Sunset over Palm Beach Gardens at Lake Catherine in Palm Beach County                                                   (Florida) by CaptainKimo

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If there was ever a movie version of SPAMALOT (Monty Python and the Holy Grail –> Spamalot –> Spamalot The Musical Movie), this is the cast that I would want to see


Kenneth Branagh

KING ARTHUR                                                                

Benedict Cumberbatch


Martin Freeman

THE LADY OF THE LAKE                                          

Catherine Zeta-Jones

SIR ROBIN                                                                         

Simon Pegg

SIR LANCELOT                                                                               

Matt Smith

DENNIS / SIR GALAHAD                                              

Tom Hiddleston

SIR BEDEVERE                                                                               

Nick Offerman


Jeremy Irons

NOT DEAD FRED                                                            

Peter Capaldi

TIM THE ENCHANTER                                                

David Tennant

PRINCE HERBERT                                                        

Anton Yelchin

PRINCE HERBT’S FATHER                                        

Billy Connolly

DENNIS’ MOTHER                                                         

Craig Ferguson

SIR ROBIN’S LEAD MINSTREL                                

Arthur Darvill

THE BLACK KNIGHT                                                   

Chris Hemsworth

FRENCH TAUNTER                                                       

Johnny Depp

FRENCH GUARD # 2                                                      

Gilles Marini

FRENCH GUARD # 3                                                      

Jean Dujardin