lake serpent

A fetchquest has our adventuring party standing at the shore of a lava lake, when a massive serpent emerges from below and addresses us telepathically, sounding very smug and predatory. As we really don’t want to fight it if we don’t have to, particularly given its terrain advantage, my half-elf bard goes into full Bilbo Baggins-style flattery mode.

Serpent: Oh, flattery will get you nowhere.

DM: You can go ahead and roll Persuasion anyways.

(Between a very high die roll and my Expertise on Persuasion, I score a 31.)

DM: H'mm. I guess flattery will get you somewhere.

Horror movie scenes that scared the shit out of me the first time I saw them

The attack on the moors - American Werewolf In London 

The chestburster - Alien 

The demon behind Patrick Wilson - Insidious

The final scene in the house - The Blair Witch Project

The blood test - The Thing 

The old hag in the bathroom - The Shining 

Freddy creeping over Nancy - A Nightmare On Elm Street

Alice’s doppelganger - Lake Mungo 

The plaza scene - Suspiria 

The witch in the girls bedroom - The Conjuring 

The party monster scene - Jacob’s Ladder 

Ayesha crawling on all fours - V/H/S 2 

The tall man in the bedroom - Phantasm 

The voodoo zombie bride - The Serpent and The Rainbow 

Look behind you! - The Descent 

The demon on the top floor of the apartment - [REC.]


silver-bridges  asked:

Do you have any recommended books to buy?


Cryptozoology A to Z - A wonderful book for those that are just starting to learn about Cryptozoology to people like me that prefer short blurbs per creature rather than chapters and chapters on the same thing. This book has just enough info on each cryptid that it reports on.

Destination Truth: Memoirs of a Monster Hunter - This is the book Josh Gates wrote about his time filming the TV show Destination Truth. Not an informational book like the first recommendation but it is a fantastic read.

Investigating the Unexplained - Ivan T Sanderson is always a must read at least once. Not only is this book investigating things like cryptids, but many other mysteries that have plagued Earth. 

The Beasts That Hide From Man - Another reference-type book like the first reccomendation. It’s a good read, and keeps the attention of people like me that have no attention span.

Monster Hunt: The Guide to Cryptozoology - Another reference-type book complete with a beautiful cover that is like faux-lizard skin and lovely images inside.

Globsters - A personal interest to me, this book dives into the subject of Globsters. Of course, most Globsters are whale blubber, decaying basking sharks, etc, but this book introduced me to a number of unknown Globsters that I had never heard of. 

The Field Guide to Lake Monsters, Sea Serpents and Other Mystery Denizens of the Deep - Holy long title. But a very good resource for any people that love those water cryptids. 

On July 13, 1855, five men and two boys were out fishing on Silver Lake. According to the Wyoming Times, “the serpent, for now there was no mistaking its character, darted from the water about four feet from the stern of the boat, close by the rudder-paddle, the head and forward part of the monster rising above the surface of the water…. All in the boat had a fair view of the creature, and concur in representing it as a most horrid and repulsive looking monster.”

Sightings of the Silver Lake Serpent soon became widespread, with reports coming in more often. It was said that people came far and wide “ on foot, by carriage, on horseback, and in fact, by any means of locomotion in their power, to see if even a glimpse of the monster could be obtained.”

However, in 1857, a fire broke out at the Walker Hotel, and a shocking revelation was made. A giant green serpent made of canvas and wire was found in the basement of the hotel. Artemus B. Walker hand crafted the serpent in order to gain business at his hotel. The body of this creation was green with yellow spots and the mouth and eyes were colored red. 

The rig of this hoax was quite complex. A trench was dug and the ‘creature’ was laid under the water. Attached to the trench was a pipe that connected to bellows in a blacksmith’s shop. When air was forced through the pipe, the canvas monster would raise to the surface and ropes controlled its movements. Different weights were attacked to different parts of the monster to allow it to sink. Mr. Walker definitely succeeded in creating a convincing monster.


Lagarfljót Worm (Lagarfljótsormur)

Location | Distribution: Iceland

The Lagarfljót worm is a large worm said to live in Lake Lagarfljót, located in Egilsstaðir.

The worm measures 39 feet (12 m), and is apparently fit to be in/on both land and water.

The best piece of evidence was a video posted in 2012, which shows the worm in the water. Although the video was said to be fake, experts cannot tell what is moving.


