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also also also daja pulling lark and rosethorn aside and explaining to them about her sexulaity after the events of the will of the empress and both of them just being so proud that she figured out who she is, and that she’s comfortable with and!!!! canon queer adoptive mothers being proud of their lesbian adopted daughter i juST


progress ahhhhahh… originally this was drawn on paper and just outlined but it’s a late commission so i figured i’d make it up by going all out omg

i ran out of paper at school so i took some of my friend’s fabric during our textiles block pfft [it bleeds easily] [i wasnt really thinking at the time] [why did i do this] [why do i do this] [why]

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wails quietly

adoptive mommas just being so proud of their children, their four kids from all over who came together and created something amazing who all had incredibly scary experiences, who were able to come together years after they had last seen each other and reunite to fight against injustice

adoptive mommas who would do anything to protect their silly mage children who don’t know how to stay out of trouble

adoptive mommas lark and rosethorn oh gosh

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immortals was the first series i read and theyre my favourite tortall books but oh my gOD I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT WINDING CIRCLE

like? i think that probably overall, my favorite tortall book is wild magic, but my favorite series as a whole is probably PotS. buT OH GOD EMELAN AND WINDING CIRCLE G O D i still have to read battle magic and i almost don’t want to because then i’ll be all caught up on the winding circle books and i don’t want it to be over (i mean i know it’s not because she’s still writing books but it’ll be over for a while and? just? nO)

Je suis retournée courir, témoignage d’une survivante (enfin je crois)

Rappelez-vous, l’année dernière j’avais fait ces deux post ici et car Ju m’avait emmenée courir et franchement ça n’avait pas été glorieux. Mais cette année j’y suis retournée. Je me suis encore laissée berner par de belles promesse et puis je m’étais dit que ça ferait tourner les km pour mes œufs dans Pokemon Go (ou comment joindre la torture à l’agréable). Bref.

Comment je m’imagine entrain de courir

La réalité

(mais avec un sourire moins large)

Sinon il y avait un monsieur pipou dans notre groupe, mais il s’est joué coach sportif et à la fin il nous a fait faire du renforcement musculaire. Ce qui fait qu’à la fin j’étais comme ça

Je ne sais toujours pas ce qui m’a prit de faire ça, le pire c’est que je vais recommencer une fois par semaine maintenant je crois.

Et aujourd’hui


2014 cosplays

18 total new costumes!!! Holy crap. All of them made by me except Michael and hipster!Dave (thrift store items), and Mukuro, trash!Kyouko, and Tex were mix of made/bought. I also wore some old costumes but I excluded them from this set!!


Vriska, Faith, Nanami, Tex: akiderps
Homura, Junko, disguise!Mukuro, Michael: biinarykid
Rose, Mukuro: @octagonperfectionist 
trash!Kyouko: ignotae
Ryuko: javier-r-sotres
magical!Kyouko: froggiesandstrawberries
hipster!Dave: whitesandandcherryblossoms
Mikan: Tony Wong Photograph
Yang: ETL-Graphics
Jaune: pillowboat

This post is already way too long. Random things at the end!!!! I sorted it by when I originally made the costume (but some photos I used where taken later on at reshoots). Thank you to all of my amazing friends who worked with me along the way. All my amazing photographers, as well as redeadlauren incoherentelegy thestarktorialist miladysatsuki musical-feather cifera vaults pyrahus (@ignotae again) laits-go tentacock, the new friends I’ve made and the friends I no longer see. I’m sure I’ve missed mentioning a few here but I absolutely adore all of you. Here’s hoping to a good 2015!!

edit: I FORGOT TO INCLUDE angryblacksmith for all his amazing help with props!!!