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Igopogo is a creature that is said to reside in Lake Simcoe in Southern Ontario. This lake monster is said to resemble a “stove-pipe” and have a head that is similar shape to a canine. Eyewitnesses also claim that the creature is around 30 to 70 feet in length with numerous dorsal fins along its back. The above photo was captured in 1976, however there is not much information out there about it.

Fic Writers’ Retreat 2017 - Balm for the Soul

On Sunday, August 13th, I said goodbye to eighteen brave and inspiring writers after four days of intense awesomeness.

For the second year in a row, a group of fic writers gathered on the shores of Lake Simcoe to write, share ideas, and push ourselves to grow as writers (and as people).

There were nineteen of us this year, as compared to a whopping seven of us last year. The experience was completely different from last year and, in its own way, every bit as staggering.

The range of experience levels was impressive. We had gnarled and grizzled veterans of fandoms and fanfic with hits and kudos numbering in the thousands and tens of thousands, and rookie writers without a single post to their name (YET). We had garrulous social butterflies who shared their ideas with confidence from the outset, and more cautious folks whose contributions unfurled more gradually as the retreat progressed. We had people who’d attended cons and fandom events many times, and others for whom fandom had only ever been a solitary endeavour until now. But of course, we discovered many more similarities than differences.

To wit: Everyone took a risk by coming; everyone came out of desire to share their passions; and everyone, everyone, had something to offer that could not have come from anyone else.

I’m so grateful to everyone who took this chance. To the ones who felt able to put themselves out there and lead a workshop, the ones who spoke freely and with ease, and the ones for whom even showing up was a profound act of courage. I am speechless before the generosity of spirit I saw, from everyone who arrived with a will to make this work.

We all needed this so much, this space to be creative, to be supported, to be weird, to be—at least in some cases—a little queer. To celebrate the things we usually hide.

Thank you to everyone who came. I hope to see you again next year…and perhaps some new faces as well!

Next year’s dates:  August 9th to 12. Location to be determined. See you there.

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On Yonge Street

Toronto is about those believes, I love it:
 From wiki: Yonge Street (pronounced “young street”) is a major arterial route connecting the shores of Lake Ontario in Toronto to Lake Simcoe, a gateway to the Upper Great Lakes. Until 1999, the Guinness Book of Records repeated the popular misconception that it was 1,896 km (1,178 mi)[3] long, and thus the longest street in the world; this was due to a mistaken conflation of Yonge Street with the rest of Ontario’s Highway 11. Yonge Street is in actuality 56 kilometers long.