my favorite zelda songs:


spirit temple, forest temple, potion shop, zoras doman, kokiri forest, inside the great deku tree, serenade of water, shadow temple


woodfall temple, great bay temple, ikana valley, stone tower, song of healing, kamaro’s dance/rosa sisters, keaton’s quiz, oath to order, 


sealed hyrule castle, forest haven, inside forest haven, the legendary hero, 


Lakebed Temple, Twilight, city in the sky

pretty much listen to these on a weekly basis <3 best tumblr question thus far 

Light Break, by MarkMetternich

Please click ON THE IMAGE to best view it on BLACK. Workshops Post Processing Video Tutorials To be honest I am a little nervous about posting this image being that it is the first image I have ever posted on a non calibrated Macbook on the road. As a color management teacher I have always preached against this, but because I am currently in Patagonia leading workshops, I can not get too picky at the moment! :) This image was taken on my Winter Wonderland Workshop w Ryan Dyar as co leader. Instead of snow in the mountains we got dust storms in the desert! We made the most of it, calling audibles and going with the flow and everyone was happy. All afternoon we were battling 50 mph winds and 0 visibility in a literal dust storm navigating via GPS on the dry lakebed. Suddenly, and for only a few moments we had a calming and a break in the thick dust in the air. The light burst out golden and everyone got their shot! FYI, I have just a few openings left in my 2015 tour schedule including a “Best of the Pacific Northwest” workshop, as well as some in the Great Southwest. If interested, simply click on the links or message me for more info. If I totally botched the image, I apologize. Limitations of a laptop. :) If I do not respond here much, please forgive me. I am doing an expedition in Patagonia and will have very little internet for a while. Feel free to follow me on FACEBOOK if you so choose. Thank you for looking and as always GREAT Light to you! Chasing Monsoon Light in the Great Southwest Tour ”4 Bends in 4 Days“ Tour The Best of the Pacific Northwest Tour (Spring) The Best of the Pacific Northwest Tour (Summer)

A hybrid of a Desert Liazo and a freshwater Aquatic liazo.

Dry-oasis, or Dry lakebed.

This hybrid offspring can handle long periods without water, often times happily hanging around in mud and traveling short distances to find fish, or buy foods from nearby settlements.

Fairly common hybrid found in coastal deserts.


Your voice is needed to protect wild public lands in Nevada!

Lying in the rain shadow of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, western Nevada’s mountain islands and desert seas offer a glimpse into an ancient world. There are soaring forested peaks and searing hot, dry lakebeds; wild lands offering something for all adventure seekers.

Currently, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is deciding how 4.8 million acres in the Carson City region will be managed.  The BLM should be commended for planning to protect a number of wild places, although two outstanding areas have been omitted from its proposal: Petersen Mountain and Monte Cristo North.

We have less than a week to make a difference - take action today!

And then click here to explore Petersen Mountain, a place that “shatters the ‘Nevada misperception.’“

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Ok here's an experiment, try playing Zant's Theme from Twilight Princess, when he's at Lakebed, and play Ring Around The Rosie from Dead Space Together, and Good luck sleeping.

im scrd


      Venturing away from Lakebed Temple was one thing, but venturing away from all of Lake Hylia was very rare for her. The rest of Hyrule was so very new to her. Confusing… She barely knew how to get around.

     At least she SOMEWHAT knew how to get to Castle Town lickety-split… Somewhat.

   Most of the town was unknown to her. All she normally did was walk in, find someone to trick and led them away from town. But curiosity had gotten the better of her. The dark woman had ventured deep; enduring many strange stares and whispers in which she would hiss and bare her razor-sharp teeth in reply –

      – - Meow ! - –
– - Meow! Mew mew, meow! - –

      Pointed ears instantly perked as she heard the onslaught of adorable little meows.
A gasp escaping her as one hand cupped over her mouth.

She exclaimed gleefully before rushing on over, quick to kneel down and pick up a few to snuggle.

      The kittens began to clamber all over her, mewling happily, a few batting at her hair.

   “Meow, meow!”
She imitated their meows as best as she could while laying back, allowing them all to climb all over her.

My first real breath of air smells of pine and woodsmoke.

It comes to me on a cool breeze, mid-afternoon, a sunny day that becomes the kind of staple nice day that every other future nice day of my life will be compared to. I think a part of me knows that this is what it was like Before. Before everything became crowded and bustling and rushed. This is time slowed down, the seconds counted out in the rings of the trees that the makeshift roads were built around. This place looked the same yesterday as it did fifty years ago. It’s a fragment of space, eternally paused, a map drawn from landmarks instead of buildings and roads. And the glee of being here hits me, and it feels like riding a bike without holding onto the handlebars, swimming out to where my feet can’t touch the lakebed, seeing a faun grazing not ten feet in front of me as I walk back from the showers, not scared, not angry, not rushed. It feels like laying on the beach, stretched out on a worn towel, looking up on a clear night at the universe as it presents itself to me, waiting to be graced with the sight of a shooting star, locating the familiar constellations, talking or not talking, my eyes adjusting to a sight that should be more familiar than it is. Now it’s like a reward; if I leave everything that forged my impatience behind, the stars will teach me how to let the waiting moment surround me. And it doesn’t feel like waiting. I think that’s the secret. I am henceforth taught the art of genuine connection.

