face now ?” He asked with a bitter chuckle .

Pulling his body into mine I was trying to avoid answering his question . I just wanted him to hold me for god sake .

“ just fucking hold me ” I snapped . Lifting my body up , he carried me to the couch . Plopping down with me in his lap , I cuddled up against his chest . I could honestly get use to this .


Burying my face In my hands , I can’t believe jay just walked in & seen us like this. Trying to get out of bed I felt august pull me back.

“Where you going? ” he growled tightening his hands around my waist .

“ I have to pee & I’m going talk to jay”

“ Aight ” he said in a groggy tone while releasing me.

After I finished peeing & washing my hands. I walked towards the living room too see none other than jay and Chris watching tv .

“ Ahem ” I said letting my presence be known.

“ Hey ” jay said looking back at me. Chris looked at me and sent a head nod my way before hiding behind jays wild curls .

“ uh uh rudeness you better speak ” I joked .

Chuckling ” waddup Alexis ”

“ What it do lil sis ” I asked with a chuckle as she traced Chris tattoos .

” Nothing much ” she stated simply

“ Gotta be something for you to come in here screaming my name and chris is here ? Yea something’s wrong ” . I said. I caught her smiling big.

“Okay so it must be something really really good. ” I smirked .

“ Yea it is ” she squealed like a little girl.

“So talk” I said sitting down , getting comfortable .

After jay filled me in on how her and Chris has been these few days , I couldn’t help but to smile big & be happy for her.

Now at a certain point I was upset because he had her do something utterly dangerous , but shit if she wanted to prove herself to him then that’s what she had to do . I still feel like she’s leaving something out tho .

“But enough about. Me. What about you ” jay said shifting in Chris lap .

“ Uhh what about me ” I said playing dumb.

“ You know what I’m talking bout. ” she winked .

“ No I don’t think I do. Sounds like someone needs a nap.” I laughed.
Causing her to join in.

“Girl stop playing with me you know exactly what I’m talkn bout. ” she laughed nudging Chris shoulder .

“ Well yes if you must know.
Me & august had sex. ” I said . Chris looked at me with a big smile while wiggling his eyebrows .

” How was it “ jay squealed

” Girl It was amazing. “ I said smiling thinking about it .

” Well good cause you needed some good zick. “ She said causing me to gasp & giggle.

” I’m not finna play with you “ I laughed let me getting up from my previous spot . Walking up the stairs I decided I needed to take a shower.

Walking into my room I saw august look like he was peacefully sleeping

I must have been in awe for a minute cause I heard him say”Stop starin ma it’s rude ya know”

Chuckling ” my bad it’s just you looked so peaceful ”

” Yea yea “he said waving me off . sitting up he motioned for me to come to him.

” Yes “ I said walking over to him

” You figured out what you wanna do yet? “ He asked pulling me into his lap

” Not really but we can go shopping" I suggested since I couldn’t think of nothing else .

” That’s it? ” He asked

“ Yea ” I nodded pecking his lips

“ I’m finna get in the shower tho ” I informed getting up from his lap .

“ Can I join you? ” he asked walking behind me with his manhood slinging around

“ Yes I should have some gym shorts and a tshirt or hoodie and sweats you can wear” I said pointing my dresser draw .

“Aight but then we gotta go to my place so I can change. ” he mumbled .Nodding I turned the shower on waiting for it to warm up before hopping in.

Grabbing two big towels I sat them on the counter before hopping in the shower with august right behind me

Feeling his erection being pressed in the back of me I already knew what he wanted. More sex .

” Can I get in my shit ” he grumbled rubbing my clit.

“ Yess” I moaned out, tilting my head back .Feeling him deep inside me I couldn’t help but moan out in pleasure. Oh god this man knew exactly what he was doing.

“ Aww fuck right there baby” I moaned as he hit my gspot. All that could be heard through out the bathroom was the clapping over out skin .

“ Fuck Alexis ” He groaned .

“ I-I’m gonna cum baby ” I moaned loudly resting my head against the glass door .Rubbing my clit as he slammed in and out of me was sending me over the edge.

” Cum for me ” he said slamming in and out of me with no remorse.My legs shook viscously as I came all over him.After going at it for about a hour we finally washed up and got out the shower .

“ Here ” I said handing august the gym shorts and tshirt.Taking it out of my hand he quickly put them on

“ You good? ” he asked.

” Yea why you ask?”

“ Cause you still standing there in yo towel I thought maybe you was tired” he shrugged .

” I was just thinking about what ima wear ” I uttered .

“ Just throw something simple on ” he stated

Smacking my lips ” it’s really not that easy”

Chuckling “well us men don’t have these problems ”

“ Well be glad and Chris is here by the way” I told him slipping into some fresh undergarments .

“ Ima go holla at him right quick and then go home to change ” he said getting up.

” Okay Can you tell jay I need her help ” I asked nicely .

” Yea baby be ready in like a hour ” he said disappearing down stairs.

A few minutes later in walked jay , stretching her tiny body out . “I heard you needed my help finding a outfit? ” Jay asked smiling widely .

” Yes I got a few ideas but I don’t know what to choose ” I whined .

“ oh shut up miss whiney pants , I got this ” she chuckled pushing me out of the way . Taking a seat on my futon , I watched in amazement as she ran all around my room piecing an outfit together .

By the time she was done , I had a very cute yet simple outfit laid out across my bed . ” nice ” I mumbled .

