Somewhere in Hiding, by Pcoskun

I recently returned from a fantastic trip floating around Lake Powell. It was amazing to see some of the side canyons, and to find scenes that allowed me to be more creative. As grand and vast as this lake is, I was far more interested in the abstract and more intimate scenes I found, but don’t let that fool you, I was still treated to spectacular sunrises and sunsets over seldom visited locations. This was surely one of the highlights of the trip though. As our boat pulled up to this massive alcove, I knew just what was ahead. Our group ventured into the dark opening and found ourselves against the wall looking back from where we had just came from. The size of this place was unreal, and the only way to gain any sense of scale was to send some models up to the top of the dune within the alcove and pose against the glowing sandstone roof. As stunning and beautiful as this scene is, I was struggling to enjoy the location after seeing name after name carved or scraped onto the canyon walls. It clearly sees it’s visitors, but it was a shame that such a beautiful place was tarnished by such foolish and disrespectful visitors before us.


Sunset view over Lake Powell

Stretching for hundreds of miles from Arizona to Utah, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area encompasses scenic vistas, geologic wonders and a vast panorama of human history. With 1.2 million acres of golden cliffs, lush hanging gardens, impossibly narrow slot canyons and the brilliant blue waters of Lake Powell, it’s definitely worth the visit. Katherine Hawkins captured this beautiful pic of Lake Powell from Alstom Point at sunrise. Photo from