lake superior circle tour

secret journ(ey/al)


Hello. Things are happening. I am sitting on the shore of Lake Superior at Gooseberry Falls State Park in MN. It is incredibly peaceful. It’s Day 1 of my tour around this lake, and I’ve taken some time to wonder about her. How I can be more like her. Calm and controlled, wild and unpredictable. Beautiful, pure, healing, strong. I want to be all of those things. I want someone to come to me for clarity and comfort, and I want to find those things in someone else.


I am very much alone. Except for the mosquitos (they are hungry and relentless). Finlay Bay at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park in Ontario, CANADA! Was nervous it wouldn’t work out because I am without my passport, but I made it. It was difficult interacting with people/functioning in the city today. I was flustered and overwhelmed, ready to escape. So now I’m here. Only sounds are the waves, the birds, and the airplanes. Was supposed to camp on a tiny inland lake, but that’s not why I’m here. I’m here for Superior. I’m here for me. I hiked 4.8km in thick woods to find this spot. Why am I so afraid? This is what I wanted all along. No phone service, no other people around. Truly alone.

Today I challenged myself and I was rewarded with solitude. 

                                       (this is a soundscape)


Today I feel small. Small like when I look up at the sky and remember that I am a speck. I fell asleep gripping hand warmers and assuring myself that the lake would keep me safe. I don’t know I why I felt so scared and claustrophobic last night, but I let those emotions pass through me and I am stronger today. 

Today was the best. Woke up at 6:30. Packed up, hiked back, practice violin in the parking lot, hit the road. Took a wrong turn at Lake Helen, hopped a fence on a cliff directly north of MQT, and stopped at Pebble Beach in Marathon, Ontario. Woah. I can’t even describe the beauty I’ve seen. No words, no photo, no song could ever capture it. Canada takes good care of itself.

I’m at Lake Superior Provincial Park. The best spot yet. I’m swaying in my hammock watching the sun go down on the beach, thinking. Can’t believe I almost passed this up just to clock a few more hours on the road. 

Home tomorrow. I’m proud of myself.


Took my time coming home. Napped on the beach in Grand Marais. Jumped in the lake and gave thanks to her in Munising. Stayed up all night and watched the sun come up from my favorite spot. Superior is gorgeous and breathtaking from every edge and angle. I’m grateful to have shared these past few days with her.

I’ve learned to trust my gut. Things are working out.