lake harbour

Torontonian anon here…yes we do get battleships in the Toronto Harbour on Lake Ontario. And, yes, they do travel from the Atlantic through the St. Lawrence Seaway. This picture is one of our Royal Canadian Navy ships docked at the Toronto Harbourfront. 

Awesome Carol.🙏🙏🙏 Thanks for the info and the picture. So it proves that ships this size can get in from the Atlantic. Carol if you do notice a ship docked in Toronto over the next couple of weeks and you are in the area could you please let us know. It’s good to have someone like your self who lives there. Are you going to any of the events? I would like to know. 

Have an awesome day and once again thanks for bringing me this.

thanks Carol😊👍🙏  


So in a nutshell I’ve been vacationing to another state (hence the unexplainable amount of likes and reblogs) - SOUTH AUSTRALIA, Adelaide to be precise and loved it! Had a lovely 5 days blast! We conquered the rain and wont let it stop us from visiting all the gorgeous places around SA! - I have seen Barossa Valley, Salt Lake / Pink Lake, Victor Harbour, Maggie Beer, Adelaide city and plenty more!

Amazing architectures and sculptures!!!

Expect more from this post (above pics) is only the taste of what is to come!

😆 Dolly!