lake glass

Scorpio anatomy
  • Mind: Calculative and observant, natural psychologist, obsessive, strategic, highly intelligent, curious, fixated, secretive
  • Eyes: Hypnotic, mesmerising, a misty glass lake that can see into souls, cannot be deceived
  • Heart: Passionate and psychic, highly sensitive, protective, seeks true love of the soul, beats into rapture and dark melancholy
  • Reproductive Zone: Facilitates tremendous transformation, constant rebirth to someone new. Gives energy to create perforation. May have debilitating period pain
  • Scorpion Tail: Contains the poison but also the ingrediants of the antidote
Imagine you’re sent to a summer camp for women...

Imagine you’re sent to a summer camp for women after your family believes you need to learn some responsibility. It seems like all fun and games at first, most of which you want no part of, but eventually you hear of an intriguing rumor - anyone who swims in the lake over the ridge never comes back the same.

It’s really stupid, you think, but as the days grow hotter and the days longer you’re really considering ignoring the rumors and warnings and just going for a quick dip.

Especially with one of the cute camp counselors that you’ve been eyeing, sure that he’s been checking you out too. Eventually you convince him to start fooling around with you and it’s great, that you’re feeling a little more daring as you invite him out for a swim.

He tells you its forbidden, and you pout but let him kiss you some more, now more then ever determined to show all these damn campers what a stupid rumor it is.

That night after the lights around the camp have gone out, you sneak out and head over to the lake, grateful of the full moon as it makes it easier to see. When you get there its almost eerily silent, the lake a perfect glass mirror reflecting the night sky.

You strip down to your bathing suit and slowly wade in, shivering just a bit because the water is actually a bit warmer than you expected, but not unpleasant. Being a strong swimmer, you wade out until you can’t feel the bottom, laying on your back to look up at the sky. This isn’t so bad, you think. Its nice and peaceful here.

Then a branch snaps.

You whip your head toward shore and see someone standing there, your heart starting to pound. “Whose there?” You call, trying to sound brave, but it comes out more scared then you’d like to admit. The person steps forward and it’s your camp counsellor friend. He’s looking at you strangely, not with his usual smile. You call out to him.

“Come on in, the water’s great!”

Surprisingly, he just nods and starts to strip off his clothes, all but his boxers as he wades out into the water. The moonlight reflects a bit oddly off his eyes, which seem to glow as he swims out to you, catching you in his arms.

“See, I knew it would be fine. That rumor was such-”

He cuts you of with a shake of his head. “You really should have listened,” He murmured, his voice sounding distorted. “Now we can really have fun.”

You tried to pull away. “Wha-?”

Just then, something began to slither up your leg, cold and slimy but thick and strong. You let out a yelp but when you tried to kick it away another grabbed your other leg, forcing them apart.

“Something’s got me!” You cry, but as you watch as he slowly sinks lower, his eyes a bright green before he slips under water and then your bathing suit bottoms are being ripped from you as something much warmer starts lapping at your folds. Despite how horrified you are it begins to turn you on, and though the things are still holding you, you start to push into it, aching until it presses inward, making you moan.

It starts to thrust into you, seeming to grow larger and thicker each time which doesnt make sense, and you reach down to feel it but instead of finding your boyfriend’s hair all you can grasp is a long thick thing, same as whatever is holding your legs. You let out a cry as whatever it is starts pounding you deeper, jerking you a bit up and out of the water, and you try to reach down to pull it out, only for two more of the things to grab and wrap around your wrists, actually pulling you into its thrusts.

You’ve become nothing but a moaning mess then, begging it to stop but also feeling so good that before you know it, you’re cumming hard and fast as it fucks you through it, making you scream in pleasure.

It’s only as you’re coming down from the high that you realize its not letting you go.

It’s stopped but the thing inside you is pulsating - suddenly bulging bigger still as it presses against your opening, and then slowly inside- roughly the size of a baseball, whatever it is is round and squishy but feels amazing, pressing right against your sweet spot as it squeezes up your loosened vagina and then pops into what must be your uterus.

Oh god, its happening again.

The second one is bigger, slipping just that little bit easier into you, making you bite back a moan as it settled against the other, but before you could get used to it another one was coming, and though you tried to fight it off and stop it by clenching your muscles, this one had more force behind it and actually made you gasp as its mini watermelon size sent a shock of arousal so sharp through you your legs shook.

After that, you stopped fighting it, moaning and trying not to cum as this thing pressed more and more of the large squishy balls into you, the weight of it slowly starting to tug you under water. As you struggled to keep your face above and not inhale the water you saw two eyes emerging in front of you, the eyes of your boyfriend - who was smiling with really pointed teeth.

With a scream, you jerked away and managed to break free of the things holding you, almost going under but bobbing just above the surface as you swam madly for shore. It felt like forever before you felt the ground beneath you, taking a step and stumbling as the weight of you seemed to drag you down. When you finally managed to crawl up the beach, you realized why.

Where once you had a nice flat belly a massive one stuck out before you, so large you could barely crawl on your hands and knees out of the water, your belly dragging on the ground. You barely got out of the water when you turned to look and felt those things tugging on your legs again, yanking you back.

“And where do you think you’re going, my lovely? I still need to fertilize those eggs.”

Though you dug in the dirt to try and drag yourself away, the long tentacles you could finally see in the moonlight finally flipped you over, spreading your legs and giving your boyfriend easy access to swim up between them and grab your hips.

Though you couldn’t see it, you certainly felt the long thickness of him plunging into you, easily bigger then even the other one and making your eyes roll back in your head as it jostled the mass of your belly. He fucked you until you came again, and again, clutching at your boobs that had started to swell in size - and begged him to cum in you until he did, hissing as he came wave after wave into you, your belly swelling even larger as the eggs were soaked through with cum.

Shaking and panting hard, you could only stare up at what little you could see of the night sky, clutching at what you could reach of your belly, feeling each and every large egg bulging against your skin. Every time you breathed you could feel them shift, jostling for space when there really wasn’t any. You were so preoccupied you barely felt it as your boyfriend slipped from you, but you did when he slapped a hand down absently on your belly and it nearly rolled you over, the weight of the eggs nearly crushing.

He laughed at your lack of mobility, his hands grabbing for your wrists as he slowly began to drag you back into the water. You couldn’t fight it even if you wanted to, letting him drag you in until your lower half was underwater, and then he was climbing over your massive belly, smirking down at you as he started to push down on your heaving, distended stomach.  

“It will take a day or so before anyone knows you’re missing, but that’s more than enough time to pump a few more clutches into you..maybe even bigger ones.”

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