I’m just going to give my opinion here and say, there is no way this boy is straight,

When we see through his eyes we always see the Bi colors,

And sometimes we see them in the background,

He likes Allura and Keith. There’s just to many parallels between them to be coincidence.

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And I can go on and on.

Lance is Bi. Lance likes boys and girls. Lance still doesn’t accept or better yet, he doesn’t know he’s Bi, 

Someone needs to tell him, or talk to him,

At the moment this boy is confused. He doesn’t know what he feels anymore, Keith is back Allura is now showing interest. 

Lance, Obviously will be more open to a girls or in this case Allura’s attention than a boys.


Season 3, Keith:

Season 7, Allura.

“But Lance is blushing at Allura, and with Keith he’s just smiling.” Yeah, that’s true, but if Lance is still in denial about his feelings and sexuality he’ll obviously show more interest to the opposite sex since its normal for him.

We can really see in the scene how Lance is still struggling,

After Allura went and talked to Lance it confused him. He’s thinking about something, something that really is stressing him out and making him not connect with Red.

Lance still needs to accept himself, Lance still needs to know who he is and up until now we’ve seen him grow in every aspect, except his romance arc. 

Part of Pidges arc aside from her family was admitting she was a girl, 

It made it hard for Pidge to connect with her lion.

It made it hard to connect with her teammates.

Back to Lance, in the book that’s coming out of Lance’s story we get this,

“And how does he really feel about Princess Allura?”

It’s weird though, what does that mean of how does he feel about Allura?

Why is Lance doubting or figuring out his feelings now? He seemed pretty sure he was in love with Allura in season 6,

What changed?

oh, seems like lover boy Lance got confused,

The thing is, Lance may like Allura, but Lance always comes back to Keith. 

His feelings for Keith are more stronger than the feelings towards Allura,

 look at Lance’s expression, it looks the same when he’s saying he has nothing to offer towards Allura,

This boy. Someone save him.


Who ever Lance ends up with doesn’t matter. It doesn’t take away the fact that Lance looks like a Bi disaster. Bisexuals like boys and girls. If they admit that Lance is Bi and had a crush on Keith but things didn’t work out and make Lance end up with Allura, I’ll happily take it.(As long as they write it good too) Will I be upset, no. Maybe sad because Klance is my Otp, but Lance at one point did have a crush on Keith, and that is so Bi. 

But if Klance does happen it would be bigger. Either way, I love my Gay and Bi sons. 

The Voltron Fandom rn

After Season 1

Us: Hey klance is cute what’s up with that

Voltron: *shrugs*

After Season 2

Us: Hey klance is still pretty cute anything happening with that?

Voltron: Idk dude figure it out

After Season 3

Us: Wow so klance is the greatest thing ever please give us klance

Voltron: ;) here’s some uhhhhhhhhhhh stuff

After Season 4


Voltron: Who’s that *passes some things that may or may not be hints*

After Season 5


Voltron: I mean *passes some things that may not be hints*

After Season 6


Voltron: Hey Shiros gay

After Season 7

Us: wow ok what’s up with this

Voltron: Blocked



Us: *creates Leakira*

Pidge: Hey Keith, are you free on Friday. Like, around 8pm on Friday?

Keith: Yes?

Pidge: What about you, Lance?

Lance: Yeah, I am.

Pidge: Great! Because I’m not. You two go on without me. Enjoy your date.

Keith: Did she just-

i’m bored but i had a revelation just now so keep reading it gets better

so i love the fact that y’all are (not necessarily) moving on from klance to leakira or leandro and akira. i just wanna say, that’s the most badass shit i’ve ever seen anyone pull. and honestly? i’m all on board.

anyway so, i just wanted to share that my uncle—who i’m very very close to (by close, i mean i go with him to comicons, he drives me to ballet, he buys me funko pops)—his name is leandro. well, that’s a lil too long to be saying around the house so my mom (his sister) and mg grandpa (his dad) call him len. which is, sorry if i’m getting out of topic, kinda like lance. i know, what a coincidence, right?

so he’s my uncle, so i have to call him uncle like all of y’all do.

since i’m filipino, the filipino (tagalog) translation of uncle is ‘tito’, which is close to the spanish version, ‘tío’, because, short history lesson, the philippines was captured by the spanish a long long time ago, and it pretty much affected most of the way we live, like some words, buildings, and even faces. tbh, that’s pretty cool.

so, long story short, i call him ‘tito len’.

which is, if you do the math, kinda is equivalent to uncle lance.

that’s it. just wanted to share that. have a great day 💜

So um more lion endgame theories here.

Lance’s lion came frist th him when they were in space.

He even says that.

Then Keith replies how red saved him alot.

But he turned his head to look at Keith and smiles.

So when lance cant power up his lion up after he talks with allrua look at lion placement on the planet.

Red and blue together

Then red is by its self.

But in the next episode when they call their lions. Lance is still the last one to power up but he does it a lot faster this time. Look at where is lion is in the cargo bay?

Black and red side by side.

I think this is forshowdoeing Lance’s endgame. Remember in season three in the red paladin when people thought that forshowed klance? Well this shows it even more. I found so many post about the last three episodes.

Theirs bi flag colors around lance. Theirs rainbow all around Keith. Keith and lance have so many moments together. Keith chooses lance frist all frickin season long.

I’m still crossing my fingers because I really am hoping. Kick is still alive and well

Season 7 Spoilers

I just noticed something, in one of the season 7 episodes (know your enemy) Keith tries to comfort Hunk, and while talking to him, Keith says “I never told you this, but of all the paladins, you’re the one I’m most impressed by.”

Which firstly coming from Keith that means a lot, but it got me thinking. If Keith is most impressed by Hunk, why didn’t he chose hunk to escape in the game show episode? 

I mean if he’s most impressed by him, wouldn’t he be the obvious choice? I believe he would, but if he didn’t then that means whoever he chose is someone who he values more, is more impressed by, cares about more, and likes more. Who is this? Lance.

In other word Keith really likes lance. Although when asked why? he just said he didn’t want to be stuck with hime for all of eternity.

Lance’s first reaction to this was so cute JUST LOOK AT HIS FACE… Anyway he felt happy Keith voted for him, 

Shortly after that, Lance realized the rest of what Keith said, in which he has a very different reaction.

He was hurt, you can see it in the lines under his eyes and in his eyebrows, he was sad and probably angry as well. He didn’t expect it. 

Now lets talk about Lance’s vote. Why did he chose Keith? When asked why Lance said 3 things, 1 “He’s our leader,”, this one seems pretty straight forward Keith is the leader (wow I never knew) 2 “Plus he’s half Galra,”, Keith has a Galra mother, but I don’t see how him being half Galra would affect anything about why he should be the one to leave, it just doesn’t seem like its a good reason (IDK maybe thats just me) 

3 “So I think he’s, like, the future.”, this makes sense Keith is the leader he has a better chance from Lance’s view point, but the thing about this last reason is Lances body language his face lights up, he looks happy and thoughtful, his shoulders move back and he lifted his chest and upper body, straightening it, bettering his posture.

The first two reasons were not the only reasons he was holding back everything he really feels is in his third reason you can see all of it right there. 

I think its also worth mentioning that they where the first two to finish writing the name, although Pidge and Allura may have also been done, they didn’t put the pen down till a few seconds after.