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I had no idea you lived in Canada! Do you mind me asking what province? (I'm curious as I am Canadian too and love other Canadian dorks). Also, I adore your kitty designs! They're too cute, and the passion you have shows in your work. Have you ever considered doing a LittleKuriboh cat? Lol it might be funny! Thanks, and have a great day!

Thank you! I can be located in the tall grass between the mountains and the plains of Alberta.

you know, I actually don’t know diddly squat about LittleKuriboh aside from watching the YGOTAS episodes and Leather Pants. what does this person even look like. are they a person or are they just a cryptid, like a Kuriboh hovering in front of a laptop somewhere in a far corner of the shadow realm. is this person even real or are they some sort of mythical internet creature from 2008.

I’m just going to go off of what I think I saw as their icon 10,000 years ago??

I think they have a hat with some yellow trim or something??? anyway i gave up trying to remember and now it says butts. this is terrible. good thing they’re never going to see this.

me: wow i do really love drawing me. it’s fun to draw myself doing silly things or posing in dramatic, edgy portraits or interacting with friends or other artists. i love my face. fantastic.

also me: i hope me drawing myself with reckless abandon will encourage other artists to do more self portraits because sometimes self portraits can be really liberating and therapeutic. go ahead. draw yourself. it doesn’t even have to be accurate to life. draw yourself with furry dog ears and a tail if you want. doodle shameless self-inserts of yourself hanging out with your favorite fictional characters. celebrate yourself. live a little.

alzabar  asked:

Is Jounouchi cat scared of himself if he's dressed like a dog?

I think he embraces the costume and enjoys it, even if he vigorously denies it in front of other cats. [who knows, maybe he’s just embarrassed about it because he wants to give off the vibe of a Tough Guy and doesn’t want anyone else to know he actually likes dogs]


Emit: Hey, I’m someone who broke the record for a number of appearances in watcher’s projects. She’s just fond of this stuff, you know. Anyway… You’re lucky today, Tobias Fletcher. I travel through multiple universes and today I ended up in yours because you managed to open a time portal, so… of course I’m aware I shouldn’t trust you with time almanac, but I’m forced to hand it to you. Use it wisely.

Tobias: … so… I’m now able to travel to the future? It’s… I’m so honoured! The worst summer might turn into the best summer!

Nate and Wendy: TOBIAS NO

Tobias: Tobias yes. I’m going to the future tomorrow morning and nothing can stop me.