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Go Fish (One-Shot)

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45. “You look pretty hot in plaid.” + Jongdae

(smut-ish warning)

‘Yah! Wake up!’ You heard a voice yelling from the other side of your bedroom door.

You groaned and rolled over to check the time on your phone. 5:30 a.m.

Not only was it an ungodly hour to be waking you, Jongdae had already left several voicemails and text messages, all warning you that he was on his way and that you should be ready to go.

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Soulmate AUs are typically things where two people know they're soul mates by some fantastical sign when they meet, like being color blind and suddenly seeing in color or they're born with their soulmate's name on their wrist to help them find their lover, just so you know. :) Could be anything sorta like that.

Ohh… I like the ‘eyes’ idea.

How about this! If you meet your soulmate…

Your black eyes…

Gain color?

So in other-words, Amy and Sonic’s eyes are different shades of green, right?

But in Classic era, all eyes were black!

But in Adventure, they were given the design of their green eye color!

So, if you meet your soulmate, both your eyes turn the same color, but one is a darker shade and the other lighter.

This could be fun xD (it kinda works too… cause like, Tails and Zooey both have blue eyes, and Zooey’s are lighter than his, too. So… it could work! lol)


Sonic continued to run through great plains and over chains and zones until finally making it through most of little planet.

However, what he didn’t prepare himself for was when he heard a faint sound from behind him….

Turning around, the second his eyes saw a faint pink, they shifted without his knowing…


Amy stared at the man she knew was to be her destiny. Her heart fluttered with uncontrollable joy!

When she saw his eyes shift, that beating suddenly stilled as the surreal moment became more real.

Her hero… was her soulmate too?

Sonic saw the glint of color in her eyes, and figured that she must have already been in contact with her soulmate beforehand.


He kinda thought to himself, after she had run up to introduce herself, and state how much she loved hearing about his adventures; wanting to meet him in person and thank him for helping so many unfortunate flickies.

She was apparently friends with a lot of them.

He wasn’t used to seeing color in someone’s eyes.

What a beautiful shade of green…

She was cute, but her clingy nature made him a little glad she was already spoken for, and quickly shook the feeling off as nothing more than surprise at a pretty face.

Amy was taken away from her love! Swept up in a blurry of dust and grass as windmill flowers twirled in horror at the gust of ominous wind that came from Metal Sonic’s capture of her.

She saw him running after her, and noticed that those once awe-inspiring pale green eyes shone with so much intensity at running after her.

This passion… could he have fallen for her the second she did as well?

She was always told that her soulmate’s eyes would match hers that would come, and that in that instant, no other living thing would be as beautiful as her mate’s eyes…

Seeing how much focus he gave her eyes… she wondered if he knew they were meant for each other as well~

Saving her was a bit of a pain.

If she wasn’t already taken, he might have actually flirted a bit, but instead just tried to ‘politely as he could’ push her away and not answer her repeated requests for a marriage.

What was wrong with her?

Didn’t she know about her eye change?

He headed home after meeting with the strange girl, and went to bed to rest.

His dreams were full of her, a strange longing to look within her eyes again… he’d never seen a girl before, and he almost pitied himself that the first girl he ever saw had already found a soulmate.

He would have been perfectly fine with her eyes being black.

Then they could have been friends.

He could have kept her… in an odd sense of the word.

His fist clenched a little in his sleep…

His muzzle nuzzled the pillow slightly as his eyes squinted before relaxing more.

In his dream, her vision and face was there. Standing apart from him where they first laid eyes on each other.

Her strange allure brought his vision directly to her emerald green eyes, and suddenly pulled him into a galaxy full of stars within the still remaining blackness of them.

He wondered why he was thinking about her so much.. he just hoped she was okay. Her real ‘hero’ fella taking better care of her.

He couldn’t picture the dude who would hold her, or who would even match her in a complimenting way.

For some reason, his dream was highly against forming an image… he just wanted to study her. The whole dream was basically her. Just floating around her, her image, her eyes… especially her eyes.

But her smile also moved him.. something wanted to be closer but felt awkward to do so.

That morning, Sonic washed his face in a lake, being solitude as he usually was, before seeing something odd in the sky.


He looked up, but saw nothing.

His eyes raised a bit, before looking back down.

He gasped!

Jumping away in a bit of terror, he realized that the green glow…

Was his eyes!

He quickly rushed back to the water’s edge, widening his eyes by pulling them far out and staring as close as he could to the water…

They were….

Bright Green…

Who did he see with darker green eyes…?

He was always told that when you find your soulmate, you keep a careful ‘eye’ on her.

This was because you could see your soulmate at the corner of your eye, have your eyes shift, and never ever find her again.

It had happened to a farmer friend of his, who sighed longingly, but also mentioned he had married another girl who didn’t know her soulmate either. Their eyes were different colors, but they were perfectly happy together. Still, they kinda wished they knew who it was… but wouldn’t change a thing.

Sonic never gave any mind to ‘soulmates’. It made him feel like it was being imposed on him, and he resented anything like that.


He let his eyes go and slowly leaned away from the lake; realizing, as he loomed over the water’s edge, that there was only one girl he had ever saw in his whole life… Besides obviously family.

That girl…


Amy Rose?

Amy hadn’t been able to track down her soulmate after that faithful encounter for years.

But finding a stray birdy, and dropping her groceries at almost being kidnapped, she finally found him again!

Her betrothed! Her beloved!

The second her eyes caught blue, her heart soared as if reunited with an old friend, and she instantly felt like she had never left his side since the first day she saw him!

She felt such a strong power to stay by his side this time, that she was willing to do anything and everything to keep it that way!