Loch Morar monster Morag sightings uncovered

Early accounts of the Loch Ness Monster’s lesser-known cousin have been uncovered by researchers.

Morag is a mysterious creature said to inhabit the depths of Loch Morar, in the Lochaber area of the Highlands.

Alexander Carmichael, a prolific gatherer of folklore at the turn of the last century, gathered stories about her from people living near the loch.

His scripts have been uncovered by the Carmichael Watson project at the University of Edinburgh library.

The writings, thought to date from 1902, paint a conflicting view of Morag.

On the one hand, she is presented as a mermaid-like character with flowing hair, while another description paints her as a grim reaper whose sighting was viewed as a death omen.

Dr Donald Stewart, a senior researcher on the project, discovered the texts while leafing through a “mad mixture” of folklore collected by Carmichael over 50 years.

“We were so pleased when we found them, it was just totally unexpected,” he said.

In the first text, Carmichael states: “Morag is always seen before a death and before a drowning.”

A second text reads: “There is a creature in Loch Morar and she is called Morag. She is never seen save when one of the hereditary people of the place dies.

"The last time she was seen was when Aeneas Macdonnell died in 1898.

"The Morag is peculiar to Loch Morar. She is seen in broad daylight and by many persons, including church persons.

"She appears in a black heap or ball slowing and deliberately rising in the water and moving along like a boat water-logged.

"The Morag is much disliked and is called by many uncomplimentary terms.”

A final description, penned by Carmichael at a later date, retains Morag’s association with death but sees her take on more human characteristics.

‘Great distress’

He wrote: “Like the other water deities, she is half-human, half-fish. The lower portions of her body is in the form of a grilse and the upper in the form of a small woman of highly developed breasts with long flowing yellow hair falling down her snow white back and breast.

"She is represented as being fair, beautiful and very timid and never seen save when one of the Morar family dies or when the clan falls in battle.

"Then she is seen rushing about with great speed and is heard wailing in great distress, bemoaning and weeping the loss of the House of Morar laid desolate.

"The Morag has often brought out of their houses at night the people living along the shores of the lake and in the neighbourhood of her haunts, causing much anxiety to the men and much sore weeping to the women.”

Carmichael, who became a figurehead for the celtic artistic movement, originally wrote the texts in Gaelic.

He is thought to have spent only a couple of days in the area of Morar and did not claim to see Morag for himself. His main source of information about the monster appears to be a local named Ewan MacDougall.

The first text was unearthed by Dr Stewart in 2011 and he later happened upon the other two.

Speaking about the findings for the first time, he said: “Clearly, there’s something going on in Loch Morar, whatever it is.

"People make sense of it in different ways, depending on who sees it, what they’re feeling at the time and how the story comes down from tradition afterwards.

"I think the texts are pretty exciting. They give us a window back to how people saw this monster well over 100 years ago. They’re the first reported sightings that we have.

"It shows that there were other monsters vying for popularity and Nessie happened to win out in the end. But there were a lot more of them out there.”

More recent sightings have depicted Morag - whose home is only about 70 miles from Loch Ness - as a humped serpent-like creature similar to the more famous Nessie.

The first recorded sighting of Morag was in 1887, while in 1948 nine people in a boat claimed to have seen a 20ft-long creature in the loch.

In 1969, two men claimed to have accidentally hit the creature in their boat. Morag is said to have disappeared after one of the men hit it with an oar while his companion opened fire with a rifle.

Loch Morar is the deepest freshwater body in the British Isles, with a maximum depth of 310m (1,017ft).

Source Credit(s): BBC © 2013

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LAKE TAHOE MONSTER. (November 21, 1897)


[ The following is related by a well-known citizen of San Francisco, manager of the Park band. It is presented unaccompanied by affidavits, and may be accepted as truth by anybody who chooses to believe it. ]
The story of a sea serpent comes from so many sources and from people of undoubted veracity that it cannot be doubted that there is living in the Atlantic Ocean a serpent of monstrous size, but it remains for California, with its remains of gigantic monsters scattered all over its surface and where animal life attained its greatest perfection, to have a serpent now living within its borders much larger than any described by so many witnesses.

