You guys have made this so tough for us to make this decision, but at the same time we were really happy to read about your feelings for these pairings!

In the end, the one who made our hearts beat the most is lakeinyoureyes! Here is an excerpt from JG’s write-up:

Fact is, as much as Haru doesn’t look like he cares, he really, really does. More than anything. He loves Makoto (and this doesn’t have to be romantic love for it to mean something) and he cares about him. You can tell from how he’s trying to smile for him more, how he always takes the hand Makoto offers to him when he doesn’t have to, how he protects Makoto from the scary things (even when Makoto is clearly larger and stronger than he is), and how he just…says “Thank you” for being there for him.

Beautiful! JG, we’ll get in touch with you through your Tumblr inbox so we can send over your Dolphin and Orca necklaces!

Thank you everyone for participating! You make us proud to be in this fandom!

(If you are interested, our Facebook winner’s chosen pair was MakoRei, and she had a beautiful write-up as well!)