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In the Sydmonton production, lot 660 is listed as “A Pack of Cards”. So imagine my amusement when I saw the Broadway production featured Jordan Donica’s Raoul in suspenders with playing card motifs!

Similar, item 664 was originally “A Wheeled Swan” instead of today’s  “A wooden pistol and three human skulls”. This is why the cover for Raoul’s wheelchair says “Cygne” - French for swan. The other drapes says “Chandelier” and “Boîte à Musique” (musical box), items both still being in the show AND listed in the Sydmonton version.

Ahoy, Maties!

I finally decided to make a formal first post after literally months of lurking and sending innumerable anons, so here goes nothing:

Onto my story. My handle @moghraidhcaitriona takes its inspiration from S02E08 “The Fox’s Lair”, from the scene where Jamie is pouring his heart out to wee Kitty and calls her mo ghraidh Caitriona. Yes, I know that Kitty is short for Katherine (Caitriona in Gaelic), but IMHO, that was a huge intentionally placed easter egg (I see you, Matt B.) hinting at our duo, hence my name.

I first found the OL series in April of ‘16. Having finished ASOIAF, the Farseer Trilogy, and others, and still madly craving historical fantasy, I stumbled upon this enormous series by Diana Gabaldon. I will admit, that at first, reading the Google description, this sounded like another trashy bodice-ripping series for depressed, unloved, mid-life crisis victims and was slightly turned off. Digging further, I came upon the first couple of eps of S2 which had just premiered. I watched them and my Obsessable brain was immediately captivated, hook, line, and sinker! Realizing that this was not, in fact, your average bodice-ripping fanfiction situation, but actu ally quite a nuanced and layered storyline, I immediately downloaded all 8 audiobooks (superbly narrated by Davina Porter. Seriously guys, check them out if you haven’t yet. They are amazing!) and have since listened to them twice already.

Meanwhile, the show was progressing, and I was in love! Our Jamie and Claire were amazing, the cast was amazing, EVERYTHING was amazing!  I love doing needless research, so as I do with most shows I watch, I looked up the actors right away. That’s how I found the gift that keeps on giving that is Sam and Cait. These two displayed what not only was a startling chemistry on-screen, but as I quickly discovered, an equally incendiary relationship off-screen. I binged ALL the available interviews (even IFH) and was hooked! Of course these two were together, no doubt about it. At that time, Sam and Caitriona were married, according to Google, so there was that as well.

I tell you, I tumbled (pun intended) down that rabbit hole so fast, there was no escape! Needless to say, it was the Dark Side that I came across first, as did most of you. I don’t know why that happens. Maybe they have better search optimization for “Sam Heughan girlfriend Caitriona Balfe” or maybe there’s just more of them. It’s truly puzzling. I don’t remember what they were discussing, as I’ve completely blocked that experience out since, but that’s how I found the deplorable shippers. There was so much light and happiness here, a place filled with truly kind and joyful people, so I stayed. This was right before Cannes, and I remember that everyone was speculating whether Sam would show up with Cait on the red carpet. Fact was, he didn’t and Tony did (99.9% convinced he’s Cait’s PA) but that didn’t stop me from shipping. @queencaitriona and @caitcrumbcake were among the first ones I “followed”. Yet, I kept seeing @jamesandclairefraser being reblogged by EVERYONE, so I went to check out her blog and found our amazing Jess, the awesome, confident, opinionated, generous lassie that she is! And the rest, as they say, is history.

The shippers here are such a source of positivity, even in the roughest seas. I think it says a lot about us and our “cause” that we are still here after all that’s been, with no intention (and let’s be honest, prospect, after the last couple of glorious weeks) of sinking. I love seeing the logical ( @cb4tb, @sherrigamblin, @tvuckic), the quietly confident ( @mama-tumblz, @sfidressage, @yellowfeather84), the wordsmiths ( @flocklander, @boyneriver, @fromheretoeternity1121) and of course, the squeeing ( @jamesandclairefraser, @queencaitriona, @balfeheughlywed) sides of this ship, to name just a few! Please forgive me if I’ve omitted you, each and every shipper has so much to add that this post would go on forever (not like it already has, ahem!).

I’m confident that something has shifted in the last couple of weeks, as many have pointed out, and that there are so much more goodies to come! I’m very much looking forward to SA and for ECCC, especially for those of you who are lucky enough to be there, and am so excited to see what happens!

Here concludes my unashamed, and fr*nkly blatant (see, I tagged so many people!), plea for followers, and I hope I haven’t just wasted two minutes of your time.

Thank you for making it this far in the post, and I will end with the obligatory


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P.S. I do have a wee theory on S/C which I will be posting soon, should you care to check it out.

On the first day of Christmas Outlander Gave to Me.....

….An adorable Fergus on a Donkey!

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I love Fergus in all his adorable glory! I wasn’t a huge fan of the Fox’s Lair, however this one scene tore at my heart and has earned a place as one of my all time favorites.

“I belong with you.” -Fergus to Claire & Jamie

Yes you do Fergus, yes you do! This moment showed just how much of a family they are. Fergus loves them so much he doesn’t want to be parted from them even for a few days. I’m all for happy Fraser family moments especially with their lovable son. 

Thomas James O'Leary’s hair caught on fire once during the Final lair scene. While he was freeing Raoul from the noose, a spark from his candle ignited his hair. He stated in InTheater Magazine that he “was singing my heart out and suddenly I saw the cast–gasping in horror. I put my hand to my head and I felt flames. So I just started beating my skull madly, which went with the scene anyway, since I was having an emotional fit at Christine and Raoul. I don’t think the audience noticed, but eveyone was poised backstage with fire extinguishers.” It’s an experience he says he would rather forget.
—  Stephanie - aka Toryn

“What do you mean?”

