Aries: Rain - Forever fluctuating in its intensity and purpose, sometimes it will weep for months, or cry tears of joy only for a few seconds. One day it’ll pound on your head, the next it’ll be as if tiny droplets are stroking your cheeks

Taurus: Clouds - A bewildering paradox, floating freely in the sky despite weighing millions of pounds. Sometimes they cry, but most of the time it just meanders, indulging in the luxuries which come with desparate carelessness

Gemini: Lakes - Often illustrated by the rumors and legends which both harrass and caress them. Only by seeing it for yourself are you able to understand and appreciate its beauty, its quirks, its depth

Cancer: Tears - Not the kind that flow out like a downpour, the subtle ones. The ones that only escape your eyes because you feel such an immense sense of emptiness that sadness seems to be the only thing that feels real

Leo: Snowfall - Inviting, chilling, and its beauty eternal. Pretty as it may be, the weight it carries is infinitely more than one can comprehend at first glance

Virgo: Ocean Waves - A sense of music can almost be perceived from the rhythm of their pulses. It pulls you in only to push you back out, and offers a new mystery just when you thought you’ve figured it all out

Libra: Coursing Rivers - The same water that both gives life and takes it, the water that’s strong enough to erode rocks yet gentle enough for fish to thrive in

Scorpio: Trenches - Nothing without its secrets, the sense of mystery which it resonates is a quality which frightens but also excites.

Sagittarius: Hurricanes - Intimidating, awesome, and a with a reputation which precedes them wherever they may go. Perhaps they don’t mean to hurt those around them, or perhaps those around them were simply not strong enough

Capricorn: Snowflakes - Though created in the face of cold adversity, their beauty can only be met by their fragility. Perhaps they keep cold, so they won’t break when they crash into their own emotions

Aquarius: Dew Drops - Relaxing upon the tips of blades of grass, like a little child
standing on the roof of a tall, green edifice. The world is theirs to dream about, and perhaps one day theirs to explore

Pisces: Puddles - Bodies that become mirrors of the sky, reflecting the vast blue expanse above it. Their gentleness never allows them to remain for too long, and leave as the sun invites them to the sky again