lake martin swamp

Familial Southern Gothic is managing to get 13 people living comfortably in a house with four bedrooms and two bathrooms that you’re allowed to use (the third is grandpa’s and it wasn’t there when he bought the house). Southern Gothic is also getting 17 people around a table that only fits 10 for dinner every night, and then having recipes from your aunts boss, the old lady across the street, and the local restaurant exchanged between five people while three are arguing, two are sharing a secret, three are talking about whatever comes to mind, and one is quiet.


Photo: Lake Martin; St. Martin Parish, LA

Taken by me

Lake Martin Swamp B&W – St. Martin Parish near Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, February 8, 2014

We all have to make our peace with what we have done, and with what has been done to us.

And make our peace with who we have become because of it.

And let it all be, because it is.

And live–to the best of our ability–

From this point on to be mindful of each situation as it arises,

And offer what is needed from what we have to give,

And let that be enough,

Because it is all we can do,

Given where we have been,

And who we have become

Because of what we have done,

And what has been done to us.