lair of robins

Let's review the hit list, shall we?

I see a lot of talk about Maleficent’s issues with Aurora, Regina, & Capt. Swan and I just think it’s worth pointing out that Maleficent has beef with EVERYONE at this point.

  • Regina screwed her over when she stole and cast the curse (v1.0).
  • Charming broke into her castle and hid a golden egg in her dragon gill things.
  • Emma threw a sword at her and blew her to pieces to recover said golden egg.
  • Rumple was the architect of the whole golden egg fiasco.
  • Hook picked a fight with her as a diversion so Regina could steal the curse detonator from her lair.
  • Robin Hood and his Merry Men stole a chest of gold from her (though she didn’t seem to care very much about that).
  • The Knave (Will Scarlet) stole the looking glass that leads to Wonderland from her (and THAT she DID care about).

…and that’s already at least seven asses for Mal to roast without even going into whatever Aurora (and presumably Aurora’s mother) did to piss her off.

This will be justice served en flambé and I am so stoked.

8/28 Edit: Oh, and Belle broke Mal’s curse on Phillip and turned him back into a human. How did I forget that one? Anyway, eight for roasting…