Sonic’s heart stopped a beat.

His eyes widened at the girl he had only randomly dreamed about a couple of times, and made him uncomfortable when he woke up in the mornings.

She was here?

After meeting Tails, and having him ask him about it, he had lied and stated he hadn’t known what triggered the coloration.

Tails later had blue eyes, but he never asked so Tails never said anything.

Sooner or later, all his friends were popping up with colored eyes, and it wasn’t a big deal anymore.


Seeing her again, his eyes almost fixated on hers again.

It was like a strange draw like how waves pull you deeper into the ocean with each gentle tug.

But the current was unsettling.

And Sonic’s feet couldn’t help but skirt back, unused to the sensation of the feeling from a ‘soulmate’s stare’.

Apparently, a soulmate’s stare could trigger great emotion into their partner. But this made Sonic uncomfortable, not liking the strange, meant to be soothing and alluring, pull and looked away, shaking his head.

His nerves grew as he fully turned around, flinching a bit back as to not be too close.

He was torn. On one hand, he was glad he hadn’t lost ever seeing her again, and that she was safe and unharmed.

On the other hand, he was terrified of what this could mean!

Did this mean he had to love? Or was being forced to love?

He didn’t understand fully what a ‘soulmate’ really implied, but definitely didn’t want to be hewn down in life from finding his early on!

He dismissed himself, making excuses how she was ‘too weird’ or ‘too cutsy-wutsy’ for his taste.

But every time she spoke.

Every light touch she made.

Anytime his eyes locked with hers…


He would shy away and shiver out the strange sensations.

So this is what a soulmate was like?

Amy’s heart was always wanting to be around him! Always thinking of him, always so drawn to his charms and features.

All she wanted was to continue to get closer!

Everytime she looked in a mirror, she would be reminded by her beautiful jade eyes of how she was meant to be his… and him, hers.

She lightly touched the mirror at where she could see her eyes, and let her fingers trail down lovingly as she wished she could reach for Sonic in the same like manner.

Oh well.

She would say, shrugging and heading off to find him.

She knew that as long as she stayed close, Sonic would be pulled towards her. To protect, comfort, and provide. He couldn’t help it. Soulmates drew out the best of their lovers, and it was almost impossible to fight the instinct of wanting to be close to them.

She was thankful her long time hero was her soulmate! She would have felt torn and even a little betraying if her soulmate was someone besides Sonic.

She even thought about it once,… running away from her soulmate to be with her true love.

She wondered if Sonic fought the power of ‘soulmate’s stare’ and if he was afraid of it’s influences.

But as she wondered that, she would always be reminded of how he loved her smile, how he would pick flowers for her when she was down, or even his gentle remarks when they were alone about a trait he found lovely about her.

He would never fail to turn away from her eyes, but that only made her long to hear what was really in his heart.

How did she make him feel?

Sonic turned away and scratched his nose, remaining distracted.

She had caught up to him and cuddled up by his side, finding him under a pleasant tree just before a full sunrise.

She giggled, a noise that triggered a strange irritation in his eyes, as he wiped them.

They would always want to stare at her!

It was too weird!

They would even water when he fought it, but he concealed it well, folding his arms and just letting her dangle off to the side of him, trying to be intimate, but not so much so as to alert him to her behaviors.

He was used to her constant flirtation, and mostly put up with it because- well, let’s face it.

She was his soulmate.

His being couldn’t deny that. His eyes were living proof of it.

He closed his eyes, having them burn slightly at his protest to even look at her.

The more he looked, the stronger the feelings got, and the less he could rebel and resist them.

He often wondered if it would be so bad…

Well, rarely he ever continued that line of thought.

One glance…

One single gesture…

A touch so light he couldn’t even feel it, and it wouldn’t disturb her either.

He would always shake himself from such imaginings.

And he did so.

Sonic wagged his head out, making a ‘blgrr’ noise with his lips, having his arms up a moment to try and snap him out of it.


Her worried voice sent a jolt up his spine, and he couldn’t help but look down at her.


Her eyes shined more than any grassy field he had ever seen, more beautiful than a green ocean, and more powerfully alluring than any Chaos Emerald he had ever held and gazed into.

His body relaxed.

His arms came over her frame.

His eyelids drooped and he was too exhausted to fight the pull anymore.

“You look a little spooked. Is everything… okay?” she lightly leaned up, looking down at him as she gently loomed over him, still turned on her side.

His eyes just feasted on her green coloring. His heart almost satisfied enough so that he could resist it again soon.

But what if?

Would it really be that bad..?

Amy had always declared her his… could he chance it?

His hand slowly came up, his eyes scanning nothing but her dazzling stare…

“I’m fine.” he looked away.

His hand came down.

Amy tilted her head, innocently.

He placed both hands on his chest, linking them together to give some comfort to his longing wish for touch.

But he wouldn’t do it.

He couldn’t.

He wouldn’t risk losing his freedom…

To such a beautiful trap of natural affection.

(I tried to keep it canon lol xD That means no resolves! Sorry! >///x///< I’m sure he’ll give in sometime in the future, lol xD you can only fight for so long…)

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You're the young woman married off to a rich, nasty older man in order to save your family's farm. One night you escape the house and you sit out by the lake, trying to find solitude. Hal pulls up to the lake in his pickup and listens to you about how terrible your life is. He convinces you to stay with him at the lake for the night and he takes you right there in that pickup truck, all slow and gentle, making sure you know how loved you are and how much he cares about you.

I’m loving the idea of Hal taking you away from a horrible marriage with someone who doesn’t touch you and I’ve totally started writing it! 

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