“Hannibal Did This” Contest Entry

My name is Peter Stuart Lakanen, I am a U.S. citizen living in Florida who is over 18 years of age.

Mixed media, including document forgery for the Self-Assessment Survey; printing for Will’s writing on the survey; set design and art direction for staging the scene with print-outs, props and the manufactured survey; photography for shooting the scene; digital illustration for the logo treatment (using fiftythree’s app Paper on my iPad); and digital compositing. I think that’s it. Oh wait… There’s also the backwoods, Grand Guignol activities I staged to make the… umm… stuff in the small, white ceramic ramekin. Best to keep those details to myself.

NOTE: The two color anatomical illustrations are from the Historical Collection at Wellcome Library, whose web site states: “Hi-res historical images are also available to download from this site free of charge, for any usage, under a Creative Commons Attribution Only – CC-BY licence.” Furthermore their Terms of Use plainly state: “All historical, Wellcome-owned images published, broadcast or made available in any medium existing now or developed in the future shall be licensed according to the Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 2.0. Attribution — You must give appropriate credit: ‘Wellcome Library, London’.”

And finally, if you’re interested in some Hannibal-oriented art in my typical style, you might enjoy this visualized quote taken from the episode “Rôti.” This is not an additional contest entry.

Visualized Quote 046: “…the self left on the rails.” (Shannon Lakanen)

Facebook cover image welcoming my brilliant sister, Shannon Lakanen, home from Asia after having her passport stolen in Thailand and being delayed more than a week getting home.

Made with Paper by FiftyThree