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Harry Potter Preferences - Part 4: Date Night

Fred: One word: Action! Since both of you are pretty adventerous, most of your dates would make no exception. He would sometimes take you to an amusement park. Not only for the roller coasters, but also to maybe try out some of his and George’s new products on a fiew Muggles. The day wouldn’t end until the both of you had bellyaches from all the laughing.

Draco: To Draco you’re a princess and he would always make sure that you know about that. He would take you out to a fancy candle light dinner. It would be only the two of you, eating, talking and as the evening goes by maybe some slow dancing if you two feel like it. By the end of the evening Draco would take you for a walk, his hand always resting on your waist, only leaving it to stroke a strand of your hair behind your ear as he leans down to kiss you.

Ron: Date nights with Ron used to be very cozy. Both of you would enjoy to be wrapped in a blanked, cuddling against each other. You would introduce him to all kinds of movies, from Start Wars to Titanic, so the two of you had a lot to catch up to, especially the Marvel movies were always something Ron would be up for.

Cedric: Cedric would be up to whatever you’d enjoy. Most of the time it would end in the two of you visiting some kind of pub and dancing afterwards. He would love to see you laughing and smiling as he swirls you across the dance floor, just pausing to place a loving kiss to your lips every now and then.

Neville: Neville would love to take you to the lake for your dates. It would be silent because just the two of you would be out there in the evening, watching as the sun goes down while cuddling against each other. Sometimes Neville would bring a blanket while you’d make some sandwitches, so the two of you would just stay there until it would be nearly too dark to go back, lost in your conversation and way to cozy to stop anytime soon.

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I Shouldn’t Have Said Anything

Request:  Hi! I’m relatively new to your blog, and I love what you write. so I would like to request a fic. Can you do a really fluffy Castiel fix where he first tells reader he loves them? Pleeeeeease?

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: fluff of course.

Word Count: 851

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Great, you thought. You had just gotten back to the bunker with beer and pizza, and you noticed that while you were gone, the impala was no longer in the garage. You rolled your eyes, why did Sam and Dean insist on you going out for food whenever they were just going to be gone when you got back?

With your arms full, you made your way into the bunker, setting everything down in the kitchen.

“Hello?!” You yelled. You shrugged when no one answered. You grabbed a beer and made your way to the library. At least you would have some alone time for once. You liked to sit in the library when the bunker was empty. You sat your feet up on the table and had a book in your hands when you heard a flutter of wings behind you.

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Lake Labynkyr in Russia is said to be the home to Nesski, a Loch Ness Monster look-alike. It is often described as looking like a plesiosaur - like Nessie - as well as being grey in color, and having a large head with a gigantic mouth. It is said to measure in at around 30 feet in length, according to witnesses. Stories and sightings of a monster in the waters of Lake Labynkyr date back to the 19th century. Respected scientist Victor Tverdokhlebova even claimed to have seen something out of the ordinary on his expedition to the lake in 1953.

Lake Date // Fred Weasley x Reader imagine

Imagine where (slytherin) reader are on a date and mess around near the lake!


Every week or two Fred would always take you on a small date. Whether it be to Hogsmeade or just a picnic outside of the castle. Becajse of your houses you didnt get to see him often so he always made time to see you. This week he told you to meet him just outside the castle after classes. You anxiously waited for classes to end. Once your last class was over you ran to your dorm and out your things away and waited just outside the castle for him.

You waited for a few minutes before you saw him walk out the doors. You walked up to him and gave him a hug. He placed a small kiss on your lips. “Ready?” he asked with a smile. You nodded, he grabbed your hand and you two headed down to the lake. You took your time, in no rush of going anywhere. You rested your head on his arm as you two walked along. You guys talked about your week and everything that happened. You two only had a few classes together so you didn’t spend a lot of time with each other.

Once you got to the lake Fred set down a small blanket for you two to sit on. He brought along a few snacks and drinks. You two sat and talked from a while. After a while of talking Fred stood up and dusted himself off before offering you his hand. You gladly took and stood up and dusted yourself off as well. You two walked closer to the water. You dipped your toes in but retracted them quickly. “Brr, it’s quite cold today” You said. You looked up at Fred and saw a big grin on his face. He walked into the water until it was up to his ankles. He turned to face you. “You’re definitely right love, it is a bit chilly..” Before you could reply you felt the cold water splash you. You looked at Fred with shock. He was of course laughing but you didn’t think it was as funny.

You gave him a childish glare. He was still laughing so you quickly rushed to the water and gave him a splash. He quickly stopped laughing and gave you a serious look. You were now he one laughing. Fred splashed you again which lead you to splash him. You two were practically soaked head to toe. Fred walked over to you and picked you up bridal style. He spun you around which made you laugh. He looked down at you, you pulled him down and gave him a kiss. He walked you back to the blanket and placed you back on your feet.

He grabbed his things and you grabbed yours. You walked hand in hand back to the castle. The sun was just starting to set, the sky was filled with pink and orange tints. You looked over at Fred who seemed to be admiring the sky. You looked away and smiled. You appreciated him so much you couldn’t even find words to explain. “I love you.” You blurted out. You saw Fred smile. He looked over at you. “I love you too y/n.” He leaned down and kissed your forehead. You two walked back to the castle in peace, simply enjoying each others company.


I’m sorry but the faces Goku makes while teasing his boyfriend are too important not to archive


“So you lied?”, you giggled as you cuddled with Audrey.
“A white lie. I couldn’t tell you that I’m taking you to the lake to have some intimate time in the water and then drink wine and cuddle”, she laughed and placed a soft kiss on your neck which made your stomach flutter.
“If only everyone lied the way you do”, you laughed, “this is the best date I’ve ever had”.
“I’m glad you enjoyed it”.
“I love you, Audrey”, you turned to face her as you said the long awaited words.
“I love you too”, your lips met for a passionate kiss.
“Round two?”, she smirked against your lips.
“Yes please”.