It was my fortune to be one of the earliest settlers on the west shore of Lake Tahoe—from June, 1861, to 1869. I located a meadow and was engaged in cutting wild hay for the market on the Placerville road. In the fall of 1865, in the month of November, I took my gun and, accompanied by a very intelligent setter dog, started out for a hunt for grouse along the shore and in the creek bottoms emptying into the lake. 

My attention was called to a very curious state of things happening around me. First, a flock of quail and other birds were flying out of the canyon, uttering cries of alarm; next came some rabbits and coyotes, and soon three deer came running at full speed; last of all, an old bear with one cub came along. All passed close to me, not seeming to notice me, and all staining at their best.

All this did not occupy much time, and I began to wonder what was up. My dog kept looking up the canyon and was evidently alarmed, and I began to feel shaky myself. All at once the dog set up a howl and started for home, eight miles away, running as fast as dog could run, and going under the cabin staid there two days and nights and no amount of coaxing could get him to come out sooner, and never after would the dog go in the direction of the lake. I began to feel that some unknown danger was near, and looking about me, saw a spruce tree with very thick limbs, standing near a very large pine. I climbed un about sixty feet from the ground and began to look up the canyon. I had not long to wait. I heard a sound as if the dead limbs of trees, willows and alders that grew in the canyon were being broken and crushed. Soon the monster appeared, slowly making his way in the direction where I was hidden in the tree-top, and passed on to the lake within fifty feet of where I was, and as his snakeship got by, and I partly recovered from my fright, I began to look him over and to estimate his immense size. After his head had passed my tree about seventy feet, he halted and reared his head in the air fifty feet or more, and I was thankful that the large pine hid me from his sight, and I dared to breathe again as he lowered his head to the ground and moved on.

His monstrous head was about fourteen feet wide, and the large eyes seemed to be about eight inches in diameter, and shining jet black, and seemed to project more than half this size from the head. The neck was about ten feet, and the body in the largest portion must have been twenty feet in diameter. I had a chance to measure his length, for when he halted his tail reached a fallen tree, and I afterward measured the distance from the tree, where I was hidden to the fallen tree and it measured 510 feet, and as seventy or eighty feet had passed me, it made his length about 600 feet. The skin was black on the back, turning to a reddish yellow on the side and belly, and must have been very hard and tough, as small trees two and three inches in diameter were crushed and broken without any effect on his tough hide. Even bowlders of 500 or 600 pounds weight lying on the surface of the ground were pushed out of the way. His snakeship slowly made his way to the lake, glided in and swam toward the foot.

This serpent has been seen by several of the old settlers at the lake since that time, but it was generally agreed that it would be useless to tell the world the story, knowing that it would not be believed. I will give a few names of the early settlers that have seen his snakeship at different times since I first saw him. Wiliam Pomin, now living in San Francisco; John McKinney, Ben McCoy and Bill McMasters, all at that time living on Sugar Pine Point; Homer Burton, now living in Sacramento; Captain Howland of the old steamer Governor Blaisdell, Tony and Burk, fishermen living near Friday’s station; Rube Saxton, now at the lake, and several others could be named.

I know many will doubt this story, but sooner or later his snakeship will be seen by so many that all doubt will be removed. I was induced to write this description by reading an article in THE CALL of last Sunday, stating that there was a living mastodon in Alaska and that it had been seen by the natives. Believing that I have seen a more wonderful sight and, as in time my story is sure to be verified, venture to give this to the public. I. C. COGGIN.

From— The San Francisco call. (San Francisco (Calif.]). 21 Nov. 1897. Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers. Lib. of Congress.



Variations: Memphré, Lake Memphremagog Monster, Sea Serpent of Memphremagog, Le Serpent de Lac Memphrémagog
Location: Canada

Memphre is said to be a long-necked creature, much like Nessie. It inhabits the waters of Lake Memphremagog in Quebec, Canada, and was said that it was last seen in 2005.

