more tobes n jim things (part two)

part one 

  • learning morse code with flashlights to communicate between houses when the walkie talkie batteries die
  • the most obscure bets ever
    -“hey betcha i can touch that sign”
    “you’re on”
    whispers “for the glory-”
  • matching halloween costumes
  • an entire weekend when jims mum had to go for a trip when he was about eleven, he and tobes had a full gaming plan, with literally playing games all day and into the middle of the night for three days straight
  • secret handshakes
  • they ALMOST carved their initials into a tree, until they realized that it might get them caught and just scratched in ‘TJ’ and booked it back 
  •  “you are a literal tree you know”
  • going every other saturday to each other’s house to binge on the newest comics/cartoons
  • “wow. my cat really likes you. like- it’s stuck to your leg isn’t it”
  • discovering avatar the last airbender
    -they can totally do katara and aangs dance don’t lie
    -secret password for several weeks: “cACTUS JUICE!! ITLL QUENCH YA!”
  • nose boops
  • once they took a shopping cart to a hilltop and rode it down
    -each had a broken limb for a few months 
  • movie marathons with each other
  • star trek vs star wars
  • they each made little necklaces (in a boy scouts thing or something like that) with their initials on them on a blocky piece, in which they traded them to ‘seal their friendship’
    and still have them to this day
  • tobes inheriting the giant playhouse and ultimately both making it into an action figures playhouse
  • jim teaching tobes how to make really easy cookies like snickerdoodles
  • “die potato” slices potato
    -“jim what the heck”
  • “jim why’re you making pudding at four am”
    -“because i’ve lost control of my life tobes”
  • jim: gets a cut on his hand “ouch-!”
    -tobes: “i got this” puts jims hand on his head “flower gleam and glow let your power shine” 
  •  whoever falls asleep at their sleepovers first falls victim to hair braids
    -usually they end up the next day with wavy kinky hair and one or two still stuck in there
    -tobes has only lost this twice 
  • really clever swear coverups
    -“sON OF A-”
  • jim may be a great real life chef but virtual is where he flops
    -tobes finds this ridiculously hilarious 
  • they literally have so much blackmail on each other it’s not even funny
    -"tobes i swear-!”
    christmas party. 2006.”
  • the sweet balance of red slushie blue slushie 
  • they can probably swindle themselves into a club if they really tried

In other news I was inspired by the heatherswap to do some trollhunters roleswap as well but its also a species swap ;))

Troll versions of Claire, Toby, and Jim plus human Arrrggh, Blinky (his canon design because I have a great love for it) and Draal (whos the trollhunter in this)

Jim is also half-changeling because i also have a great love for jim being part changeling in general and his father was a changeling trollhunter (switched roles with Kanjigar) I havent worked out the entire thing yet buT-

Im excited :D

Super-mega-love to Blinky as leader of Team Dad. Argh is best-wingman/kind brother figure.
Just, ugh, the relationships are so…unbelievably well-written!

Like, moments between Toby and Jim are moments I could see happening between me and my best friend.

And that thing between Draal and Nomura that happened before the series timeline? You KNOW that was some-part rebellious teenage Draal begging for any kind of attention from his father by any means necessary.

Claire and her friend dynamics are really realistic. No joke. I have a friend like Wendy that when the topic of conversation is outside of boys she’s super fun and supportive.

Vendel, he’s like that…super traditional Grandfather who’s never really supported his son’s decisions but slowly warms up to them. At least towards Blinky at times.

I dunno, call me crazy but I’m a sucker for the little things.

HTTYD and Trollhunters crossover: Mixed Worlds Chapter 2


               I am so surprised by the feedback I got on this! 15 followers, reviews, and asks for more on tumblr. I mean, WOW! I hadn’t expected this story to get as many as 10 followers, seeing as how it is a crossover and those are never very popular.

               But seeing as how you all seemed to enjoy the first chapter, I thought I’d be nice and update sooner then what I originally planned! :D

               Jim gulped as the blue dragon dropped to the ground. Well- he assumed it was a dragon- seeing as how they seemed to be back in the time of dragons- but this one looked quite a bit different from Toothless, instead being a sky-blue color with two legs, being taller, bulkier, having a beak like snout and lots of spikes surround its head.