Nodding her head , she sent me a thumbs up . Slipping into my high waisted jean shorts , I pulled my bustier over my head . Adjusting it in the back , I put on my nike socks , followed by my Nike Wedges .

“ where did you find these shoes ?” I asked her as I got ready to apply my makeup .

“ I forgot but I have to talk to you about something ” she said in a serious tone .

“ what’s up ? ” I said giving her my full attention .

“ I may have lied ” she murmured .

“ lied about what jay ? ” jaylin never lies and when she do , it’s about something serious .

“ I may have told a itsy bitsy teany lie about being a virgin to Chris ” she rushed out in a whisper but I heard her , heard her perfectly clear .


Walking downstairs I saw lit bit and chris cuddled up on the couch ” Wassup y’all ” I said letting my presence be known .

“ Hey aug ” jay said while chris sent me a head nod.

“ Jay Lexi say she need your help” I told her .

“ With what??” Jay asked curiously .

” A outfit for tonight” I stated .

” Well where are y’all going she say she just wanna go shopping but I think ima take her out and officially make her mines ” I said smiling at the thought of finally being taken .

Smiling wide ” I think I know just what she should wear ” Jay said rushing up the stairs.

” Never thought I’d see the day ” chris said.

“ See what day? ” I asked confused .

“ they day that you’d make it official with someone ” he simply stated sparking up a blunt .

” Well I’m really feelin shawty and I think she’s different I just wanna give it a chance with her , ya know ”

Nodding his head ” well you need to get out of here and go get ready nigga” checking the time it was 6:45.

“ yea you right , I’ll catch you later fool” I said dapping him up . Walking out of the door , I called up my nigga to make sure he had very thing set up for me .

I decided after we go shopping we can go to this lil place I rented out for us to watch movies while we eat . I hope she like it , I spent over 4 grand renting that place just for us to have a couple hours to ourself but for her it was worth it .


“ Yo Alexis , we gonna be late ” I raised my voice slightly as she eyed this Michael kors purse . Letting out a frustrated sigh , I took the purse out of her hand and carried it to the cash register .

“ would this be all sir ? ” the lady behind the counter asked .

“ Yes lady speed it the fuck up , I got places to be ” I spat .

“ I’m sorry sir ” she apologized ringing up lexis bag .

“ $2,477 is your total ” she said with slight attitude . Pulling out three stacks , I threw it at her face .

“ keep the change ” I muttered grabbing a hold of Alexis hand . Basically pulling her out of the mall , we sped walk to the car .

“ I could have bought my own purse you know ” she said with attitude .

“ girl the fuck in the car , I bought it too late ” I shrugged unlocking the doors . Scoffing she got in and slammed the door .

“ watch my shit girl ” I growled smacking her bare thigh . Ignoring her whines , I pulled out of the parking lot and sped off to our next destination .

Arriving in no time , I walked over to Lexi side and opened the door for her ” thanks ” she smiled fixing her top . Interwinding our fingers , I led her inside the movie and dinner all into one .

“ Mr . Alsina glad you can make it ” my good friend Paul said while waving to Alexis .

“ glad I could make it to ” I smirked eyeing Alexis .

” follow me ” he ordered . Letting him take the lead , we walked behind him into this over sized movie theatre . Picking a random spit for us to sit at , I pulled out a seat for her then for myself .

“ hello Jeffery , your waiter for this evening ” our waiter introduced himself .

” Hi Jeffery ” Lexi smiled with a slight wave .

“ what can I get you yougins to eat ?” He asked untying his tie . Laughing loudly , this nigga was ghetto as fuck .

” let me get two sprites . Your biggest entree of hot wings uhh a side of fries and for desert you can throw in a cheesecake ” I said ordering something I knew both Lexi and I would like .

“ Coming up shortly my nigga ” he dapped me up . Sliding him two hundred dollar bills , he walked away with a big smile on his face .

“ This marks down number 2 ” Lexi said as the usher started to play our movie for the night . I wanted to go for a horror comedy so I chose haunted house 2.

“ Number 2 what ?”

“ date number two ” she chuckled in a duh tone .

“ oh yea yea , your right & there’s plenty more to come ” I assured . Humming she directed her attention to the gigantic screen .

Two full people , 3 movies & one cheesecake later , Alexis and I were both ready to pass out but I couldn’t go to sleep just yet . Not with out asking her first .

“ Lexi ” I tapped her butt .

“ yes ” she hummed turning towards me . Propping my elbows on the table , I waited a minute or two before opening my mouth again .

“ I got a serious question for you ”

“ what is it ? ” she asked with a slight smile on her face .

“ Will you be my , us know girlfriend or whatever ? ” I asked . I was nervous as fuck but I wasn’t showing it .

“ Finally , yes yes I’ll be your girl ” she squealed throwing her hands around my neck . Kissing behind her ear , my phone vibrated in my pocket .

Pulling it out , ’ work ’ in capital letters flashed across my screen ” hello ”

“ We need you at the warehouse now ” Jason yelled into the phone before the line went dead .

It’s always something !

anonymous asked:

top things you'd let niall gag you with GO

  1. his cock
  2. a pair of my panties
  3. his hand 
  4. i’d say tape but that gets messy and pretty painful quite quickly, so, maybe not 
  5. the “gagging for a cupcake” t-shirt rolled up into a ball
  6. an actual ball gag
  7. zayn and harry’s dicks. at the same time. 
  8. that lakers snapback he has just so i don’t have to look at it because it’s ugly 
  9. a piece of paper with my url on it 
  10. $250,000