For a person who’s interested in cryptozoology and wants to go into cryptozoology, they really need to focus on what specific area they’re interested in. For instance, if you’re interested in lake monsters and sea serpents, then you need to go into school and deal with marine sciences, lake management and biology of the water and aquatic situations. If you’re interested in bigfoot and yeti and things like that, you need to study anthropology, linguistics… courses that are related to the creatures that are very specific. So, it’s not so much that you study cryptozoology because the courses in cryptozoology are very rare. I taught one in 1989 and they occasionally show up in universities, but there’s no long-term course study in cryptozoology. You have to figure out what area you need to study.
—  Loren Coleman
Monument Valley (Movie Story [by Song]) by Robbie Ierubino

1. Nimrod - by Sir Edward Elgar - Movie Overture

2. Ida’s Theme - by Grigori - Princess Ida Hills of Spem’s* first appearance near her pond.

3. The Rockery - by Stafford Bawler - Jeremy Feathers’ first appearance as he hangs out with his girlfriend, Ida.

4. The Garden - by Stafford Bawler - Ida and Jeremy having dinner in Jeremy’s mansion.

5. Haunted - by Stafford Bawler - Ida hears and then, guided by a strange voice in her head leading to where it’s taking her.

6. The Box - by Stafford Bawler - Ida discovers a little box inside Jeremy’s secret room and when she opens it, she and the box disappears.

7. Leave a Trace - by CHVRCHES - Ida inside a void revealing its prophecy. / Title Sequence

8. Untold Stories - by Stafford Bawler - Ida wakes up finds herself on top of Mt. Columbus and found her pointy hat that she was looking for. But then, she unexpectedly opens a hidden door in the mountain.

9. Hidden Temple - by Stafford Bawler - Ida enters inside and discovers that there was an attack in the hidden Temple of the Peacekeepers and sees a ghostly peacekeeper near the sacred platform where the sacred geometry stood. This is when we see Markus Columbus the Ghost.

10. The Ghost - by Stafford Bawler - Columbus, the leader of the peacekeepers, explains the attack inside the mountain, which is when he and his peacekeepers died, and tells that she had stolen the sacred geometry with the Crow, Spem’s greatest thief.

11. The Chasm - by Stafford Bawler - Where Ida took off her hat as a salute for forgiveness, a sacred geometry object appears out of her hat and returns to the sacred platform where it must remain forever.

12. The Thief - by Stafford Bawler - Ida arrives at the Garden of Hope and Jeremy was there. He said that she was looking for her and then, she lied about what happened to her after her disappearance. She told Jeremy that she has some important issues that she must work on and Jeremy agrees to let her move on.

13. The Spire - by Stafford Bawler - Columbus trains Ida how to use magic to help her walk on monuments; to move bridges, paths, and places to get to the other side; and to find shortcuts to get to the sacred platform.

14. Water Palace - by Stafford Bawler - After they return the Water Palace’s sacred geometry, Ida asks Columbus why he’s accusing her that she is called thief by assisting the Crow. He answers that if she is working with the Crow, she should know his identity.

15. Halcyon Court - by Stafford Bawler - When they arrive at Halcyon Court, they see the citizens having fun around the pool. Columbus explains that the people of Spem had forgotten about their beginnings if the sacred geometry was harmed and creates a curse. That’s why they should protected by sacred platform. But, fortunately, Ida was lucky that she didn’t forget about her beginnings, but she noticed that she might have forgotten about the attack in the hidden Temple.

16. The Lost Falls - by Stafford Bawler - Ida and Columbus climbs up on a cliff to find a secret entrance behind the Lost Falls of Love. After they found the entrance, Columbus realized that his old friend is here behind the falls.

17. The Labyrinth - by Stafford Bawler - As they enter through, they begin the search for the sacred platform around a maze called, Labyrinth. When they found the platform, they discovered a golden, sleeping totem right behind it.

18. An Old Friend - by Stafford Bawler - After the sacred geometry object was placed, its energy causes the totem to come to life. Columbus introduces the totem to Ida, Escher Wong the Loyal Totem. She described him as a “beautiful, spiritual, kindly friend.” Escher joins the journey with Ida and Columbus to return the sacred geometry back to their monuments.

19. Midnight - by Coldplay - The journey of forgiveness continues, but it was unexpectedly was followed by Jeremy?

20. The Serpent Lake - by Stafford Bawler - Ida enters the Serpent Lake underwater with the help of Escher to find the sacred platform somewhere.

21. The Citadel of Deceit - by Stafford Bawler - After they found it, Ida discovers a clue. It was a ripped piece of a golden fabric with a bloodstain on the back. This gave her a flashback about what happened after Jeremy and Ida entered the hidden Temple.

