75-Year-Old Goes On Hunger Strike To Protest Saskatchewan Oil Spill
He's gone days without food.

A First Nations activist is on a hunger strike to protest how the oil spill on the North Saskatchewan River was handled by officials.

Emil Bell is a 75-year-old Canoe Lake Cree First Nation member who is hoping to protect his community’s water supply for generations to come.

In late July, over 200,000 litres of crude oil and other contaminants leaked into the river near Maidstone, Sask. from a Husky Energy pipeline.

About 62,000 people were affected by the spill, as the cities of North Battleford, Prince Albert, and Melfort were forced to shut down their water supply.

Husky employees did not arrive on the site to begin clean up until the day after anomalies in the pipeline were discovered. The government has said the drinking water supply could be unsafe for months.

Bell, , said he hopes his hunger strike draws attention to the issue, prompting the public will step up and demand more accountability.

“We all need water. We need to get together and fight for it. It is a sacred gift,” Bell told the Saskatoon Star Phoenix.

It’s not the first time Bell has made headlines for his activism. In 2014, the then 73-year-old walked 400 kilometres to push for an inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women.

In 2012, he went on a hunger strike again to support of Idle No More, according to CBC News.
Thousands of strange blue lakes are appearing in Antarctica, and it’s very bad news
Uh oh.
By Bec Crew

Scientists have confirmed that thousands of pristine blue lakes have appeared on the ice sheets of East Antarctica, and it’s got them very worried.

The problem? They’ve seen this kind of thing happen before. Greenland’s ice sheet has been disintegrating rapidly, losing a whopping 1 trillion tonnes of ice between 2011 and 2014, and research suggests it’s because of these lakes.

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Police arrest suspect in deaths of Whitefish Lake First Nation teens
Dylan Laboucan, 17, and Cory Grey, 19, were found shot to death on northern Alberta reserve in July

A suspect has been arrested in connection with the shooting deaths of a teen couple on the Whitefish Lake First Nation reserve in northern Alberta, RCMP say.

Police did not give any details about the identity of the person in custody or say anything about charges.

High school sweethearts Dylan Laboucan, 17, and Cory Grey, 19, were weeks away from moving away to attend college when they went missing at the end of July from the trailer where they lived with his parents.

Days later, their bullet-riddled bodies were found, his on one well-site and hers on another a few kilometres away:

Gunshots ended love story for ‘inseparable’ Alberta First Nations teens

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James Ivory: Returning to his roots
LAKE OF THE WOODS — If James Ivory ever needs the perfect setting for a film about life in the years before World War II, he need look no further. By Lee Juillerat, Herald and News (Klamath Falls), 21 August 2016
By Holly Owens

@missanthropicprinciple said: ‘Wait, Ivory has a cabin in Oregon? Hahaha’

Yes, since childhood! And, coincidentally, his local newspaper dropped by a few days ago… ^^ :)))

The cabin also gets a mention in the New York Timeslovely (and beautifully photographed) longer interview with Ivory last Sep 2015:

‘He spends each August at a 650-square-foot Oregon cabin his parents bought when he was a boy, much of it on the porch with a gin-and-tonic and friends from high school. Descended from a long line of lace-curtain Irish and Louisiana-French ancestors, he isn’t the sort to bestow his love indiscriminately … But when he gives himself to a person or a thing or a place, he’s in. Forever.’ [x]


The Black Wizards release “Lake of Fire” on vinyl

Every wax lover was surely waiting for this moment, the long-awaited release of “Lake of Fire” on vinyl. After being featured on several best of the year lists, the debut full-length of the Portuguese Wizards has now been released on a limited edition of 500 exemplars,  available in traditional black (300) and splatter with etched feature (200). You know what you have to do now, just head over to The Black Wizardsbandcamp and order yourself a nice LP of heavy fuzzadelic before they are all gone. 


Earlier this year we were interviewed by a local Magazine and during the interview process our article was chosen to be the featured article for the upcoming issue! On top of that, they gave us the honor of creating the cover of the magazine for that issue. It was the first time the magazine cover was100% drawn. For anyone who wants to read the write-up, here is the link-

Done for Lake Mary Life Magazine’s March/April 2016 Issue

February 2016

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