lake vallecito

IM HAVING A FUCKING STROEK IVE PROBABLY TOLD YOU THE STORY OF DYLAN FUCKINN REDWINE BUT I’m FUCKING I CANT BEKIEV ITS IN THE TOP NEWS STORIES RIGHT NOW. In 7th grade this kid Dylan was in my class he was super funny and cute and always fucked around in gym class to make everyone laugh and was in my social studies class and he disappeared 1 mile from my house while he was visiting his dad and a huge nationwide thing happened and they searched for months for him and drained part of vallecito lake and shit and they found like 10% of his remains after like a full year like 2 miles in the woods from my house and couldn’t find anything else and his dad and his mom have been going head to head like national television they were on fucking dr Phil and shit and everyone thought it was his dad and he was just arrested fucking today in connection to Dylan’s death I’m losing my mind like ofc I’ve seen all my hayfield Facebook friends talking about it but I just went to check the news and it’s fucjing on the top news stories. God. I knew him and liked him and he disappeared and died a mile from my house. When we were 13.