22. Nocturne - by Stafford Bawler - After one of the sacred geometry was placed, Columbus explains that sacred geometry was their pride, their downfall. Ida gets upset about how he and his peacekeepers are all nothing but corrupted people.

23. The Decent - by Stafford Bawler - Before it is time to move one, Ida found a poppy flower next to her and decided to take it with her. When, Ida and her 2 friends entered a new and special monument for the colonization of Spem and before the explorers and colonists founded the peacekeepers of Spem, Ida sees her reflection in the mirror has wings. Columbus and tells that the peacekeepers were planning to make her the first queen of Spem.

24. The Oubliette - by Stafford Bawler - Ida, Escher, and Columbus enters the hidden graveyard of the peacekeepers and in the graveyard was a big golden tomb which represents the leader of the peacekeepers, Columbus. Ida places her poppy near Columbus’ grave for a big thanks and farewell to him.

25. Dreaming - by Stafford Bawler - Ida suddenly fainted because the final sacred geometry is giving her lost memory back. In her memory, Ida was having fun with the peacekeepers, but suddenly interrupted by the Crow who had stolen the Temple’s sacred geometry. Ida and the peacekeepers tried to stop him, but when Ida punched the Crow’s face, the geometry object went flying through the air. Plus, the Crow’s mask went off and and was revealed that the Crow was none other than… Jeremy! The sacred geometry fell hard on the ground near the peacekeepers and BOOM! It exploded and killed the peacekeepers, but its force pushed Ida and her head hits the wall. And then, everything went black.

26. Sounds from Shattered Seashells - by Obfuse - When Ida finally woke up, she tells Columbus and Escher that the Crow is Jeremy Feathers and she was trying to save the geometry. Ida feels angry that Jeremy had betrayed her when she figured out who Jeremy is exactly. Escher convinced Ida that Jeremy didn’t do anything to harm her and he feels need to protect her from him.

27. A Change of Heart - by The 1975 - Ida begins to fall in love with Escher by holding hands, dancing, and hugging.

28. Observatory - by Stafford Bawler - Before Ida, Escher, and Columbus enters the Found Observatory, they are suddenly blocked by Jeremy requesting the final sacred geometry to him.

29. Xen - by Stafford Bawler - But, Ida confronts Jeremy that he pretended to love her, so that he can first rule Spem forever. She refuses to give the geometry to Jeremy and that is when the chase and battle begins.

30. Demons - by Imagine Dragons - Ida enters halls that guide her to the spinning cube in the observatory, but Jeremy goes after her and Escher and Columbus tried to distract him from catching Ida.

31. Ascension - by Stafford Bawler & Todd Backer - Ida makes it to the top of the cube and places the final sacred geometry back in its sacred platform. When it’s already been placed, its power trapped Jeremy, who also made it to the top, but failed his crime to attempt. Ida declares that Jeremy should never be seen again for lying to her, death of the peacekeepers, and how he cursed the subjects of Spem. And, therefore, Jeremy gets disintegrated by the magic of the sacred geometry that he had stolen.

32. At Journey’s End - by Grigori - After the death of the Crow, the magic of the sacred geometry transforms Ida’s hat into a crown and gave Ida her magical, royal wings, like what was shown from her reflection in the mirror. She, then, thanks Escher and Columbus for their help of begin a hero for her land she now rules.

33. Amateur Cartography - by Obfuse - The subjects of Spem wonder what happened at the Found Observatory and then the magic of the sacred geometry gave them back their memories. Then, they see Ida flying in the sky and now noticed that she is now their queen. Ida invites her subjects to join the flight with her for saving Spem and what it must look like.

34. Forgotten Shores - by Stafford Bawler - The next day, Ida and Escher are sitting with each other on a hill and sees Columbus as the tour guide of the events that have occurred throughout Ida’s journey in the monument valley of Spem. Ida said to Escher that she now loves him and Escher said to Ida that he loves her too. And so, they agreed to be together forever as king and queen of Spem.

35. Black Water - by Of Monsters and Men - The moment when Ida and Escher first kiss each other and when we see Spem living happily ever after! / End Credits (Part 1)

36. Ruled by Secrecy - by Muse - End Credits (Part 2)

*spem - Latin for hope

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Within the river Yamunā there was a great lake, and in that lake the black serpent Kāliya used to live. Because of his poison, the whole area was so contaminated that it emanated a poisonous vapor twenty-four hours a day. Due to the poisonous effect of the Yamunā’s vapors, the trees and grass near the bank of the Yamunā had all dried up. Lord Kṛiṣhṇa saw the effect of the great serpent’s poison: the whole river that ran before Vṛndāvana was now deadly.

