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My dear lgbt+ children, 

Here’s a list with some gender neutral names: 

Alex, Ari, Ash 

Andy, Ashley, Angel 

Brett, Billy, Blaine

Charlie, Caden, Cary

Chris, Clay, Corey

Drew, Daren, Dylan 

Emery, Ellery, Erin

Eddie, Eli, Erriot 

Frances, Frankie, Fabian 

Glen, Gray, Gavi 

Hayden, Hayley, Hunter 

Ira, Izzy, Indigo  

Jaime, Jean, Jesse

Jordan, Jules, Jael 

Kaden, Kel, Kim 

Kerry, Kyle. Kai 

Lake, Logan, Lee 

Max, Morgan, Mel 

Michelle, Mischa, Mica 

Noel, Nico, Nick(y) 

Ode, Oakl(ey), Onxy 

Oli, October, Ohio

Pat, Pax, Pepper 

Perry,  Parker, Percy

Quinn, Quncie, Quarry 

Rain, Rory, Ray 

Sage, Shane, Sky 

Sam, Sydney, Sasha 

Tay, Tyler, Taylor 

 Tony, Taye, Terry 

Umber, Unique, Utah

Vivian, Vale, Valentine 

Win, West, Wynne 

Xen, Xe, Xay 

Yael, Yoshie, Yule

Zen, Zuri, Zane 

(Know that different countries sometimes assign a different gender to one and the same name. For example, Michelle is a strongly female name in germany while it’s not considered feminine in others countries. It’s possible that some of those names are gendered in your country.) 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mum 

Is she fleeing from something, or searching for something ?

I wanted to try another weather, something more misty i guess. Inspiration coming by some of my boyfriend’s hollydays photos, he was in Ireland some years ago <3

I love drawing voluminous and curly hair… but that’s a bit of a pain to do, somethimes x) (i mean, for an illustration there’s no pb, but for a comic… TwT )

Endless List of Favorites

→ legendary figures works: Le Morte D'Arthur by Thomas Malory

“And when matins and the first mass was done, there was seen in the churchyard, against the high altar, a great stone four square, like unto a marble stone; and in midst thereof was like an anvil of steel a foot on high, and therein stuck a fair sword naked by the point, and letters there were written in gold about the sword that said thus:—Whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone and anvil, is rightwise king born of all England.”



I decided to start COMPLETELY OVER because SOMEONE *glares at youtube* deleted it! But….I like this one better anyways LOL. I’ve been piecing this together over the last month or so, trying to find the perfect clip for each scene, and I’m very proud of this!! 


I miss my babies…

Morgan Rielly - A Proposal

This is one of my favorite ones I’ve done lately! After this picture I was deep in my Mo feelings lmao so this was perfect timing! 

Request from @a-kate3 :  Hiii!!! Can you do another Morgan Rielly imagine for me? I’m bad at coming up with scenarios so feel free to write about whatever! Haha I just love your imagines, so I keep wanting to request some from you!! 💙💙

The bedroom door squeaked open and closed behind you as you slipped into your bikini. Morgan cleared his throat as he took you in, admiring how good the small pieces of fabric looked on your sun kissed body. Turning to him you gave him a sly smile, “like what you see?”

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Barbara Morgan, Mono Lake, 1934.

Merlin + Possible Pairs

When I started watching Merlin, I thought Merlin and Gwen might end up together.

…lol, no they didn’t.

Then I thought Merlin and Morgana might end up together.

…lol, no they didn’t. 

Then I thought Merlin and Freya might end up together.

…lol, my soul died.