lake pokemon

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Gen 4 Sinnoh: Introduces Lake guardians

Lake: a relatively small body of water surrounded by land

Gen 7 Alola: Introduces Island Guardians

Island: A relatively small body of land surrounded by water

Also, a minor detail, Cynthia is back in the recent Sun and Moon trailer.

I’m watching you, gamefreak.

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The Time Gears help control the flow of time in the Pokemon World. Even the most hardened criminals know not to disturb the Time Gears, lest the proper flow of time be disrupted in that general area.
Three of the five Time Gears are protected by Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf, the beings of Knowledge, Emotion, and Willpower.

ayy so this is a thing i’ve been working on


The moment has finally come for me to reveal this set of postcards I’ve been working on!

Twelve total, four from each franchise.

Growing up, my friends and I pumped hours into Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, and Final Fantasy X. I still do. I own at least one cartridge of every Pokemon generation.

These worlds have had a profound effect on how I see and produce artwork. I wouldn’t be who I am without them.

If you like these, they will be on sale at MoCCA Fest this April in New York City!  You can buy them individually, in packs of four, or as a full set. Pricing is still under consideration, but I promise they won’t be out of reach! Swing by the Syracuse University table on April 2 and we can chat about art and food and games and animals!


[ beat you up and beat you down ! ]

– one day they’ll say the throne was made for me.

[ a guzma fanmix with a rock-influenced sound ]


( content warnings: cursing and mentions of violence throughout, alcohol mentions in track 8 )

{1. come on, come on - jet | {2. little cream soda - the white stripes | {3. uncontainable - set it off | {4. breaking the model - new medicine | {5. throne - bring me the horizon | {6. underdog - you me at six | {7. the young & the hopeless - good charlotte | {8. forever stuck in our youth - set it off | {9. i need the world - down with webster | {10. breathe, desperately - from indian lakes