Kṛiṣhṇa, who advented Himself just to kill all undesirable elements in the world, immediately climbed up in a big kadamba tree on the bank of the Yamunā. After climbing to the top of the tree, He tightened His belt cloth and, flapping His arms just like a wrestler, jumped in the midst of the poisonous lake. The kadamba tree from which Kṛiṣhṇa had jumped was the only tree there which was not dead. When Lord Kṛiṣhṇa jumped into the water, the river overflooded its banks, as if something very large had fallen into it. 

When Kṛiṣhṇa was swimming about, just like a great strong elephant, He made a tumultuous sound which the great black serpent Kāliya could hear. The tumult was intolerable for him, and he could understand that this was an attempt to attack his home. Therefore he immediately came before Kṛiṣhṇa. Kāliya saw that Kṛishṇa was indeed worth seeing because His body was so beautiful and delicate; its color resembled that of a cloud, and His legs resembled a lotus flower. He was decorated with Śrīvatsa, jewels and yellow garments. He was smiling with a beautiful face and was playing in the river Yamunā with great strength.

But in spite of Kṛiṣhṇa’s beautiful features, Kāliya felt great anger within his heart, and thus he grabbed Kṛiṣhṇa with his mighty coils. Seeing the incredible way in which Kṛiṣhṇa was enveloped in the coils of the serpent, the affectionate cowherd boys and inhabitants of Vṛndāvana immediately became stunned out of fear.  All the cows, bulls and small calves became overwhelmed with grief, and they began to look at Him with great anxiety. While this scene was taking place on the bank of the Yamunā, there were ill omens manifest. The earth trembled, meteors fell from the sky, and the bodies of men shivered. All these are indications of great immediate danger.  

As soon as Nanda and Yaśodā and the cowherd men heard this news, they became even more anxious. Out of their great affection for Kṛiṣhṇa, unaware of the extent of Kṛiṣhṇa’s potencies, they became overwhelmed with grief and anxiety because they had nothing dearer than Kṛiṣhṇa . While this was happening, Balarāma, who is the master of all knowledge, stood there simply smiling. He knew how powerful His younger brother Kṛiṣhṇa .When mother Yaśodā arrived, she wanted to enter the river Yamunā, and being checked, she fainted. Mother Yaśodā remained still, as if dead, because her consciousness was concentrated on the face of Kṛiṣhṇa. Nanda and all others who dedicated everything, including their lives, to Kṛiṣhṇa, were ready to enter the waters of the Yamunā, but Lord Balarāma checked them because He was in perfect knowledge that there was no danger.

For two hours Kṛiṣhṇa remained like an ordinary child gripped in the coils of Kāliya,then suddenly ,He began to expand His body, and when the serpent tried to hold Him, he felt a great strain. On account of the strain, his coils slackened, and he had no other alternative but to let loose the Personality of Godhead, Kṛiṣhṇa, from his grasp. Kāliya then became very angry, and his great hoods expanded. He exhaled poisonous fumes from his nostrils, his eyes blazed like fire, and flames issued from his mouth. The great serpent remained still for some time, looking at Kṛiṣhṇa. Licking his lips with bifurcated tongues, the serpent looked at Kṛiṣhṇa with double hoods, and his eyesight was full of poison. Kṛiṣhṇa immediately pounced upon him, just as Garuḍa swoops upon a snake.

Thus attacked, Kāliya looked for an opportunity to bite Him, but Kṛiṣhṇa moved around him. As Kṛiṣhṇa and Kāliya moved in a circle, the serpent gradually became fatigued, and his strength seemed to diminish considerably. Kṛiṣhṇa immediately pressed down the serpent’s hoods and jumped up on them. The Lord’s lotus feet became tinged with red from the rays of the jewels on the snake’s hoods. Then He who is the original artist of all fine arts, such as dancing, began to dance upon the hoods of the serpent, although they were moving to and fro. Upon seeing this, denizens from the upper planets began to shower flowers, beat drums, play different types of flutes and sing various prayers and songs. In this way, all the denizens of heaven, such as the Gandharvas, Siddhas and demigods, became very pleased.Gradually, Kāliya was reduced to struggling for his very life. He vomited all kinds of refuse and exhaled fire. While throwing up poisonous material from within, Kāliya became reduced in his sinful situation. 

