The Era Series: A Little Lace For A Few Coins

[[A part of the Era Series, Starting with ‘Making Kurt Happy’, then 'How Kurt Became Himself.’]]

Kurt coughed, sitting in their attic, looking down at the alley. He was waiting for his suitor to pick him up. He’d been requested to wear a dress, something light, happy. He fiddled with the hem of the skirt and then stood, his eyes sliding over the clock tower, and jumped to the stairs, then walked to the ground, making it look elegant in heels as his suitor walked into the alley. 

Kurt saw the smirk and before he knew what was happening, his body was slammed up against the wall and he tilted his head, allowing the man to slide money into his pocket. He closed his eyes, feeling a mouth, a tongue, working on his neck. He moaned and slid to his knees, fingers working on his pants, fumbling.

Kurt was still new at this. 

His mouth covered the small cock, eyes closing as he took it in. Within a few minutes he had cum dripping down his lips and chin. He closed his eyes, then opened them, blinking up at the sated man. 

“I’ll pay you double if you wear something shorter next time.” Kurt nodded slowly. He watched him walk away before hearing another set of footsteps near him. “I’ll pay you triple if you never see him again.”

Kurt’s eyes flickered up to Sebastian’s and then flicked to the ground, embarrassed. The man took out his handkerchief and cleaned Kurt up. “You’re better than that, you do what you have to do, but be choosy with who you do it with. You’re better than that.” He kissed his forehead and sighed. “Go home, kid.”

“Wait! What’s your name?!" 

"Sebastian. What’s yours?”

“…I’m Kurt…" 

"Kurt… you look lovely in lace.” He said and smiled, standing. “I’ll see you around.” He disappeared, like he’d never been there. But the handkerchief in Kurt’s hand said otherwise, with a sewn in S.S. in the corner.

The Era Series: How Kurt Became Himself

[[If you read my ‘No Plot, Just Making Kurt Happy’ post, this is a part of that era. Both are tagged 'The Era Series’, and both are fairly short. I will continue to make Era Series posts.]]

Kurt stared at the minister, his eyes flicking over to Blaine. He looked back and they both turned to look at the man in front of them. 

The words, they all seemed unreal. They all hurt. They all stung, as each boy was ostracized. Kurt shifted, feeling uncomfortable as they went down the list.

Kurt Elizabeth Hummel.

Chandler Ray Kiehl.

Blaine Elliot Anderson.

Kurt opened his mouth, frozen in his spot. His parents pushed him to a standing position, he just knew he was being forced up. He licked his lips, looking around at all the boys standing, some stunned and some crying. Some screaming they were not the monster they had been called out to be.

Kurt and Blaine seemed to be the oldest. Blaine took a step forward and Kurt shook his head as he looked around, voices like blurs in his mind. He started crying and clung to himself. They were told they were being banned, judge and hated. They were to never see their families again. 

Pushed out of the church, nine boys stood, staring at the doors. Big, heavy doors, blocking their families from them. It was Finn, who shook his head, pounding on the door. “I’M NOT GAY! MY MOTHER NEEDS ME!” He refused to leave the spot. The other boys looked around and fought to control and fins one feeling to focus on. 

“I’ll go get us food. You guys stay in the alley. Hidden.”

That was the first time Kurt took control, Kurt made them listen, Kurt became their mother. He rubbed his nose and closed his eyes. He pulled out the money he had for their church service and walked to a bakery, eyes red and puffy.

He counted on his fingers how many kids there were and looked at his money. “Nine kids need to eat… I have… 3 dollars and 47 cents.”

The woman behind the counter laughed. “That will barely feed one kid!”

A man, much older than Kurt peered over and smiled. “I think it will feed nine and more.” He said and held out a shiny blue card.

The woman frowned. “Sir do you know this boy?”

“No, I don’t. But I do know a biggot when I see one.” He said and looked down at the small boy. “How about I get you some real food down at the market, Mr….?”

“Mr. Kurt Hummel, sir. And that’s alright. I have money.” Sebastian smiled and nodded, pulling out his wallet and slipping two fifties into his hands.

“Never, EVER let anyone make you feel like you can’t be yourself.” Sebastian whispered, brushing Kurt’s hair off his face. “You are worth so much more than that.” Kurt frowned as he was hugged, then watched the male walk out the door.

Kurt looked at the money in his hands and smiled. “I want food for nine kids, Ma'am.” He put the money on the counter as she just stood there in silence.

lakerellie asked:

Would you ever consider writing a MtF!Kurt that is Klaine or Kurtbastian??? Where Katie (Lizzy, Elizabeth, Katherine??) has already come out to him but is now coming out to Burt and is really scared. But Burt is super accepting and comforts her?

I’ve thought about it, but in my head Blaine and Sebastian are just so very gay, I can’t see them being with girl!Kurt.

But maybe.  Maybe Sebastian.

I can totally see Burt being awesome.

In my head girl!Kurt is usually with Puck.

But I’ll see if this plotbunny bears some fruit…

A Short Piece Of Pt. 3 of The Robin Hood Of The North

((I’m still looking for a beta so leave your info in my ask.00

Sebastian walked toward Kurt with an evil glare in his eyes. “You sold me out out.”

“You were going to ruin me!”

“I was not!” Sebastian said pinning the male to the wall and narrowed his eyes, locking his legs around him. Kurt looked him up and down and smiled.

“Are you mad at me?” Kurt asked with a pouted lip and Sebastian slid a hand over his face and smirked, leaning in to kiss him.

“No… But that’s what I’m saying now… After this threesome with Blaine my attitude might change.” He whispered as their lips met. Kurt kissed back before whining.

“Just don’t make fun of me when he calls me pumpkin balls.”

“Oh…. Now I’m going to have fun.” Sebastian smirked wickedly.

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The ask box won't let me include a link but if you go to youtube and look up "The Klaine Box Scene Livestream 5/29/12" You will find it. :D I hope this helped

asdfghjkl omg thank you!!

okay i’ll just download it from there then. thanks a lot for telling me, i’ll draw you a klaine art as soon as i can. x3