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“You can’t look at it like that, Izzy,” Garrett smiled over at her.  “These kids…they have no home, no one to look after them, no purpose in life beyond survival.  We give them that.”

Her frown remained.  “At what price?”

“A very reasonable one, considering.”


“Considering the alternative of living and dying like a dog in the street.”  He stood, headed over to her.  “Like you almost did, or did you forget that bit?”  His smile made her shiver as he stood over.  “But look at you now…wealthy, famous, powerful, all because of that magical mutation of yours.  We saw it.  I saw it..and your potential.  How amazing you could be.”  His face fell to concern.  “I’d hate to think that my work’s gone unappreciated.”

Izzy’s eyes dropped, she looked away, before his finger crooked under her chin to lift her head once more.  His eyes always seemed so kind, but she knew what he was capable of and that, on some level, he enjoyed it. 

“Has it, Izzy?”

“No.”  She’d gone from street urchin to the world famous singer, Siren, because of Garrett.  Because he’d found her, cared for her, protected her, practically raised her…because he’d done whatever required to ensure she was successful.   For that alone she’d always be grateful to him, always feel like she owed him.

“Good,” his smile returned.  “I’m glad.”  He leaned down, in, and pressed his lips to the corner of hers.  His voice dropped.  “Don’t worry yourself with the details, my little Siren, just show up and do what you do best.”

“Okay,” she whispered back, eyes only looking to him as he straightened up.  “Garrett?”


“You’re not…mad, are you?”

“Of course not.  I could never be mad at you, Izzy…not really.”

I don’t know what, exactly, this relationship is…but I know it’s not healthy, haha!  Garrett is Garrett Pierce from the epilogue of the last major section.  The new character is Izzy Cadence (Lana Del Rey faceclaim), who is a mutant that also goes by Siren - she’s not “out” about her mutation, but Garrett and those at Alkaline know because she is, technically, part of them.  …There’s a whole big plot going on, but I’m not spoiling it for you, haha! 😉

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Have you ever been approached by a grim-looking man, carrying a naked sword with a blade about ten miles long in his hand, in the middle of the night, beneath the stars on the shores of Lake Michigan? If you have, seek professional help. If you have not, then believe you me, it can scare the bejeezus out of you.
—  Harry Dresden (Dresden Files: Storm Front)
Jorts Caucus

“Nice jorts, Ted.” Hillary said as she walked by Ted Cruz while carrying her freshly dry-cleaned suit jackets to the Caucus Mobile.

“Thanks, Hill.” Ted replied as he looked at the lake, his hands in the pockets of his so-called “lucky” jorts, “Call me Jed Cruz because I’m going ALL denim for this caucus.”

“I was thinking about getting a pair of jeggings for one of the debates,” Hillary said as she closed the car door, “You know, trip Bernie out.”

Ted let out a chuckle and shook his head. Hillary laughed so hard she pushed out a fart. It was a proud fart that made Hillary put her hand on her stomach.

All of the sudden, Marco Rubio appeared from behind the nearby bushes, recording the scene with his phone.

“You guys are out here farting around when there’s a presidency to be had!” Marco Rubio cried, “Now I am sick and tired of these denim games under president Barack Obama!”

Ted Cruz looked at Marco and pointed to his jorts.

“These,” Cruz said, “are my lucky jorts. Ain’t nothing bad gonna happen as long as I’m wearing these bad boys.”

“Wait a minute,” Hillary said, going to grab Marco Rubio’s phone, “you need to delete that!”

Marco jumped back and threw the phone over Hillary to Cruz, who caught it and deleted the video. Highly impressed, Hillary gave Ted Cruz a high five. Bernie Sanders ran out of the caucus building wearing a swimsuit and swimming cap.

“CANNONBALL!” He shouted, and jumped right in the lake. Donald Trump ran out next, wearing his business suit. But that didn’t stop him from diving head first into the lake.

Hillary looked at Ted & Marco, shrugged, and joined the other two in the lake. Marco and Ted preferred to stay on land.

“I refuse to get a drop of water on my lucky jorts.” Ted Cruz said.