Wai-Mae looked up. For a moment, her expression was stormy, but then she blinked, and her smile returned. “Oh, dear Ling, I don’t like to hear about such things, to know that they are upsetting you.”

“Sometimes we have to hear upsetting things.”

Raoul Is Terrible and He Ruined Everything

SO neither of my friends are responding to my rant about Raoul de Fuckass so I’m just gonna leave it here: So I’ve been thinking about Phantom of the opera and Raoul just kind of…. ruined everything for everyone. Repeatedly. He practically forced Christine into performing in Don Juan Triumphant, which got her kidnapped and was the cause of the entire final lair scene, ALSO during the final lair Christine was starting to get through to the Phantom, especially with the “this haunted face holds no horror for me now. It’s in your soul that the true distortion lies” and then Mr. Rich Pants had to come running in to completely ruin the moment and distract both Christine and the Phantom. It’s also possible that had Raoul never recognized Christine in the first place and never made any kind of advancements the Phantom may have been far more chill in his relationship with Christine. FURTHERMORE during Notes/Prima Donna Raoul clearly says “I must see these demands are rejected” like son?? You’ve been here five minutes you don’t even know what’s going on?? There’s a spooky man and he already dislikes you and you wanna piss him off even more??? For no reason also?? AND THEN he just HAS to go and sit in box five because he’s a little shit. “There appear to be no seats available other than box five lol” we all know damn well he could have easily afforded to reserve every seat in the theatre but instead he chose to PISS OFF THE GHOST MAN EVEN MORE by sitting in his seat which he clearly cares about more than most everything else he’s demanding (“we’re not gonna pay him or have his girlfriend sing but NOBODY IS SITTING IN BOX FIVE IS THAT CLEAR”) and if the theatre was really that packed I’ll bet Raoul wasn’t the only asshole without a seat and did anyone ELSE sit in box five? No becase no one’s a little shit like this one. like good job Raoul you’re an A+ fuckup

Swiggity swedit I’m making an edit (so I can add more reasons why Raoul is terrible) I didn’t even realize all the shit Raoul pulled until recently because it’s well concealed but since Raoul really isn’t relevant anymore after the Point of no Return I just kinda thought that his “Christine, forgive me, please forgive me! I did it all for you and all for nothing!” Was about him not being able to save her and then I kinda went “oh wait” and then “OH WAIT” so here’s OH WAIT part2: Raoul’s actually really controlling of christine?? Like he talks a lot about what she has and doesn’t have to do, and all of it depends on what he wants. During Wandering Child he bursts in to “save the day” but there’s no way he knew she was about to be kidnapped before following her to the cemetery. Fucko over here just saw that his fiancé was gone so he went “ChristINE is GonE? WithOUT mE?!” And he brought a sword too, depending on the version. He didn’t want to save Christine he wanted to bring her back where he could watch her and control her every move. He does this through the entire play too. Whenever christine mentions the phantom he just kind of ingores her/talks over her/dismisses what she said which is just GREAT. AND he didn’t even have any good reason to force her into Don Juan Triumphant in the first place. “Yet while he lives, he will haunt us till we’re dead” no he won’t you fucking plum you can LEAVE but NOOO how can he be a shit is he leaves? And if he means the Phantom will haunt their dreams and thoughts and shit then him being dead won’t fix that. Raoul literally just wants to kill this man for no reason other than he’s a petty little asshole. I mean the Phantom killed people but he never did it on a whim and he had serious mental and emotional issues (not that it excuses that but at the very least he had a reason for it) I don’t think Raoul really cares that much about Christine, either. I don’t want to compare Christine’s relationship with the Phantom to her relationship with Raoul but like the Phantom actually knew her and knew what she loved and enjoyed and tried to take care of her and helped her career tremendously while Raoul was just like “Pretty girl!!1! Sing good!1! MaybE knew her as a CHild!! Make wife!!!” And honestly he was such a dick to the Phantom and while he did a lot of awful things he was essentially a cinnamon bun who’d suffered all his life and was doing his best while Raoul was just a rich asshole stepping on everyone around him

If you’re asked what the Phantom’s theme is in the 1986 stage musical, you’ll probably be like me and answer by singing the theme of the Overture/Title Song. But the Phantom doesn’t only have a musical theme, he also has a lighting theme for when he appears on stage, or when you’re supposed to understand he’s lurking in the shadows:

“The Phantom’s appearances are accompanied by a recurring lighting motif. "Whenever he appears, there is a lot of striation in the lighting. We designed a hand lantern that has a slotted template around the lamp.”. Not only does his lantern throw a patterned beam, but the stage lighting is striated as well.”

(Andrew Bridge, lighting designer, quoted in Lighting Dimensions, 1988, p65)

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Dear Kate / @isawhimoncethenhewasgone,

I was you Secret Santa!
I wish you a very Merry Christmas, my dear!

I was torn between drawing something from the Final Lair scene or Christine and Meg, since you mentioned those are your fav moments from the show. I chose the latter in the end because a scene depicting friendship is more Christmas-y and the Elissa gown has such festive colours to boot :D

I wish you all the best and good luck with making the costume replicas!

~Fiona, aka rumpelstiltskinned

(PS Just gotta mention it again: Your blog is amazing.)