lake mayer

If you ever find yourself up til 5 am, smoking and watching the sunrise maybe you should listen to these.

Life Left to Go - Safetysuit
Jayrambati - Trevor Hall
Paper Doll - John Mayer
I’ve Never Seen a Witch - Lydia
Fast Car - Sam Smith (Cover)
Runner - From Indian Lakes
Only Love (acoustic) - PVRIS
Emmanuel - Basecamp
Gooey - Glass Animals
Oh that I had - Mnt. Eden & Ruby Frost
Lost track of time - MTNS
Fade Away - Rebelution
Electric Feel (Gespleu Downcast Edit) - Henry Green
Bones - Dustin Tebbutt
Breeze Blocks - Alt-J
Fall in love - Barcelona
The Dissonance between us - Brotherun

ZAG ANNOUNCES MIRACULOUS™ LADYBUG YouTube Channel and Webisode Series!

The webisode series goes live Tuesday, September 27, 2016 in conjunction with the official launch of the Zag “Miraculous Ladybug” YouTube channel

ZAG will be offering two formats.  The first 10 Miraculous webisodes will utilize the 3D animation imagery sharing the personal thoughts and secret diary entries of Marinette, narrated by Christina Vee, the voice of Ladybug/Marinette in the TV series.

The second wave of Miraculous webisodes will reveal a new “fan-created” 2D stylized look that will greatly extend the Parisian story world.  "We think our fans of all ages are going to love the super fun look and feel of the newly designed characters in the 2D web series,“ said Andre’ Lake Mayer, ZAG, President, Global Brand Strategy & Consumer Products. "The 2D format will let us explore new creative executions while staying true to the ‘Zag style’ of inspirational storytelling, visually intriguing, fun, relevant and high quality content,” Andre’ added.


After school today, we went to the park to feed geese, play on the playground, and explore. We found goslings, giant sand piles, a two foot long catfish, and some new friends at the park. When we got home, Speck was hunched over in the “victorious huntress” pose, and we liberated a lizard. Now for a nap. Good day or best day?

This Canadian goose was disabled. He had a broken foot & something was wrong with his mouth because he wouldn’t quit opening it. He was a little bit skittish & wouldn’t come close enough to let me check it out, but I didn’t see any fishing line or anything on his beak, so I am hoping maybe he just had a minor tongue injury or something. He didn’t have any trouble eating the bread I gave him, so I guess even if it is something permanent, it’s okay.

I am glad that he is living at a public park without predators so that he can be fed bread by people & live a sort-of-normal life. He was in a little trio with a footless goose & a goose with a broken wing.


Phia went to Jiu Jitsu with me today. We rolled a bit in open mat after class, grabbed some lunch at The Puerto Rico restaurant, hit Lake Mayer for some bike riding and feeding the birds, and then went to the aquarium! Phia made friends with another girl by encouraging her and showing her how to handle the crabs in the touch tank. We walked the nature trail with her family and exchanged phone numbers. They were super cute together so hopefully we can get them together again.

About to take off on the second part of camper travels! I’m so excited. I am still so happy and inspired from the meet ups on the first half. You don’t have to RSVP or anything, just show up and I’ll have a craft for us to do and we’ll just talk and hang and laugh. You can come solo, I know it may be awkward but I promise I’m shy too, we’ll just make it work! I tried to make most of these weekend dates. And sorry for the few that are so close to Christmas but it was the only way to squeeze them in. Beyond excited to meet you guys.

10/24 Salt Lake City, UT - 11:00 am @ Sugar House Park
10/25 Missoula, MT - 3:00 pm @ Greenough Park
10/31 Seattle, WA - 11:00 am @ Seward Park
11/01 Portland, OR - 2:00 pm @ Forest Park
11/07 Sacramento, CA - 2:00 pm @ Discovery Park
11/08 San Francisco, CA - 2:00 pm @ Lindley Meadow (in Golden Gate Park)
11/14 Fresno, CA - 2:00 pm @ Woodward Park
11/15 San Luis Obispo, CA - 2:00 pm @ Laguna Lake Park
11/21 Los Angeles, CA - 2:00 pm @ Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round
11/22 San Diego, CA - 2:00 pm @ Balboa Park California Native Plant Garden
11/28 Las Vegas, NV - 2:00 pm @ Sunset Park
11/29 Phoenix, AZ - 11:00 am @ Encanto Park
12/05 Albuquerque, NM - 2:00 pm @ Jerry Cline Park
12/06 Oklahoma City, OK - 2:00 pm @ Wheeler Park
12/12 Dallas, TX - 11:00 am @ Reverchon Park
12/13 Houston, TX - 11:00 am @ Hermann Park Conservancy
12/14 Dallas, TX - 2:00 pm @ Reverchon Park
12/15 Houston, TX - 2:00 pm @ Hermann Park Conservancy
12/19 New Orleans, LA - 2:00 pm @ City Park near Tennis Center
12/20 Birmingham, AL - 2:00 pm @ Avondale Park
12/21 Atlanta, GA - 2:00 pm @ Washington Park
12/22 Savannah, GA - 11:00 am @ Lake Mayer Park
01/05 Orlando, FL - 2:00 pm @ Mead Botanical Garden
01/06 St. Pete, FL - 2:00 pm @ Vinoy Park
01/08 Ft Lauderdale, FL - 2:00 pm @ Holiday Park