Then ever so slowly ,Kaliya  began to understand that Kṛiṣhṇa was the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and he began to surrender unto Him. He realized that Kṛiṣhṇa was the Supreme Lord, the master of everything.The wives of the serpent, known as the Nāgapatnīs, saw that their husband was being subdued by the kicking of the Lord, within whose womb the whole universe remains. The Nāgapatnīs began to offer their prayers as follows:

“O dear Lord, You are equal to everyone. For You there is no distinction between Your sons, friends or enemies. Therefore the punishment which You have so kindly offered to Kāliya is exactly befitting. O Lord, You have descended especially for the purpose of annihilating all kinds of disturbing elements within the world, and because You are the Absolute Truth, there is no difference between Your mercy and punishment. We think, therefore, that this apparent punishment to Kāliya is actually some benediction. O dear Lord, we are simply astonished to see that he is so fortunate as to have the dust of Your lotus feet on his head. This is a fortune sought after by great saintly persons. Even the goddess of fortune underwent severe austerities just to have the blessing of the dust of Your lotus feet, so how is it that Kāliya is so easily getting this dust on his head? 

“They continued to pray “Our dear Lord, because You are the Supreme Person, You are living as the Supersoul within every living entity;  In other words, O Lord, You can see perfectly all the activities happening in every moment, in every hour, in every day, in every year, past, present and future. You are Yourself the universal form, and yet You are different from this universe. We therefore offer our respectful obeisances unto You. You are the ultimate goal of all philosophical efforts.You are the root of all evidences, and You are the Supreme Person who can bestow upon us the supreme knowledge. You are the cause of all kinds of desires, and You are the cause of all kinds of satisfaction. You are the Vedas personified. Therefore we offer You our respectful obeisances.You can order us and ask us to do whatever You please. Every living being can be relieved from all kinds of despair if he agrees to abide by Your orders.”After the Nāgapatnīs submitted their prayers, Lord Kṛiṣhṇa released Kāliya from his punishment.

Kāliya was already unconscious from being struck by the Lord. Upon regaining consciousness and being released from the punishment, Kāliya got back his life force and the working power of his senses. With folded hands, he humbly began to pray to the Supreme Lord Kṛiṣhṇa:  "My dear Lord, I have been born in such a species that by nature I am angry and envious, being in the darkest region of the mode of ignorance. Your Lordship knows well that it is very difficult to give up one’s natural instincts, although by such instincts the living creature transmigrates from one body to another.“ 

“ My dear Lord, I am born as a serpent; therefore, by natural instinct, I am very angry. How is it then possible to give up my acquired nature without Your mercy? It is very difficult to get out of the clutches of Your māyā. By Your māyā we remain enslaved. My dear Lord, kindly excuse me for my inevitable material tendencies. Now You can punish me or save me as You desire.”

After hearing this, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who was acting as a small human child, ordered the serpent thus: “You must immediately leave this place and go to the ocean. Leave without delay. You can take with you all your offspring, wives and everything that you possess. Don’t pollute the waters of the Yamunā. Let it be drunk by My cows and cowherd boys without hindrance." 

The Lord then declared that the order given to the Kāliya snake be recited and heard by everyone so that no one need fear Kāliya any longer.Anyone who hears the narration of the Kāliya serpent and his punishment will need fear no more the envious activities of snakes. The Lord also declared: "If one takes a bath in the Kāliya lake, where My cowherd boy friends and I have bathed, or if one, fasting for a day, offers oblations to the forefathers from the water of this lake, he will be relieved from all kinds of sinful reaction.” The Lord also assured Kāliya: “You came here out of fear of Garuḍa, who wanted to eat you in the beautiful land by the ocean. Now, after seeing the marks where I have touched your head with My lotus feet, Garuḍa will not disturb you.”

The Lord was pleased with Kāliya and his wives. Immediately after hearing His order, the wives began to worship Him .In this way they pleased the master of Garuḍa, of whom they were very much afraid. Then, obeying the orders of Lord Kṛiṣhṇa, all of them left the lake within the Yamunā.