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One activity I’m really enjoying in ESO is FISHIN’, and since today is a nice day and I’m in a good mood, I would like to share this joy with you! Read on to learn some basic tips for fishin’ in Tamriel’s various lakes, seas, rivers and drainage ditches.

First off, the key to success is to use the right bait! If you use the wrong bait, you’ll end up with a lot more chewed-up rubbish (“Used Bait”) than fish, and that’s a bit of a waste! Luckily, there is a method to this madness! ESO has four basic water types, each one with its own corresponding bait set:

  • Oceans - use Worms (common) and Chub (rare)
  • Rivers - use Insect Parts (common) and Shad (rare)
  • Lakes - use Guts (common) and Minnows (rare)
  • Foul - use Crawlers (common) and Fish Roe (rare)

You’ll notice each bait set consists of two different baits, a common bait and a rare bait. The main distinction with the rare bait is that you can only obtain it by fishing (or in guild shops…or yes, rarely via the Five-Finger Discount). You may increase your chances of snagging a rare fish with rare bait, but honestly, I haven’t personally noticed a difference. YMMV!

Even with this chart, it may still be a little hard to tell which bait you should be using. What looks like an Ocean may actually be Foul or a Lake–ESO is funny like that. In this case, the dead giveaway will be with the fish you catch:

  • Ocean fish are Dhufish, Longfin and Minnows
  • River fish are Salmon, River Betty and Fish Roe
  • Lake fish are Silverside Perch, Spadetail and Shad
  • Foul fish are Trodh, Slaughterfish and Chub

Once in a while, you’ll also snag a Wet Gunny Sack, which will contain random crafting materials (I guess it’s better than an old boot or tire!). And, the release of Homestead also released some wonderful catches into the water supply–now you can decorate your home with the marvels of the ocean!

Or just stink it up with some old fish, it’s up to you!

Just like fishin’ in real life, fishin’ in ESO requires a lot of patience. Sometimes it can take a really long time just to catch one rare fish, and some days will be better than others. So don’t worry about it! Think of it as a time to relax, to take a break from all that grinding and to enjoy the lovely scenery/vast matrix of random number generators ZOS has created for us.

Good luck!

PET PEEVE - Folks, you really need to stop turning your unwanted aquarium fish loose in lakes, streams, and drainage ditches. Not only is it illegal, it’s irresponsible as well. This is a Snowy Egret with what I believe is a rather large Plecostomus stuck in its throat. You can see the bulge of the fish behind the birds head. 

Also, those neat little plants you buy for your aquarium get tossed along with the fish.  They can multiply and grow to the point of totally destroying bird habitat on a pond. I’ve seen it happen. C’mon people. Think! 

Redhump Eartheater (Geophagus steindachneri)

…a species of South American “Eartheater” Cichlid that is native to river drainages and lakes in South America, particularly Colombia and Venezuela. Redhump eartheaters are typically seen in water that is slightly acidic to neutral. True to their common name, redhump eartheaters will take substrate material into their mouths and sift out inedible sand and gravel while consuming detritus and small invertebrates. 


Animalia-Chordata-Actinopterygii-Perciformes-Cichlidae-Geophagus-G. steindachneri

Image: Morgana h