lake district


Maya Beano
Cambridge, UK
Canon Prima Zoom Mini 

How has social media been an effective platform to share your work? Has it changed the way you shoot in any way?

Social media has definitely had a big impact on my work. I bought my first digital camera eight years ago and got into event photography soon after, but what I always really wanted to do is explore photography as an art form. After participating in a local art auction last year, I decided to upload some of my work online. In the early days, this consisted of digital long exposure landscapes. When I became active on Flickr and Tumblr, I realised that most of my favourite photographs from other members were landscapes shot on 35mm film. This drove me to experiment with an old film camera, and before I knew it, I found my niche.

I greatly enjoy connecting with like-minded artists and learning from them. Online communities can be a great source of ideas and inspiration. My social media accounts were dormant for many years but as soon as I started sharing my photos, the feedback I received encouraged me to keep evolving my work. Without this feedback, I don’t think I could’ve grown as a photographer.

How would you describe your style? What do you think makes you stand out from other photographers?

I have a few different styles but my favourite photos are the ones I’ve taken of friends wandering in beautiful places, the sorts of places you might visit in a daydream. Most of my photos feature faraway lands that I purposefully set out to find when travelling, but I try to find magic in everyday settings as well just in case I won’t be travelling forever!

It’s tough to answer the second part of this question because there are so many wonderful photographers out there. I try to impart a serene quality to my photos because a photographer stands out, for me, if their work consistently encourages the viewer’s mind to float to a peaceful place.

Tumblr: mangataphoto
Flickr: mbeano