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!!!! watch x files and then write clexa au drabbles about it pls i've been waiting my whole life for this. u gotta

i want tooooooooooooo!!! but it’s sooooo loooong; like ?? 22-24 episodes per season? 9 full seasons + the shorter s10…. like bruh… that’s a lot…

like ?? lexa as the believer, someone with faith in something bigger; Clarke as the skeptic. i feel like it /sort of/ lines up with their paths in canon? like lexa is someone who believes strongly in fate, who believes strongly in some sort of divinity; she has a connection to the divine, could be considered part of it by grounders. meanwhile, Clarke is very human-driven??? like no gods, no AI; very strongly believes and represents the human ability to overcome. I feel like they represent two different sorts of heroes? lexa as the kind who is, like, picked by the gods, with a destiny and a purpose, while clarke is someone who wasn’t but has struggled and scrabbled and had to be scrappy to become the hero she is…

anyway that got loooong. an x-files au, in comparison, wouldn’t have that connection to the divine but it would still have a focus on–Lexa, with a focus that is more far-off, even abstract, and Clarke with one that is more human and immediate. (…not that Lexa /isn’t/ human, but do you know what i mean?)


Love at First blush

Sander Lak’s ‘90s club kid-inspired runway debut during Fall ‘16s NYFW became as buzz-worthy and as iconic as the season’s prized pink hue- Rose Quartz- an indie shade of pink that’s slightly dusty, knighted by Pantone and is synonymous with cool fashion brands like Acne and Mansur Gavriel. The incredibly accomplished designer (Sander worked for Phillip Lim, Marc Jacobs and Balmain)  perfectly executes a balance between eclecticism and elegance, sass and sophistication,  with his label Sies Marjan. That premier collection’s pink and poppy yellow Zen will stay in editor’s hearts, minds and their stalk-shopping wishlists throughout the coming season. Sies Marjan is most definitely the collection of the It Girl.