On the cliffside, stories are told through pictures painted in pigments, by a hand whose mouth spoke a language I could never hope to decipher, and yet the tales of good and bad and everything in between still stand out stark red against the stone walls, faded but not gone. Fifty yards due North, Old Walt watches over kayaks and canoes as they drift along, claiming to know the amplitude of time, and it seems like it might be possible, on days like this. Soon after, a loon calls for the sun to set, and the rock is set alight by the burnt orange of the sun. This is what my father calls the golden hour, and I savour it. Later, after a good meal, contentment folds me in a warm blanket, the firelight reflecting off my face and the faces of the people I love, softly singing songs off by heart that my mother and father sang when they were my age. We wake up to the sounds of birds twittering and chipmunks scavenging. My mother doesn’t wear her watch here. Alarm clocks are not in the vocabulary of here. We eat when we’re hungry, sleep when we’re tired, and only make plans with words like ‘morning,’ ‘afternoon,’ and ‘night’; all things made apparent by where the sun sits in the sky. We drink real coffee, brewed from the bean, because we finally have enough time to skip the instant stuff. Sometimes I kayak early in the morning, and the water has not yet woken up, is incomprehensibly still for something so intrinsically fluid, a mirror of the clouds in the sky. Small birds hurtle toward it only to lift up at the last possible second, thrilled to be alive in such a world. And so am I; I ache to trail my fingers along the side of the boat, leave a wake behind me, something to mark my existence here, even if only for a moment.


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2, 7 and 23 ^^

2. What battle was the most fun?

Don’t ask me why, but I really liked the part when you have to protect Zelda from Malladus when she attempts to summon the power within her. (I did it many times because I love the theme tbh)

7. Hardest temple/ Easiest Temple?

Lakebed Temple in TP. I hate it. (but I love the boss tho)

And for the easiest one ? Eeeh I don’t know… Let’s say the Tail Cave in Link’s Awakening ?

23. Favourite item to use ?

The bow ! I’m Hyrule’s best archer ! Can shoot keeses from miles away ! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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*pushes you into a lake*

Random Actions-Edition {Action Starters} 

      It was not rare to find her at Lake Hylia.
After all, she lived in Lakebed Temple. And she’d never wish to live anywhere else.

      Daylight wasn’t exactly her favorite time of day. The harsh light emitting from the sun always did bug the dark woman. But she did, however, love getting some fresh air. Heck getting out of the temple also allowed her to see if there were any victims about that she could lure on in.

      But alas; no one.
Aside from those old guys that ran that canon thingie majig. But they would be so BORING to kill. So old, wrinkly and – - SPLASH! - –

Flailing a bit from the shock of suddenly being in the water, Dark took a moment to regain her composure. Soon enough, she was out of the water, on all fours and shaking herself free of the water much like a wolf would do. I wonder why

     Lips pulled up into a snarl as her gaze slowly went upwards, taking in every inch of the Hero before her.

Have a, death wish?”
She scowled out, death glare glued onto him.

I love Zelda games to death and I wouldn’t trade them for the world but I really wish Nintendo would stop thinking that Hero Mode is enough of a challenge in the later games.

I understand the want for harder enemies and such and I like that, and I have no problem with it, but the main challenge in Zelda doesn’t come from combat (besides maybe the occasional boss like Gyorg/3D Twinmold), it comes mostly from puzzles and dungeons.

If Nintendo really wants to add more challenge and replay valure to Zelda, I say make more Master Quests. I’d replay Wind Waker/LBW/Skyward Sword if they replaced Hero Mode with a Master Quest mode. Make the puzzles and dungeons harder, and if you want to go further then combine it with Hero Mode.

Come on, Nintendo, make it so. I want Majora’s Mask 3D: Master Quest. I want the Lakebed Temple to break my hands off.

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tell me what ur fave fic youve ever read and ever written was any fandoms at all even ur oldschool ones go

my all time favorite fic is from rise of the guardians fandom “Lie Down in Your Lakebed” about Jamie Bennett growing up to be a manipulative and dark character 

currently I really like this fanfic series of Inquisitor Carver who is (was?) a templar and how loyal he was to Justinia and he gets angry at the mother who called her “Naive” like how dare she thinks that old bird was incompetent?!

(because I have a weakness for underrated side characters they are the protagonists of my heart)

as for fanfic my most successful one was a 4-way crossover between ROTG/HTTYD/Brave/Tangled but I deleted it cause of so many people wanting my notp to become a thing there. It was fun while it lasted.

Right now I have a writer’s block of sort or maybe I’m just lazy but I am working on a crossover between Blue Exorcist and Harry Potter where Cedric becomes a demon after the current Satan finds his soul.

punches myself I also wants to write a thing where Templar Carver joins Inquisition and has a crush on my Dalish Inquisitor who gets how hard it is to overcome their brother’s shadow EXCEPT HE KEEPS BEING TREATED LIKE A LITTLE BROTHER INSTEAD OF A LOVE INTEREST

basically Carver as part of the inner circle NEED

NASA Tests LEAPtech

MOAR PROPS! As Jebediah Kermin would say.

NASA strapped 18 electric driven propellers to a wing, strapped the wing to a truck and ran the truck across the Rogers Dry Lakebed to gain science.

The idea isn’t new, but wasn’t possible until recently. Get rid of the giant propeller that would typically pull a small aircraft along, and replace it with a bunch of tiny props along the leading edge of the wing. Using electric motors, you’d enable greater control, cut down on the decibel levels, and be able to use sweet renewable energy.

Why props along the leading edge? It makes sense, really. The props create additional air velocity along the wing, basically, free additional lift. Not only that, but each prop can spin independently, offering more fine-tuned control.

The truck made two runs today. 40mph into a headwind, and 65mph with a tailwind. The team gathered valuable data. In 2017, an aircraft will be outfitted with a similar wing for in-flight testing.