laken writes

AU: The plan was to follow in her father’s footsteps. Become involved in the church, stay involved, and make a career out of her religion - something she cared about deeply and was devoted to. But when Claire’s father takes off one night without even saying goodbye, no note, nothing at all… she turns away from the path she’s created for herself and decides to turn to something more comforting, something that isn’t so heavily tied with her father’s life. The moment she picked up the acoustic guitar inside the music store in town, she knew that all she wanted to do was learn to play. 

Nothing was more satisfying than a paintbrush moving against a canvas, not for Krissy. Sure, being with friends brought her some relief from the thoughts of her father (who had passed away only a year ago), but it was never enough. Expressing her depression and anger through her artwork, she started to become more of an introvert. Artistic expression was all she knew, it had become her best friend. Of course, her true best friend was Josephine - someone who never forced her outside. Instead, she’d watch Krissy paint, talking about her latest pieces.

“Come on, it’s just an hour. We’ll go to the coffee house crap and then come right back here and watch some dumb movie with aliens, or whatever.” Well, with a proposal that great, how could Krissy turn Josephine down? She decides to go. After all, she’s finished her latest piece - an abstract work that reminds her of what little she can remember of her mother. She gets dressed into something more comfortable, and not quite paint covered, and follows Josephine out the door.

Claire’s nervous. Yeah, okay, she’s performed up on stage already a few times - but it’s not like she’s super great or anything. Her voice is generally off key, and she still hasn’t learned all of her songs yet. It’s a process! But when she gets up on that small stage and she strums out the first few notes of a John Lennon song, she feels her heart race settle and she just follows the music, letting her hand take the lead against the guitar. 

Krissy feels something jump inside her as she listens to the girl on stage. She recognizes her from school, but she hasn’t actually seen her in school for a while now. The entire time she listens to this girl sing, she feels calm inside. It’s a feeling she hasn’t quite felt before - not even with Josephine. The first thing she does when the song ends and the girl leaves the stage? She gets up and heads over to talk to her. She fumbles over her words at first, but talking to her comes easily once she gets going.

No one has ever come to her after a gig before, and it makes Claire feel good inside. Of course, she recognizes Krissy from school. She’s also aware of how she lost her father - and a piece of her can relate to that, even if her own father just simply left. They talk for a better part of the evening that night, agreeing to see each other again at school. The more they talk, the closer they get. They both cherish their moments together, spending everyday with each other. 

Then, after weeks of this, Krissy finally asks Claire out.

AU: Ava isn’t from New York City, but she’s always wanted to live there. The moment she found out she was going to die, she sold everything she owned and bought a dinky little condo in NYC and moved there. She even got a cat and named him Andy. If she was going to die, she was going to die in the one place she dreamed about being in most. She didn’t want to spend time in hospitals or looking for cures that didn’t exist. That wasn’t the type of person she was. Besides, anyone that mattered in her life was dead now. She was the last living relative of a family of cancer ridden people. She was okay with that, she had accepted it a long time ago.

Bela has been a barista for years now. She’s always dreamed of making it big on broadway, but she just never has the time. Between school and her job, which pays for school and her rent, she never has the time to focus on what she really wants. The only reason she’s even in college to begin with is because of her parents. It’s what they really wanted for her, so she’s doing it for them. 

They first meet when Ava stops by the Starbucks for a coffee. Bela gives her the wrong drink on accident and Ava has to return to get the right order. Bela is super apologetic and Ava finds her quirks adorable. Since there’s no one in line behind her, Ava strikes up a conversation with her. They talk about how many years [Bela] has worked at this location, and how she’s bitter because she isn’t manager yet. Ava talks about how she’s new to the city and could use someone to show her around. Somehow this leads to them exchanging phone numbers and setting a date to meet up.

Every time they meet up, they grow closer and closer. Ava can’t tell if she’s reading the signs right, so she’s just taking their friendship as just that, friendship. But Bela lets Ava know exactly what she wants one night when they’re at a coffee shop (that isn’t Starbucks) by kissing her. It’s soft and gentle, something Ava isn’t used to. After that, they become inseparable. 

One day, Bela stops by Ava’s to surprise her, flowers in hand. She figures a day in bed would be wonderful. But when she opens the door to Ava’s apartment, Ava having supplied her with her own set of keys, she’s greeted with Ava passed out on the floor. She immediately calls for help. Hours go by in the waiting room before someone finally comes out to inform her of what’s going on. Bela’s told that Ava’s condition is bad, that she should have come sooner - which, quite clearly, confuses Bela. 

When Bela is finally able to go in and see Ava, she’s weary, exhausted even. Bela puts on a smile and sits by her bed. They talk about broadway, quietly, and how Bela needs to go after what she wants despite her parents. They talk about how Ava thinks she has a fantastic voice and that the world deserves to hear it. Bela finally gets teary eyed and asks why Ava is talking like she’s dying and that’s when things grow silent.

“Are you?”

Ava can barely look at her. She’s never had to explain it to anyone before - but she does. She tells Bela the truth. That she’s dying and she doesn’t have much longer to live. That her whole family has pretty much died of cancer and she’s the last one standing. How she moved to NYC so she could die in the one place she’d always wanted to be. She just never expected to fall in love in the process. Bela takes her hand once Ava is done explaining and kisses her knuckles. She tells she loves her too, and that she’s not going anywhere. That she’s with her until the end of the line.

“Did you just quote Captain America to me?”