               But what made Jim do a double take was that there was a rider on this new dragon’s back. I mean, he could understand why Hiccup rode Toothless- he didn’t really have a choice given to the broken tailfin. Then again, it really shouldn’t’ve surprised Jim as much as it did that there was another dragon rider. It did seem like a very effective way to travel.

               The rider jumped down, and it was only then that Jim realized it was a female. He was about to step forward and introduce himself, but then her eyes caught his, and they narrowed harshly before she grabbed a HUGE, very sharp looking battle axe from the back of her dragon, holding it loosely in one hand, but looking, oh, so threatening.

               Jim gave a nervous laugh and took an involuntary step backwards, gulping when he realized that this blond could probably swipe his head right off in one quick swift movement, and he wouldn’t even see it coming. He backed into Claire, who by know was once again holding that stick, looking equally as fierce, but just not as… intimidating. A stick against a battle axe? Not much of a fight.

               “Uh… Astrid.” Hiccup said with a nervous chuckle. “You can- uh- put the axe away.”

               She glanced over at him, her eyes warming a bit as he said the words. She glanced back at Jim and the others, Toby huddling close to Claire’s side while hiding behind his paper bag.

               “But- you sent a distress signal-“

               “Toothless’s tailfin is broken.” Hiccup explained, waving a hand towards the black dragon; who by know was running about playfully with the other dragon, both chasing that same old butterfly.

               Astrid glanced back between Hiccup and the strangers, before nodding and lowering her axe. Jim breathed a sigh of relief, although he kept an eye on her, seeing as how she still had a hold on that axe. And she looked like she could still do some serious damage, even with only one finger on a weapon.

               Hiccup grabbed the blonds hand, pulling her towards Jim. They stopped before them, the two still holding hands, Astrid gripping her axe tightly in her free hand.

               “Jim, Claire, Toby, this is Astrid.” Hiccup introduced, looking fondly at the girl.

               Jim gave another nervous smile, laughing uncomfortably. “Uh- hey. I’m Jim.”

               Claire glared at the blond, shifting the stick in her hands. “Claire.”

               Toby peaked around the two, “I’m Tobias, but most call me Toby.”

               Astrid nodded to each of them, her eyes warming up to them- but only slightly. “So, who are you?” she asked. “Dragon hunters?”

               Again, Jim was confused. Dragon hunters? Were those similar to a Troll Hunter? And if so, why were these two so hostile towards them?

               “No.” Toby shook his head. “We’re Tr-“

               “Trying to find our way home!” Jim hurried to finish, giving Toby a warning look. He wasn’t certain they could trust these people with their secret. Trollhunters? Wouldn’t that sound rather suspicious?

               “So, you’re lost.” Astrid deduced, tossing her axe in the air and deftly catching it again, looking relaxed and calm- almost friendly. But the guarded look she wore denied that.

               “Um- yes.”

               Hiccup cleared his throat. “Yeah, about that, Astrid…”

               Astrid turned to look at him, her gaze unwavering as she silently told him to finish.

               Hiccup smiled nervously. “Uh, so… they’re actually kinda… they’re from the future.” He finished quickly. “They didn’t even know dragons existed until now. And I believe them, because they seemed beyond scared when Toothless found them. Besides, look at their cloths! And- and they have this weird… thing… that allows you to talk to someone from long distances.”

               Astrid looked puzzled, and she turned back to Jim and Claire. “Really? You’re from the future? How is that even possible?”

               Jim rolled his eyes and rubbed his neck, “Well, Blinky and all of us were in the Troll car, traveling back to another Troll Market, and somehow, he goofed up the travel system.”

               Claire waved her stick. “And also, if you try to hurt any of us.” Her eyes traveled over her friends.

               “I won’t.” Astrid replied, equally as firm. “Unless you threaten my friends or our dragons.”

               “So wait.” Jim interrupted the girl’s fight, “There’s more than just you two?”

               Hiccup nodded. “Yes. I mean, here there’s just me, Astrid, Snotlout, Fishlegs, Tuffnut, and Ruffnut. But back on Berk, lots of people ride dragons. And Berserker Island, and even some on Outcast Island.”            

               Jim blinked in disbelief. “Wow, so… there are a lot of dragon riders.”

               Hiccup grinned. “Not too many. I can name all the ones who do, since it is rather difficult to allow a dragon to let you ride them.”

               Silence fell heavily and Jim’s eyes flitted from place to place, trying to find something to say. Claire stepped away from him, going to toss her stick in the woods before walking back, clapping her hands together to get rid of dust.

