At @laizy-boy and her black panther fanart…

Aizy, I loved your fanart. It’s truly amazing, I don’t see why people are hating on it. I wouldn’t consider it being racist. I, myself, am I black female teen. And I don’t see anything wrong with practicing on drawing some fanart of two characters. It’s good to practice, it helps you improve on what you want to improve in. But some butthurt grownass “teens/adults” don’t see that. I don’t see it as “whitewashing” it just practice so you could get better. And these dumbass little comments about “Hmm why is their skin light?!” Like holy shit! She was getting it off a reference photo! So all that time y'all have been bitchin’ and complaining and writing longass comments about how she is “racist”,how she was “whitewashing”, and how she’s “lazy” take the time to watch the speedpaint of the fucking drawing. And why the fuck are you going to get mad at her for using a certain technique for drawing the hair!? I bet more than half of you don’t ever know how to draw as good as her. And you all bumass fellow “black people” complaining about how a FILIPINO WOMAN can’t draw to you liking. Y'all are just shitty people. Like Jesus, this generation of people is gonna be shitty, y'all get offended at the most stupidist shit! “ Oh my God this tumblr artist just drew racist fanart of my favorite movie/comic let me take 16 minutes of my life away to complain about how much I hate this peice”. Like grow the fuck up man. I am embarrassed to be in the black community with a bunch of hurtass pussies. Just cuz we’re black doesn’t mean we get the special treatment and shit on other people just cuz they wanna draw some fanart of a movie they enjoy. Like Jesus, can’t anyone enjoy anything without a bunch of bitch babies whining about it!?

This is to all of these assholes who like to lower people’s self esteem and like to but he about everything :)

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Love your RESPECTFUL black woman Serina Mekhai