There are three basic rules in my household. One, always respect your elders- many people, especially those older than us, have done enough to earn respect. Two, wait for an hour after eating before you go swimming- make wise decisions in life, and don’t put yourself in compromising situations. Last, but not least, you don’t ever, EVER, doubt the heart of a champion- Kobe > your favorite player.

I find it rather intriguing how the Laker Haters think. Obviously now that my Lakers are in trouble, the haters are having the time of their lives. Well, what I really wonder about is how people have the heart to actually HATE a team with their whole hearts, but not show the tantamount passion in supporting a team. I’d see tweets and status updates that say, “Fuck the Lakers,” or “Kobe sucks!” I never see posts such as “Go (insert team name here).” So many people are consumed by this balderdash that is hate, and this has led to the parlance of antipathy. 

I am in a guilty position, though, for I hate certain teams and players in the NBA. My hate, though, does not beckon the same spirit that many have when it comes to hating the Lakers.

Let me say this while I still can. Haters, instead of picking on my team, why don’t you all just support a team. Put your heart into good use and cheer for something that actually makes you happy. You’re all too drunk from this venom of hate that you imbibe every single night when the Lakers come out to play. I’m not telling you to stop hating. I’m telling all of you that, if you hate the Lakers and they eventually lose, so what? Are you happy enough that California’s Lake Show is gone? If yes, uhm, you’re not a true fan of NBA basketball.

What has your team done in the last three years? What has your favorite player done throughout his whole career? Has he been through adversity, criticism, hell, and still perform like a star? Has your favorite player won five rings, with or without a “better player playing on his team” ? Has your favorite player let all the hate in the world fuel him to become the best player in the game? Is your favorite player being hated, because he’s a winner? 

Or do you actually have a favorite team? Favorite teams, maybe? I mean all of you like OKC because, as you say, “Durant is better than Kobe.” Miami? “LeBron is the best player in the game!” Boston? “They should’ve won game seven. The refs got L.A.’s back.” Dallas? “We’re going to sweep the Lakers!” Hornets? “We’re gonna upset Tinseltown!” Chicago? The team that everyone, out of nowhere, started supporting “because they have the MVP”? Portland? Houston? Orlando?

Haters, haters, haters. I know you all have hearts and passions, but love a team. Don’t waste your time and your effort hating on Kobe and the Lakers, because as shitty as they may seem at some points, they have achieved more than any other team in the NBA right now. Andrew is promising. Pau has given us a certain greatness, considering the opportunity cost for him. Ron Artest is tougher than the toughest guy on your favorite team. Kobe, well, we all know Kobe. DFish has more heart than your point guard has, and he’ll always be remembered for his benevolence. Phil Jackson owns your team’s, or teams’, coach, or coaches.

Pick a bloody team, stick to it no matter what. Stop the hate-first, pick-any-team-but-the-lakers attitude. Be a man. And don’t you ever count out and doubt the heart of a true champion. A three-to-nothing deficit is not a four-to-nothing deficit. They will never be synonymous. If we lose, then cheers. If we win, don’t call it a comeback. 

Haters will always be haters. Grow up.


A Laker Fan.