               “So…” Toby said casually. “Can we see your base?”

               Hiccup was already walking over to the dragons, stopping at Astrid’s to search through her saddle bags. “Yes.” Hiccup whispered happily as he pulled out a thing medal bar. “Toothless!” he called out, moving closer to the black dragon.

               While Hiccup was fixing the tailfin, Jim slipped his hand into his pants pocket, wrapping his fingers around the amulet to make sure it was still there. With all this crazy time-travel stuff, he wasn’t certain if it would stick with him. But, it was still there, and if it lasted this long, hopefully it would stay for the time they were in the time of dragons.

               “There.” Hiccup stated, stepping back and patting Toothless’s head happily. “Ready for the sky again, bud!”

               Astrid smiled at the two softly, making Jim assume that there was something between the boy and girl, which made him smirk to himself as well. Romance in the dragon age. Sounded like some fictional tv show you’d see on Netflix.

               “Ready?” Hiccup asked, turning to look back at Jim and his friends. Jim smiled nervously and nodded.

               “Um- yeah, I guess. But there’s three of us, and only two dragons…”

               Hiccup shrugged. “Don’t worry about it. Toothless can take two of you. Maybe Claire and you, and Toby can ride with Astrid.”

               Claire looked doubtful as she looked the smaller black dragon up and down.

               Hiccup laughed. “Seriously, my Dad- a 400 pound Viking- has ridden Toothless with me on him. He’ll be fine, especially for such a short flight.”

               Jim hesitated a moment longer before stepping forward and climbing up behind the saddle, his legs dangling in front of Toothless’s folded wings. Claire came next, climbing up behind him, her arms wrapping tightly around his waist, making his heart flutter oddly. It was still strange having her touch him.

               Hiccup was just about to climb on as well, but a little grunt from behind made him hesitate. Jim looked to where he glanced at, letting out a snort of laughter when he noticed that Astrid was struggling to help Toby aboard her dragon.

               “Er, here.” Hiccup offered, giving Toby’s behind a shove up towards Astrid. Toby practically rolled onto the dragon, coming to a stop when he flipped over onto his back.

               “I’m good!” he called out, lifting a hand in the air.

               “Okay.” Hiccup said, jumping up into the saddle, locking his feet/medal prosthetic into the pedals. “Ready to go?” He called behind him.

               Jim nodded and hung onto the saddle tightly while Claire tightened her arms around his stomach and buried her face into his shoulder. Toothless gave a little coo before jumping into the air, and they were flying.

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I don’t mind a little romance in every other show, movie and/or book, but honestly, story that focuses more on friendship than romance are the ones. I don’t mean the ones that teach us about friendship and shit like that- yea it’s good, but it’s not the one I mean- I mean those where it starts off as two or more friends hanging out and just being the best of friends and all, they do have love interests, they have awesome adventures fighting monsters or other bad guys, but, like, you still see the bond between the friends. Do you know what I’m talking about. I mean the storyline does not fall astray because of love interests.

Like, teen wolf- yea the shipping is crazy there, mad love interests throughout all the seasons, but when you think about it, it’s about Scott and Stiles. Not Scott and Allison, not Stiles and Malia, not Scott and Kira, not Stiles and Lydia, not Scott and Malia, not Jason and Lydia, not Liam and Hayden, not Mason and Corey, not Danny and Ethan, it’s about SCOTT AND STILES.  Yes, the other characters are very important and have had a pivotal role in the series, it still focuses on their friendship.

Trollhunters; Jim and Toby started out the whole thing and then there’s Claire and yea it’s super cute and shit but in the end it’s about Jim and Toby.

It’s sad though, ‘cause there aren’t many with friendship between girls, that isn’t Disney. There’s always a dude and that love story becomes the center of it and frankly, I’d like to see a good series that promotes girl love. Friendship between the girls, without the cliche bitchiness and backbiting and the fallout-because-of-a-misunderstanding. 

I’ve heard of bromance, but what is the friendship between the girls called? 


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For part of last week my boyfriend and I headed out to central Pennsylvania for a mini-vacation. It was nice to unwind a little, and while we were out there we got to check out a few cool local attractions. First was Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland, and then we headed to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park. I am a sucker for any sort of place that allows me to take cool animal/reptile photos, so I was in heaven.